Itchy rash from tanning

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Avatar m tn I have the same thing!!! Just used Banana Boat tanning oil the last couple of days and I have an itchy rash on my stomache, chest, the top of my arms, and the top of my thighs. Definitely won't be using their tanning lotion again. ~MM http://maggiemaeijustsaythis.wordpress.
Avatar f tn I just started laying in the tanning bed and i have developed a rash on my butt its about as big as a dime and has lil blisters in it. The past two years that i have tanned i have got it and it will stay for about a week and then go away and not come back un til next year when i start tanning. What is it and how can i stop it from coming back?
Avatar f tn The one on my heel and other one on my chest are UNRELATED. The one on my chest usually occurs after i lay in the tanning bed. Could it be from heat? It itches and spreads when i scratch it.Any suggestions will help.Thanks.
Avatar f tn for the past few months I have been going to a tanning bed and I've noticed itchy red bumps on certain parts of my skin. I've cut down on the tanning bed but the bumps have gotten worse. I am aware it is probably a heat rash and the tanning bed is causing but I would like to know what can help prevent it and what can help take it away or calm it down?
Avatar f tn I have had a history of sun poision on my shoulders and chest, not on the places that I seem to being getting a rash from now. Is it possible that I am having a reaction to the cleaners or that I am getting sun poision now on my stomach? I know that I probably should stop tanning but I really dont want to. Any suggestions on what it could be from?
2102940 tn?1333643102 It must have been like you said a burn from the tanning bed. My skin is fair so it makes sense. It was just a funny place to be on my side under my arm. Thanks again!!
Avatar f tn Like most so glad to hear that I am not the only person. Although it said to hear no Dr has a good answer. I've had this problem for 4 years now. I first got this when I was at New York city on a school trip i just shaved my legs got out of the tub dried them with a towel and BAM i started icing like crazy this was in MARCH. Then I was getting tanned for a school dance and it happened again and this was in February of the next year.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a Rash on my stomach that wont go away its been there for about a year it's very itchy someone told me it was plaque psoriasis but I looked up pics on the internet it dosent really look like it. a pharm. told me to lay out or tan a little and put lots of lotion on it I did that and it help but as soon as I stop it comes right back! what could this be???
Avatar m tn t breathe which caused the heat rash. If one is burned from the sun or from a tanning bed then the skin tightens up and forms a layer of skin that is closed and the sweat underneath that is trying to come out of the pores that are now blocked or closed, can cause blisters from the sweat trying to get out. Also note that you can get planter's warts from tanning beds also. I had that painful experience and so am very cautious about having the bed properly cleaned before I get in it.
Avatar n tn I have had extremly ichy skin. It seems to be after I use the tanning bed. It is usually the worst in the middle of the night. It is not a contact thing. I have not changed anything lotions,detergents medications(not on any) etc. I usually go tanning and then to the gym to work out(cardio and weights) I have been tanning for several years at the same place and never had a problem. I have also been working out for years also. There is a slight raised rash for a short time after iching my skin.
Avatar f tn For months now, I've had this patch of extremely itchy pimples and rash between my breasts(some of them ARE pimples, I 'popped' a couple by itching and got cores). They didn't spread until recently, but nothing(creams, cleansers, etc) helped them stop itching or clear up. In the last month, they've spread to cover my entire chest, upper arms(down to short sleeve length), and upper back pretty solidly.
Avatar m tn I am allergic to most everything that you put on your skin including sunscreen so tanning very lightly helps protect your skin. Last night my arms were so itchy and burning that I put ice packs on them and WOW took the burn and itch away!!!! This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dermatology/Sun-Allergies/show/240196">Sun Allergies</a>.
Avatar f tn I've seen several posts on here from 2008 till 2010 about itchy vulva/labia and I was wondering what there is to do a bout a constant itch? I noticed that I itch a lot more at night and in the heat, then I have an intense cycle of scratch itch and dryness and then sores from scratching so hard that I cut the tissues with my nails.
Avatar n tn where it is extremely itchy and turns red! A few years back I went to Italy and I got this rash again ..this year I went to Punta Cana..and i almost got the rash until i discovered why it was reacting like this. I do have sensitive skin, although over time your skin becomes more sensitive. I got rashes when I used tanning oil ...and it was bad...this time I said I was going to be smart and use sunscreen and then all the sudden i felt itchy around my chest area.
Avatar n tn At the same day there was another episode of oral sex without a condom and with no ejaculation, it lasted for about just two minutes or so... After 7 days I had an itchy rash that started _exactly_ in my palms and then slowly day by day spreaded up my arms and then down my legs to the feet.
1730786 tn?1310092814 Hi all, So I have tanned before and I have fairly sensitive skin with lots of freckles, but usually after I continue tanning in the bed and slowly building up my time, my skin gets use to the UV rays. It takes time but I can usually get there. Until now.. It all started a few months ago when I was trying to build up a base tan before summer and after about a week or so of tanning I noticed that I was getting this rash looking thing on my chest.
313193 tn?1194192298 Scabies burrow into the supersticial layers of skin and cause a rash and most times seondary infections. The can be characterized as purpleish or red rash-like. They are itchy and can cause pain. Scabies are contagious and it ispossible that you contracted them from the tanning beds/ sun beds, if someone who was in the bed before you had them, and the bed was not cleaned properly. scabies can spread on your body.
Avatar n tn I have had this rash since I was about 15 and am now 19 almost 20, Ive been to the doctor many times and have been diagnosed with different things each time, the last decision was that I was allergic to Nickel and the buttons on my jeans were causing this rash, well the rash which I know was from Nickel has gone away, but the other rash which they told me was my bodys natural reaction to the nickel caused rash is still here, and it comes and goes.
Avatar f tn Last year I believe I developed a sun allergy, after prolonged exposure to the sun I would get itchy red bumps in the evening and the next day they would be gone. As of this year I have been in the sun and have experience nothing. I was wonder if I spent some time in a tanning bed would I break out in the red bumps like the sun exposure? Not that I am interested in tanning I am just curious if it would have the same effect as the sun on my skin? thanks!
1025521 tn?1252507728 I am an RN, and I am not sure why you have a rash, but for your own safety, stay away from the tanning beds! There is a huge increase in the number of skin cancer cases from young women using tanning beds, and it just isn't worth it. Get a spray on tan; a lot of places are offering those now. I hope all works out for you.
Avatar f tn I have had itchy tingling arms for over 20 years. I have been to so many doctors, I've lost count. Some say it's allergys. Some say it's stress. Some creams work for a while. I've taken alot of allergy meds. Zyrtec seemed to help more than the others. I also take Doxipen. the Dr. just doubled my dose. I have a steriod cream that I use as well. It only helps during the day for a while.
Avatar n tn said ubv photothreapy (chance of skin cancer) and it seems to work and I notice that when I go tanning (tanning in Alaska no real warm sun here) on a daily or every other day basis it goes completely away and when I stop tanning for a week or longer, it comes back. I also use Cetaphil several times a day only on the affected areas. I will mention that I also get this, minus the small bumps in my ears and is horribly annoying....
1221025 tn?1266842580 spots, ranging from 1cm to little bumps, scaling, red (most red after shower or swimming), sometimes itchy on occasion. My boyfriend thinks I'm turning into some kind of reptile. Locations: mostly hips, side of breasts, lower back, lower belly (but still-- mostly on the sides), upper thighs on side... and LATELY it's been showing up weird locations (only 1 or 2 spots) on arms and 1 on the side of my calf.. and even one above my eyebrow!