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Avatar m tn I live in a tropical climate but have recently moved to a very cold climate and have developed an itchy rash on my knuckles. It is only on one of my knuckles on my left hand, but on all of the knuckles on my right hand. The skin is swollen and itches a lot. There is not much pain. I'm not sure if its a reaction to the cold or what. It started about 12 days ago and has gotten worse progressively. Any idea what this is or if I should see a dermatologist? What about remedies?
Avatar m tn A friend of mine in his early 20's has had 'blackening' of his knuckles over ~6 weeks. They are also thick, like a callous, but no boxing, or other trauma, and no pigmentation or rash anywhere else, including elbows, knees, etc. This is not itchy or painful.
190559 tn?1280615967 On the opposite end of the spectrum, I had an itchy red rash before taking Tapazole which resolved after beginning thyroid supression med's so I wonder if there is a link to rash and unstable thyroid levels.
Avatar f tn I occasionally break out with itchy, painful bumps on my knuckles and elbows. They are skin-colored or slightly reddened, hardish bumps, no weeping or oozing at all. If I lean just right on my elbow they cause sharp pain. I believe it may be viral of some sort, because they seem to only appear when life is stressful. They itch like crazy- almost as bad as poison ivy, which I've had a lot. Has anyone else experienced this or have any diagnosis or treatment ideas?
1077961 tn?1279585349 I get itchy patchy spots on my fingers, knuckles, occasionally my elbows and my toes in the same fashion as on my fingers. They do look like bugbites a little bit, and itching them does nothing but turn them into sore blisters due to the friction of repeated itching. I notice I got them most in mid spring and early summer, especially while at the cottage.
Avatar n tn Every winter and spring since then, my hands develop a rash across my knuckles. The rash is very dry, scaly, and itchy. My hands will bleed and dirt will settle into the rash and the rash scars my hands. My fingers become flushed red. (The specialists I saw when I was 13 told me I have Raynauds). My finger joints hurt during this time. I also have hand tremors, but I don't know whether this is related. When I was 13 - 15, I was tested for all the autoimmune diseases.
Avatar n tn i had started getting itchy water blisters on my knuckles and elbows.... i was using clenbuterol which is an asthma medication that caused this. maybe other asthma meds can cause this type of elergic reaction? bumps went away after awhile when i stopped taking pills.
Avatar f tn That same night new reddish clusters with reddish bumps appeared on my inner tighs and buttock area, both are inflamed and extremely itchy on and off. The itchy bumps are random in shapes (no puss, no water content, no blister), each bump is hard and it does not contain any liquid... and NO- the bumps don't have uniformed patterns like "chicken skin" (or Keratosis Pilaris).
Avatar f tn It started three days ago on the nape of my neck one morning when woke up, at first it was mild itching with tiny pink bumps... and then the itch got worse and worse... then similar cluster appeared on my left upper arm--along with the same type of rough pink reddish bumps. My right upper arm is not affected (at least not yet). A couple of hours later the itchy bumps appears on my upper back with pink reddish rough hard bumps all over...
Avatar n tn For over a year I have had an itchy red rash on my scrotum and legs. My penis is itchy as well. My doctor first prescribed my problem as jock itch, but after several weeks the symptoms only got worse. He referred me to a dermatologist, who determined it was Excema. For a year now, I daily apply excema cream so I can live with the itch and sleep at night. But it's not going away, only getting worse. I'm starting to think I have scabies.
Avatar f tn That same night new reddish clusters with reddish bumps appeared on my inner tighs and buttock area, both are inflamed and extremely itchy on and off. The itchy bumps are random in shapes (no puss, no water content, no blister), each bump is hard and it does not contain any liquid... and NO- the bumps don't have uniformed patterns like "chicken skin" (or Keratosis Pilaris).
Avatar n tn I only developed this about 2 months ago when it started as bumps on my fingers and knuckles and dismissed it as a heat rash that I get every so often. I've gone to the Doctors twice about it and he can't diagnose what it actually is, he just gives me steroid creams to apply thinly 3 times a day. Not only does it look horrible it is very uncomfortable and at my wits end with what to do about it.
Avatar f tn he had no signs at the time. Less than 2 days later I developed a rash on both thighs, (slightly red raised bumps) Over the next 2 days it travelled to the crease of my elbow, then my neck and over my knuckles. It was slightly itchy, especially on the hands and neck but never developed into anything more. There were no vesicles, symptomatic other signs. Should I be concerned about the rash?
