Itchy rash worse at night

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Avatar m tn I have a faint rash with increased itching at night. Initially the rash wasn't visible. I was experiencing itching and my skin was slightly flushed when touching it (similar to when being out in the sun). I've been dealing with this for 3 months and my boyfriend has experienced this also for a few weeks longer. It seems to be isolated between the two of us, none of my children or family that has stayed at my home have experienced this and he lives alone.
Avatar n tn I have been getting a rash (hives) at night on my legs, arms, back. It is accompanied by itching. By the time I wake up in the morning the rash and hives are gone. I haven't changed any soaps, detergents, and I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what this could be.
Avatar f tn The strange is that the rash only apears at night or is mostly itchy at around 1 or 2 a.m. It is so intense it wakes me out of a deep sleep. I am married and my husband had itchy ankles before I started with my symptoms. His rash (which did not look like my rash) and itching has since stopped. I've been to the dermatologist but he did not take a scraping since the spots were not juicy (ughhh!) The strange thing is they seem to become inflamed in the middle of the night.
Avatar n tn Every night (only at night) for the past few nights I get an itchy rash on my wrists, behind my ears, and on the upper part of my stomach. The rash consists of tiny red bumps and a couple of the tiny bumps have a white "halo" around them. I am 39 weeks pregnant, and I thought that it was just a part of pregnancy, but my husband also has gotten these tiny red bumps but they are on his cheek and thigh.
Avatar n tn I am itchy all over, especially at night when I lay down and start to relax. I do not have any rashes or signs of scabies. I do have dry skin on my legs and arms that I am trying to remedy but I don't understand the itching on the rest of me. It makes me miserable at night and my fiancee too because I squirm for the first part of the night and then if I awaken also. Any suggestions??
Avatar n tn The chest are if scratched seemed to have a minescule hard whitehead in it. It itched at night a couple of weeks. I had a cortisone shot (40 mg), tried different creams, lotions & it went away. Then about 6 weeks ago I had shaved my armpits & probably put deoderant too soon afterwards. I also put on a new shirt & shortly thereafter my armpits started itching badly. It was definitely worse if I got warm or sweat. This went on, usually worse late in the day or overnight.
Avatar m tn On monday, at night my arms started to get itchy, and then I noticed there were little bumps on them. It wasn't an uncontrollable itch, just a bit annoying. I went to sleep and yesterday in the morning they were gone. However, last night the bumps and the itch returned, again, nothing intense, without any other symptoms, I didn't have pain or fever, sweating or something. What can it be? I'm not worried, but yeah...
4825186 tn?1409019576 It could be normal pregnancy itching due to strech8ng skin and hormones but if its worse at night and nothing seems to help then it could be cholestasis. I had that with my first baby and it is potentially serious if not treated and monitored. Just call your doctor to be safe. How far along are you? Cholestasis typically develops in the 3rd trimester although there are rare cases where it shows up sooner.
Avatar m tn In particular, scabies is a transmissible ectoparasite skin infection characterized by superficial burrows, intense itching, which tends to be worse at night and secondary infection. The mites which cause scabies are not visible with the naked eye but can be seen with a magnifying glass or microscope. Transmission of the mites involves close person-to-person contact of the skin-to-skin variety. It would be best to have it evaluated by your doctor.
Avatar n tn Hi. I hope someone can help. I'm an American that has been living in Qatar for the past eight months. This problem I have has been bothering me for most of this time. My wife isn't experiencing the same symptoms. I often wake up at before dawn with extremely itchy legs. It usually happens at that time, and only when I'm at home. Only my legs display these symptoms.
190885 tn?1333025891 I take a generic version of clariton during the day and benedryl at night if still itchy. It has made sleeping easier. Also, I'm on Inf/Riba. Good luck Billy.
Avatar f tn I also suffer very itchy legs and feet at night - not every night just every few weeks or so. My lower legs seem a little swollen, warm and slightly flushed as if I have wellie boots on. The itching is more like a pricking and its torture to scratch and torture to not scratch. It lasts ages - at least an hour or two. I've tried assorted creams unsuccessfully. The best thing I find is to get up and have a cup of tea and walk about a bit and not worry about the lack of sleep.
Avatar n tn My legs itch at night. It seems like the only time I scratch is at night.
489228 tn?1291531454 I am also allergic to methlyparaben which is in most over the counter treatments however I found one cortisone ointment without it and have been opening a benadrly capsule and mixing it in my MSM gel. The rash gets better each night and worse through the day when I take my antibiotics. I am also on oral benadryl for my IC (I also have IC, Medullary sponge kidney disease, and a chronic infection)> Any input would be helpful!
1986676 tn?1329862471 Keep the house very cool (66 at night). Use a fan to cool your self at night. (I stick my legs and feet out of the covers at night and let the fan keep them cool.) Use very lightweight beeding and very soft cotton sheets. Wash clothing and bedding in hypoallergenic soap. Wear very lightweight cotton clothing during the day so it is not rubbing or irritating the skin. Wear next to nothing if you live alone.
Avatar f tn It is very very itchy and seems to be worse at night. I have tried Calamine lotion, Ivy Dry spray, hydrocortisone cream and Clotrimazole. It seems to spread slowly. I also have a few blisters on my upper back and lower back and now have a few on the tops of my arms. Any suggestions?
237053 tn?1258828426 Not sure if I have asked this yet or not.. sorry if I have! Anyways, since my first "flare" in May 07 I have been getting an itchy rash just below my belly button. It starts as intense itching and then turns into welts/bumps. The more I itch the worse it gets. When I do have it it lasts several days and may not show again for several more months. Last night I woke up itching and it it back! At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to the buttons on my pants.
Avatar f tn I think you should get checked just to be on the safe side..
Avatar f tn Cerave foaming cleanser for face, aczone 7.5%, tazorac .05%. The itch is usually worse at night. I do shave my pubic hair. My pubic hair area gets itchy as well. There is no inflamation on my glans nor scrotum. When the rash goes away, i take care to continue washing and moisturizing the area but they soon appear again. The inflamation on the outrr areas of my jock itch looks like raised red rash. It doesnt fill with pus like the one on my foreskin.
4516107 tn?1356304067 I'm super itchy on the back of my legs. I have no rash and my skin isint dry. What else could it be?! Its driving me crazy!!
Avatar f tn it feels like bugs or light pins and needles. it keeps me up at night and distracts me during the day. i am going to start interfion soon, will this get better or worse?
1887205 tn?1320923471 I had the RIBA (Ribavirin) rash vs the Incivek rash. The rash was crazy itchy for a couple of days. I finally got it to calm down with Gold Bond Medicated Lotion. This isn't the 'best' picture, so click on 'all photos' to zoom out if it makes it easier to view. I have been itchy on and off, throughout, but no new rash.
Avatar f tn So we have Been putting on hydrocortisone cream, giving him Benadryl, continuing the anabiotic and also giving him the steroid. The rash is only getting worse and worse. Any ideas? I am not sure as to how to post pictures of it.