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Avatar m tn A friend of mine in his early 20's has had 'blackening' of his knuckles over ~6 weeks. They are also thick, like a callous, but no boxing, or other trauma, and no pigmentation or rash anywhere else, including elbows, knees, etc. This is not itchy or painful.
Avatar n tn I feel that it is aggravated by the humidity and heat. The red itchy bumps are only on my knuckles finger joints elbows and knees. Please let me know how to calm the itching/ inflammation and what you think it is.
Avatar m tn I have developed brown, leathery spots on the middle knuckels of both of my hands. Recently it has begun to develope on the index knuckles and this week they became red and painful as though I had scraped or chaffed them? What is this? I have been treating them with a Burt's Bees Rescue balm which is soothing the red and soreness, however the leathery ovals remain.
Avatar n tn i had started getting itchy water blisters on my knuckles and elbows.... i was using clenbuterol which is an asthma medication that caused this. maybe other asthma meds can cause this type of elergic reaction? bumps went away after awhile when i stopped taking pills.
Avatar n tn i have something on my hand may be possible herpes whitlow. about month and a half ago got rash on both hands (first and second knuckles on back of hand). got slight skin breakages on both knuckles. became like raised bumps (never hurt) and both went down like 2-3 weeks ago but never fully healed. then one on right knuckles went away with some rash still remaining to this day. one on left hand grew bigger again when other went away and got some skin breakage on it.
1621133 tn?1310046041 its non itchy tiny white spots in arms and knuckles, happens only when im sweating
Avatar m tn Iv been having joint pain and its weird the rash is mostly just over my knuckles/MCPs, and iv been getting pain on the palm side of there. Iv also been wonderig if i could have lupus, so dont know if this could be anything. I havent put anyting on my hands and I havent been outside at all, other than walking to a building.
Avatar n tn m a healthy 19 yr old male, I dont have any recorded allergies, however for the past year or so my Knuckles and areas around the knuckle on both hands have become red and itchy, this is the ONLY area of concern, my diet hasn't changed nor has my lifestyle, in fact I'm eating healthier and working out more, the only major change would be that i'm entering/entered stage 4 of puberty, this knuckle issue is becoming a concern as I am completely unaware of what it is, several MD's hav
Avatar f tn And two-three weeks ago I started noticing some non itchy red rash on my knuckles and arms. Initially appear as flat then develop bumps, at times on my face too. But mostly on arms, it takes about a week to get completely faded away and then appear new one, and this is painful when pressed.I have been stressed out about this for months now. Is this non itchy red bumps (1-2mm in size) that keep appearing some sort of allergies??
Avatar m tn ve been developing a rash all over my body could this be that my body is asking me for sugar because I haven't had any sugar any sodas juices i've been drinking mainly water you'll be sugar intake is probably that the teaspoon of sugar that I add to my coffee in the morning my body my fingertips are are are itchy my knuckle are swollen I can't stop scratching on my feet it feels like I have athletes foot I don't on my scalp from eating candy birth and junk food to complete
7721203 tn?1468443229 m not having a terrible time with it (fingers crossed), BUT I have noticed that my hands have been itching lately..? not the palms, not my arms, not my feet.. JUST the top of my hands and below my knuckles on my fingers? it's so weird.. no new soap, deodorant, detergent, perfume, lotion, nothing! & I don't have a rash either. is this because of blood flow, hormones, etc.?
Avatar m tn Hi, about a week ago my right hand became swollen on the fingers and spawned red blotches of varying sizes on the fingers between the knuckles of the phalanges. The blotches are itchy and provide some resistance to clenching a fist though not preventing it. There is some mild itching on the meta-carpel knuckles. It seems odd that it is only on 1 hand.
Avatar f tn My knuckles have red, itchy patches on them too! They crack open and bleed. I know it's because of the cold weather and from always having my hands in soapy water at work. I try lotion, but it hurts and why put lotion on when I have tons of dishes to wash at work, sanatizer water, washing my hands? I just wash the lotion off seconds after I put it on anyway. I work in a cafe at Barnes and Noble, so my hands are constantly in sanatizer water and soap. A customer told me try vaseline.
Avatar m tn ve noticed a few very very tiny scabs forming on the top of my hands, I assume due to scratching. The rash was NOT itchy until just last week, and the itchiness has intensified each day. The steroid cream doesn't seem to resolve the itchy feeling for long. It provides relief for roughly an hour in that regard. If I look at my hands from a distance in the mirror, it appears as if my fingers are red, with many tiny red spots making up the coloration.
