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Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 24 years old and for the past two weeks I've been itching like CRAZY only on my legs and arms. it started on my arms, I've not changed any soaps, I don't use fabric softener, I've washed everything I own just in case of allergic reaction, When I scratch these white rash-like bumps show up all over my arms andlegs, it's worse at night to the point where I can't sleep. I've gone through tubes and tubes of savlon which helps to ease the pain and itchyness for about twenty minutes or so.
Avatar m tn There is no rash or any sign of irritation and is mostly on my lower legs and arms but sometimes can be on the upper. There is no itching on any other part of my body. The itching feels almost like pins and needles. It seems to get irritated after I shower or swim or my body temperature increases with exercise but mostly water is the common cause of it starting. However there are times when it will just start with nothing to irritate it.
Avatar n tn Hello, Itchy skin on the arms and hands can be due to Eczema or contact dermatitis. Are you having a history of allergy?Pls get allergy tests like skin ***** tests or blood tests like RAST done to find out if you are allergic to something. You could consider such things as a staph or strep infection that frequently causes a rash or itchy skin as well. Or perhaps you have come in contact with a poison or have a bacterial or fungal infection. Other conditions cause itchy skin as well.
Avatar n tn Hello, BRP(brachioradial pruritis) is a rare disease, usually restricted to the forearms and is most prevalent in individuals between the ages of 39 and 72 years. BRP usually develops bilaterally and involves the area overlying the brachioradial muscle, although it can spread to the back or chest.3 Patients with BRP report having an itching sensation, usually combined with a burning or painful sensation.
Avatar n tn Sorry, not a child health problem but its the middle of the night and i dont have time to work out this site. my legs and sometimes my arms are so itchy that i can't sleep. i have scratched to bleeding point. i am very healthy with clean habits. no bumps or rashes?
882555 tn?1240596244 I have had itchy legs for YEARS, not all over, just my legs. I've tried changing soaps, detergent, lotion, everything. I have been to several doctors and no one knows what it is. I have heard that it could be a gluten allergy? so i have to try that. The itching is the most annoying thing ever...i often cause myself to bleed because of it. Let me know if you find out anything.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm so glad to hear others suffer with the itchy legs; no rash problem. I've suffered from this for 20+ years and think I've solved the problem for me. My lower legs tend to itch after a morning shower (or if water even touches my legs!). This is an uncontrollable itch that lasts for about 20-30 minutes. My doctor could not suggest any reason for it. I have found that aerobic exercising first thing in the morning for about 20-30 minutes (I jog), then shower with no problems.
Avatar n tn He has been coming home for the past month with itchy legs and itchy arms. He lays next to me and I begin to itch like crazy too. What can we do to stop this I have tried cortezon and that doesnt help. Iam tired of this problem can someone help us?
Avatar n tn My legs have been itchy every day since i was born. im 21 and i have always had itchy legs. when i was younger my family would all scream at me as once i started i couldnt seem to stop. the itching gets so bad that it annoys you and fustrates you and it becomes painfull. My dad used to smack my legs where it was itching and it used to help but it didnt last too long only for about 5-10 mins and i would be scratching again.
Avatar n tn Oatmeal baths, and liberal application of emollients containing glycerine should do.
Avatar n tn I have an extremely itchy rash on my lower legs and forearms. It started at the end of winter so I thought it was just dry skin, but it is June and it still is itchy and raised. I have tried every itch lotion and creme but nothing lasts very long and it never goes away. It is red after I scratch. My legs are red most of the time but my arms only some times. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn ive been taking benadryll 25mg and zyrtec 10mg regularly, and the rash had all disappeared except that my cheeks and palms still get flushed when im nervous, cold or take a hot shower. tonight, my legs were itchy and i noticed small, itchy red bumps on my legs and arms that look nothing like my previous rash and i am very worried about this new rash. it has been a month now and i just want it all to go away. any help would be much appreciated!
Avatar m tn i was just sitting around one day and felt this tingling on my arms and legs. then it felt like i was being bit by mosquitos. witch is common in my house. then i noticed that there weren't any bumps. but awhile later i started to see small red bumps turn up in areas on my arms and legs. so i knew i had some kind of rash. severe itching became unbearable. i begged my mom to get some medicine to make it stop. so she got some cream that relieves itching rashes (ect.