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Avatar f tn old daughter has a rash that looks like a few little pimples on her face especially near her nose and she says her nose is itchy inside. I could see that it looks like there is a red bump on the inside of her nose to. She has no fever.
Avatar f tn Hi, I got this really annoying itchy rash 2 weeks after giving birth vaginally to my daughter. medicine and sarna lotion don't seem to work. It itches even more when I scratch and at night. I heard other moms had postpartum rash too. What can I do to alleviate the itch and what is the cause? I breastfeed and it's unbearable at night with the itch.
Avatar n tn i no its not an std as been with my bf for over two years it started in the anal area few weeks ago and at nite its so itchy near my vagina hole and on labia its beginnig to drive my insane cos i hav to itch it . please help me !
Avatar n tn I gave up smoking 6 weeks ago and have been plagued with various rashes. Im on a nicotine patch but the rash has never been near where the rash is. It started on my inner thighs and lower stomach and then was on my upper legs. Now its on my shins and its unbelieveably itchy!! Ive tried everything, body creams, dermatological creams and even anti fungal creams. So do you think this is related to stopping smoking?
Avatar n tn Hi there, I've had a itchy rash just near the sides of my nostril for 3 months now. I've seen 2 doctors and am now about to try my second topical cream. The rash it dry, scaly and very itchy. The strangest part is that when I went away for 2 1/2 weeks to europe, the rash almost completely disappeared, and then as soon as I returned home to Toronto, it not only came back, but now it's spreading.
Avatar n tn I have the same issues as everyone else. Itchy, swollen lips with a rash often accompanied by swollen eyes. I visited the dermatologist twice this week. The first time, he thought it was a peanut allergy, so I was put on anithistimines; however, while on antihistimines I developed swollen eyes and lips! Upon visiting the doctor again, I was prescribed a topical ointment for the lip area. The doc said that this condition is tricky to diagnose.
Avatar n tn I have had a rash on my face for about a month. It started on my cheek near my nose and runs down to my mustache. Right now is mainly concentrated on the right side of my face. It is red and itchy. I do suffer from skin dryness around my nose and my skin specialist prescribed elidel which helps temporarely but it has no effect on my new skin rash on my cheek. Can you please recommend something? Thank you!
Avatar f tn I am experiencing dry skin all over and I get an itchy burning sensation around my nose. As trival as this sounds after what I've dealt with for the last two years, the itchy burning around my nose gets very uncomfortable, it drives me nuts to be blunt. This has been going on for about 3 months. I was wondering if this was a problem with my Synthoid or simply menopause. I haven't had a period for about 2 months and before that it waited 3 months so it could be menopause, I am 48 years old.
Avatar n tn Hello, BRP(brachioradial pruritis) is a rare disease, usually restricted to the forearms and is most prevalent in individuals between the ages of 39 and 72 years. BRP usually develops bilaterally and involves the area overlying the brachioradial muscle, although it can spread to the back or chest.3 Patients with BRP report having an itching sensation, usually combined with a burning or painful sensation.
Avatar n tn It's also spread near my temple area and I see some slight bumps on my nose (which may or may not be the rash...not sure -- I guess I'll know in a few weeks or so if the bumps are still there??) I'm going to try drinking strictly water for the next few weeks, to see if that helps (like scorpaznatica, my rash started to subside, until I started drinking soda..) -- I also notice the rash is much worse If I get little, I'll see if I can get more sleep.
Avatar n tn I have recently developed a large bump/lump near my vaginal opening, but it is not located on the vaginal lips. it has been there for 2-3 days, has grown in size, and it has become pretty painful. The bump is somewhat hard and appears to be under the skin, not a pimple like form with a whitehead. although when it was smaller and not painful i squeezed it and some white, puss like fluid came out.
Avatar m tn After the massage, I touched the anus with toilet paper and I didn't see any blood but it was a little itchy. Few days ago, I got some rashes on my calfs, runny nose and cough. The next day I got high fever which was about 100 degree. No diarrhea or vomit. 1. Will i get infected if his precum directly rubbed onto the nick/cut near my anus? Presumably the precum is from the inside of his penis and go directly to the cut before exposing to air. 2.
Avatar n tn I have very very itchy spots all over my body(except my back) that on my hands and arms and legs resemble bug bites and on my thighs and near my groin i have a few rash type areas that remind me of poison ivy.there are also a few bumps and sores on my groin. I never was a person that could help from itching, and when i had chicken pox, athletes foot and lice, i itched until i scraped skin off.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on my face near my nose and on my chin near the corner of my mouth, it started out as tiny flesh colored bumps but then became red and itchy. I went to the dermatologist and she gave me metrolotion and eledel, she said it could be eczema or a mild form of rosacea. THat didnt work and it made it wose so i went back and she gave me doxycline. Which also is not working. I have another appointment with a different doctor on monday...
