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Avatar n tn I got this damn rash that itches like crazy all around my crotch, it is red and itchy on my legs where meets my sack, and now my sack is getting itchy too, i have been moisterizing, cuz sometimes it gets dry and flaky, but at night i have to itch till it bleeds to satisfy the itchiness.. please help.
Avatar m tn Hi im 18 i started with haveing hemroids but i used preperation h to get rid of it. But i have had a crotch rash after the hemorids. The skin is darkened and is very itchy from time to time their is also dead sking on my crotch and inner legs. Their is also dead skin their from time to time. i am also getting a red band around my penis that is dry and cracks. i dont know if this is related but i am getting lots of pimples on my legs.
Avatar m tn So for the past week I've had a rash on the left side of my groin area where my crotch meets my thigh. Its itchy but it doesn't burn. It almost looks like a big long red blister right there and I have little red bumps all by it. It's starting to spread onto the other side and I want it to stop. I've started using cortisone but it's not helping that much. Any ideas? I don't think it's fungal but I could be wrong.
Avatar n tn Hi there, i am suffering from a rash around my crotch and bum crack. It is terribly itchy and my scrotum has gone tough. Skin had become flaky, and it has left green stains on my underwear, i have also noticed a slight smell. I usually sweat a lot. I have started using canesten cream, and applying talc. Any suggestions of what it may be and if i should see the gp?
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, i'm a guy who about a year back i received an unprotected ** from a guy i didn't know so well. believe me, i regret the discussion and probably always will. he told me he was clean but you know... before we started he used a sort of oil on my crotch. it was only an unprotected ** and hj. a few hours after it was over i was a little itchy down there and i figured it was because of the oil used--i have a lot of allergies to random things.
Avatar n tn but today when i got off work i noticed on the top of my foot that i had a little red rash with raised bumps thats really really itchy and uncomfortable. so i m wondering if that could possibly be related because i noticed one of the symptoms of herpes was a rash. so if anyone has any idea if this could be related to each other please let me know. or am i just being parinoid?????
Avatar m tn My eyes will start to itch, and my arm pits will also become itchy. Depending on the severity of the rash, either my scalp or feet will become very itchy. The skin takes a slight mottling appearance, but apart from feeling like the skin is drawn tight over my feet (or hands) nothing looks notably unordinary. As the intensity of the itchiness increases, the itchiness of the rash begins to move. If it begins at my feet, the itchiness will start up my legs, into my knee area and onto my thighs.
Avatar m tn I recently visited my Family Doctor to address a red, itchy rash? around the head of my penis, and in my belly button. My belly button actually had a grey like crust inside. I was prescribed Fluconazole 100mg for a yeast infection (Thrush).. After a week, it appears as if it is getting better (Penis). Red spots going away, no pain during an erection etc. I am now getting what appears to be a itchy rash on the base of my palms, wrists, chest, and belly button area.
Avatar m tn I wasnt confident enough to seek help before now so bare with me. Ive had a rash on my upper thigh around my crotch area its a light brown colour with a couple of bumps. It oozed only once at its very beginning. Some bits of skin have been damaged where I have scratched and the surface area of the rash is large and im not sure if its affected my scrotum or penis ive used sudacrem in the past then stopped using it ive just begun to use it again.
Avatar m tn The white you see more near my crotch is a diaper rash type of ointment and hydro-cortisone cream that seems to help temporarily. I am going to schedule an appointment, but does anyone have any idea what this is? Thank you for any help. http://imgur.
Avatar m tn its in my armpit and itches horribly and is just getting bigger and bigger and it is very swollen looking and sensitive and super itchy and now after shaving my other arm pit is itchy and so are my upper thighs in the creases of thigh and crotch are very itchy and bumpy and i am hoping i did not spread somethng. it is very hot and i stopped using deoderant because was told was ringworm..
Avatar m tn I have a non itchy blotches/rash on my right inner thigh groin region right in the crotch area it never itched or burned and its rusty colored in loops been there for 10 days or more now.The rash is nowhere else in my body but there. Does an ARS HIV rash itch ? And if it was an HIV ARS Rash would happen allover the body like chest and face or would it just be in one small restricted spot ?