Avatar n tn I have a itchy rash that itches first then welts up in lines then it goes away it usually occurs on my hands from the wrist area to my knuckles, my torso usually back area, and as a strong itchy tingling on the tip of my toes, but is not limited to these certain areas. I have had itching inside my ears, between my fingers, on my legs and feet.
190559 tn?1280615967 She will have her first blood draw on this coming Friday to see where her levels are. She is complaining of itchy bumps on various parts of her skin (arms, knuckles, backs of knees, back) as well as swelling in her fingers. My daughter has never had a rash before and has no history of allergies to foods or anything else. Of couse I can call her clinic tomorrow if it gets more pronounced. It also may be a mild virus (which means I need to monitor her for any fever).
Avatar n tn I have rash that is getting increasingly worse on my thumb only. It started with about 8-10 bumps that looked like blisters that were below the middle joint of the thumb. They were very itchy and even stung when touched. I of course scratched them. I am low income and let it go for a week. By the second week I figured I should see a doctor since it was getting much worse. The blisters had merged together and turned into a large (a little smaller than a dime) red, welt.
1654177 tn?1319842094 I had been suffering from the most horribly itchy rash the past three days as well. The only thing I found to help was my 6 month old's prescription diaper rash ointment. I am not sure if it is available nationally, but would be worth checking into. It's called Zabb-3. The main active ingredients are aquaphore, silver sulfadiazine, and domeboro astringent. I put a thin layer over the rash and left it on for about 5 hours.
999891 tn?1407279676 Hi I get this rash on my hands and on my back, the best way I can describe it is it looks like sun burn on the palms of my hands and across my shoulders and down the center of my back. It is painless but there is numbness in the area where the rash is....It is going on for months now and comes and goes. Anyone experience this?
7469840 tn?1409849436 When I was on treatment my doctor proscribed a steroid cream (triamcinolone 0.1%). It cleared my riba rash up completely.
Avatar f tn I went wedding dress shopping on Saturday and my hand started itching that spread to both hands and I have raised bumps and it's an itchy rash on the knuckles of both hands. They itch and burn and kind of feel like I have a sunburn on them when I move my hands.
7721203 tn?1468446829 not the palms, not my arms, not my feet.. JUST the top of my hands and below my knuckles on my fingers? it's so weird.. no new soap, deodorant, detergent, perfume, lotion, nothing! & I don't have a rash either. is this because of blood flow, hormones, etc.? it's just a totally new symptom, more aggravating than anything, but I didn't want to bother calling in because of it.. just curious! thank you ladies so much, love you, and continue to keep us in your prayers!
Avatar n tn It got pretty bad and finally I got out of bed to see a rash (red blotchy patches) everywhere. Mostly on my upper chest, back and butt cheeks. Finally after about two hours I was able to fall asleep. When I woke the next morning the itch was still there but not nearly as bad. The blotches however were still very visable. Throughout that day the blotches remained and my skin was still somewhat itchy.
Avatar n tn my girlfriend and I have itchy red bumps ALL OVER. hers aren't as bad as mine, but they appeared shortly after we moved in with a friend of ours. they started out on the legs and fore arms and spread from there. mine are much worse and the only place I don't have them is on my feet, neck, and head. I have them on my knuckles and the are more clear colored than red there and they scale and peel.
Avatar m tn Iv been having joint pain and its weird the rash is mostly just over my knuckles/MCPs, and iv been getting pain on the palm side of there. Iv also been wonderig if i could have lupus, so dont know if this could be anything. I havent put anyting on my hands and I havent been outside at all, other than walking to a building.
Avatar m tn chips since Friday I completely stopped i've added exercise regiment from running treadmill biking picking up the pace little by little I haven't exercised in a long long time from fast food two very healthy eating I'm a great salads no dressing lemon salt pepper olive oil and balsamic vinegar as my dressing no milk no nothing I've been developing a rash all over my body could this be that my body is asking me for sugar because I haven't had any sugar any sodas juices i've been drinking mainl
Avatar f tn My 17 year-old daughter has an extremely itchy rash at all her joints that started at her hips and then spread to the other joints. It seems to spread from the largest joint to the smallest - hips, knees, elbows, ankles, wrists, knuckles. The doctor seemed baffled because she had not been around anything different or eaten anything different. We could not think of anything that might have caused it.