Avatar f tn It all began following a camping trip when i was nine years old i came home with a lesion on my left temple terribly itchy and looked like poison ivy or a inflammed bug bite. I went to see several specialists, had many biopsey's showing it could be a bite reaction, leukeoclastic vasculitis, and 2 biopsey results showd up lymphocytic infiltrate. It has now been 16 years and the rash has spread to most of my body and the itch is just horrendous. The rash is definetely photosensitive.
Avatar m tn Hi, there. For almost a month now, I've had some bumps near my nose. It started out as one bump, grew to several, then more. It now covers about the area of a dime. I thought it was a cold sore for a while and used Carmex and tea bags to try and help it along. It did help, but it hasn't gone away. I bought another cold sore treatment which initially helped and reduced redness, but now the area is flaky, itchy, and very red.
Avatar m tn I penetrated her anally (WITH A CONDOM), she fingered herself and gave me a hand job, I fingered her and rubbed my right eyes without washing them for a couple hours (my eyes were itchy and I forgot my fingers were contaminated)...
Avatar m tn For the past three months I've been suffering with a chronic, itchy rash. It began in my bikini area near the elastic waistband of my underwear but has slowly spread to cover my butt, hips, breasts, and the backs of my calves. I also have some redness on my face (cheeks and nose), but does not itch there. For the duration of the rash, I have also been running a low-grade fever. The rash came out of nowhere. I made no changes in routine, food, or medication prior to it emerging.
Avatar n tn Because he did not think that was problem even though my blood work and skin bio showed this disease. I sometimes get that rash on my nose also (past 2 months) but I'm trying to ignore it. Husband says sunburn. (lasting 2 months?) Please keep us posted.
288415 tn?1231634102 I sense relief then the symptoms return. Most days I can hear but am constantly aware that my ears are itchy. The challenge is to not itch. If I itch, I usually get flaky stuff that I literally can lift off my inner ear.If I itch too much it becomes wet and begins draining a wet clear fluid. Then at night, whatever side I lay on clogs shut. In the morning there is thick crusty crud that again I try not to pick at. Im obviously in continual circle of symptoms here.
Avatar n tn no lesions or rash, just itchy hands and feet -- 1) The itch is localized, palms and/or ankles and soles, and it comes and goes with no regularity 2) However, several years ago when it first appeared, it was several times a week and I attributed to a specific building I used to work. Doctor prescribed allegra --- as long as I was taking daily allegra I was free of the itch. After I left that job, I could discontinue allegra; but the symptoms have not completely vanished.
Avatar f tn I've tried to push myself thru this but only end up feeling overwhelmed by the itch, short of breath, head feels dizzy and faintish and I think I'm going to be sick. I'm no where near my physical limits either when this happens. I've even tried just walking at a fast pace but it still happens. I've tested every scenario I can think of and have concluded that weather, clothing, temperature, creams, dry skin, laundry detergent, medication, hydration...has nothing to do with it.
Avatar n tn There was a post on 2/7/06 by AngiS whose 1 yr old daughter had an "appearing/disappearing/reappearing" facial rash. My (nearly) 2 yr old daughter has had exactly the same thing for just over a month now, and her pediatrician(s) don't know what it is. It is sometimes a few whitehead pimples scattered around her entire face, and other times it is just tiny red dots or bumps clustered mostly around her mouth.
Avatar n tn The rash began as little pin sized (1mm)clusters of red dots . These blanch when pressed. When sexually excited blood would fill in and these pin sized red dots and they would become slightly elevated(due to engorgement). So after 4 years of this,what I have today is an area of coarse pinkish-red skin with intermittent, petechiae-like red dots. If I squeeze my glans(or get aroused) the entire area becomes darker red(almost purple).
Avatar n tn I have been unable to prevent the coughing but now find that if after a cough I either deliberately wait before breathing in the symtoms of a blockage are less severe and I can slowly draw breath - a similar situation exists if I conceentrate on breathing through nose instead of mouth. Latterly (past week) I have developed a rash on my chin which today has spread to my neck - may not be connected but it is red slightly flaky and a little itchy.
Avatar f tn I have seasonal allergies, waking up with a stuffy nose and during the day my eyes burn and my nose itches. I seem to get a severely upset stomach when i have iced coffee, and most things with milk, but i've also been under some amount of stress. Are these seasonal allergies or hives? I also went fishing and walked through high grass, just as i did last summer before i developed that first rash.. I thought hives formed in cluster in more of a rash form, but these bumps form at random spots.
Avatar n tn My son has broke out in a rash each time we have visited my parents cottage that is partially under construction. The basement has fiberglass insulation on the studded walls. My concern is that the fiberglass particals may have got into the air or couch and are irritating his skin at each visit. Benedryl has helped somewhat, but the rash persists. Hydrocoritsone 1% cream and frequent lubrication over the following week helps to clear the skin.