10947 tn?1281404252 My worst allergy is June grass pollen. I also suffer from hay fever. My symptoms are itchy watery eyes and sneezing.
Avatar n tn I have a itchy rash that itches first then welts up in lines then it goes away it usually occurs on my hands from the wrist area to my knuckles, my torso usually back area, and as a strong itchy tingling on the tip of my toes, but is not limited to these certain areas. I have had itching inside my ears, between my fingers, on my legs and feet.
608553 tn?1389502811 I had this itchy rash since Jan. 2013 that would get itchy then bumpy with clear liquids that come out. It spread throughout the year and would come and go. Occasionally it will split open and bleed. I've heard eczema or poison ivy, but no cortisone, oat, or antibacterial will cure. Typically, it comes and goes but now I have it on my knuckles and cracks and bumps on both hands. WHAT IS THIS??
Avatar f tn my skin is cracking and there are little red bumps starting from the knuckles down. My knuckles are peeling a little bit and they look slightly blue like they are bruised. Oh and they itch Super bad.!! I scratch and now they started to bleed a little... I tried putting lotion and medicine on it but it ends up burning alot.! :c so I dont know if it has to do with my pregnancy or what but it hurts really bad... Im 27 weeks...
Avatar m tn But on pulling out the condom remained in her with the end visible at the entrance of her vagina.Therefore I am worried if there was a possible exposure.I only see my knuckles with a slight rash and i noticed her knuckles looked similar.
Avatar m tn i been taking clenbuterol which is asthma medication, and i developed that same itchy bumpy skin rash on my hands and knuckles and elbow too. you may be having an alergic reaction to a medication you have been taking regularly?
Avatar n tn Every winter and spring since then, my hands develop a rash across my knuckles. The rash is very dry, scaly, and itchy. My hands will bleed and dirt will settle into the rash and the rash scars my hands. My fingers become flushed red. (The specialists I saw when I was 13 told me I have Raynauds). My finger joints hurt during this time. I also have hand tremors, but I don't know whether this is related. When I was 13 - 15, I was tested for all the autoimmune diseases.
1654177 tn?1319838494 I had been suffering from the most horribly itchy rash the past three days as well. The only thing I found to help was my 6 month old's prescription diaper rash ointment. I am not sure if it is available nationally, but would be worth checking into. It's called Zabb-3. The main active ingredients are aquaphore, silver sulfadiazine, and domeboro astringent. I put a thin layer over the rash and left it on for about 5 hours.
Avatar n tn Okay, about one month ago a small red, itchy, sore bump came up on the lower part of the inside part of my thumb. At first I thought it was a wart, but now its skin colored and really rough. Around one week ago, another bump came up on the lower inside part of my finger. This one is very sore, and because it is right in the bend of my finger it is always hurting. It's pink, slick, very itchy and very annoying.
1077961 tn?1279581749 I get itchy patchy spots on my fingers, knuckles, occasionally my elbows and my toes in the same fashion as on my fingers. They do look like bugbites a little bit, and itching them does nothing but turn them into sore blisters due to the friction of repeated itching. I notice I got them most in mid spring and early summer, especially while at the cottage.
Avatar m tn One of my middle knuckles and my pinkie finger have swollen, dry, cracked and itchy skin on the knuckle area...on my pinkie it extends down the side of my finger somewhat. Does anyone have any idea what this might be and what I can do to fix it. I am awaiting insurance to get instated before going to the doctor, so I am trying to figure out what to do in the meantime. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I recently developed these unbelievably itchy, slightly raised, red bumps on different parts of my body. They seem to appear mainly around the hard-jointed parts (not the folds) of my knees, elbows, wrists, knuckles and feet. Sometimes they appear on my buttocks, also near a hard joint. This is the second time I experience this. The first time was several years ago and it went away within about 2 or 3 days. This time it seems to be more persistent.
Avatar n tn s severe illness and finally died the following day) and her body got virtually covered with this burning and itchy rash. Her relief was almost instant and today she was a lot better. Should you have any questions please post again here. I'll try to respond within a day or two. The above Professional Protocol is designed to re-balance your meridians, so your immune system gets restored , and it starts responding normally again. I hope the Holiday Season goes a little better for you.