Avatar f tn hello my boyfriend has got a white spotty rash around his inner thigh near his groin witch are itchy. suffers with chaving in the same area can you help?
Avatar n tn for about three months now I've had two or three tiny bumps on the underside of the shaft of my penis. sometimes it's itchy, but usually only if i get hot/ sweaty from playing sports, etc. they're basically colorless, but get sort of red when i scratch down there. i noticed them after having sex.
Avatar m tn DO they look like a rash with a tape-worm liek edges? THis started for me in the summer when i got VERY sweaty down there. It can also be a Heat rash. They told me mine was fungus when i went to get it checked out and said it is nothing to worry about. They gave me ointment (i forgot what it was called). But another ointment i have is called "Hydrocortisone Cream1% with aloe". It HELPS A LOT! Just wash the area thoroughly, dry it well and apply the ointment.
Avatar n tn It isnt painful or itchy, just feels uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn About 1 week ago i started to get a small rash on my testicle. Since then ive had numerous red rashes/ bumps in various places including my scalp, hand, inside my ear, in my bellybutton. Some have already disapeared . The ones on my scalp have been itchy. Ive also had a dull pain in my right testicle which sometimes spread to my lymph node in my crotch. It also sometimes spreads to the left side, but not often. I can only imagin herpes? Possible some sort of bug biting my scalp aswell???
Avatar f tn 4 years ago I had protected sex with a prostitute in cancun Mexico I know dumb move really regret but my question is this I have suddenly developed a rash in my groin in between my testicles and thigh looks like a bad case of chub rub it is red and was itchy Till put lotrimin and gold bond on it it has some bumps small on my testicle the bottom this popped up after swimming for a week in fla and maybe not dryin off the crotch area very good idk has some white places on the outside of my skin jus
Avatar n tn At first she developed a large painful rash on her bottom and lately she has been complaining that her crotch itches. The other day my crotch itched for a few minutes as well which i blew off as a 'monkey see monkey do' scenario. Although the rash has subsided since the initial development, and we have not had intercourse since, she says her crotch has once again resumed itching.
Avatar n tn i have these pimple like spots that dont not hurts or anything but abit bumpy to touch on my bum.have had it for a while now maybe a few yrs can anyone a lil worried to wear a g-string incase my partner sees sometimes it will clear up good then it will come back..PLEASE HELP ME??
Avatar m tn Hi i was wondering if u can help me on this rash ive had now for a good two half months. it started as a one rash on my right thigh looked like a rug burn itched slitely. its size is of a nickle redish lil dry skin comes off when rubed red yellowish to it. i call it the mother ship lol. well a week after i noticed it one maybe two show up around the stomach area smaller like pimple but felt like a scare agian itchy red yellowish scaby feel to it slightly raised.
Avatar n tn the mark was red, slightly raised at one part of the edge, it was somewhat itchy, but painless. 3-4 weeks later i developed a rash on my face, it was red and was on my forehead and one side of my face, it was slightly itchy and painful if i used shampoo or soap in the shower. My girlfriend has had no other partners and has had no symptoms whatsoever, but it seems like too much of a coincidence for me, could this be syphilis?
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago, 2 weeks after an encounter, i developed an itchy rash directly above my pubic area, It was an irritation which caused me to scratch frequently, but i did not notice any pus/lesions, other then where severe scratching broke the screen(but i cannot be too sure of this). The rash has since spread sideways to my hip bone. Much of it has recovered, ceased to itch and turned into a light brown patch of dead/dry skin by now.
Avatar n tn I recently came from the STD section of this site, convinced that my condition was related to my actions and that it was HIV rash. But now that Ive contemplated it, its not as bumpy and spaced, and it isnt raised at all. A little itchy maybe, but not at all intensely or urgently so. Rather it just sort of sits there across my breasts, below them, wrapping slightly around my ribs, and down still almost to my naval, looking angry.
Avatar m tn It may be time for oral medications. Tell your doctor that nothing is working. In the meantime, try not to wear underwear or pajamas to bed. Wear a housecoat around the house...air is key.