Itchy rash around belly button

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8924846 tn?1410572901 Has anyone else felt like their stomach is numb around their belly button? Its like a few inches on each side that feel numb as well as a little above and below. The only time i have any feeling is when my rash (pupps) acts up and gets extreamly itchy!!!
Avatar m tn around the head of my penis, and in my belly button. My belly button actually had a grey like crust inside. I was prescribed Fluconazole 100mg for a yeast infection (Thrush).. After a week, it appears as if it is getting better (Penis). Red spots going away, no pain during an erection etc. I am now getting what appears to be a itchy rash on the base of my palms, wrists, chest, and belly button area.
Avatar f tn Later on that same day I scratched my belly and I looked in a mirror to see if I had anything and I have more red bumps around my belly button. I barely scratched my armpit and I felt something and I looked in a mirror and more red bumps!!! What is going on with me??
Avatar f tn m starting to get a really bad rash about the size of my hand under my belly button where my new stretch marks are coming. And it itches like crazy, What is it!
Avatar f tn I have a rash red firery rash inside my bellybutton then around the outside on the surronding skin I have small little red bumps all around it and it is all very itchy. What do you think this could be? And what should I try on it? I tried hydrocortizone and it didnt work.
1770279 tn?1321073078 I take all mine in the stomach area, about 2 in away from belly button area and rotate around not to use same site within 3 weeks.
1244180 tn?1325899111 My friend had the pregnancy rash.
1418615 tn?1282225737 at first i felt kinda sting when i was washing dishes (i work as a dish washer at a restaurant), then when i off work i saw some rash around my belly button area. i put some lotion i bought from walgreen and after a couple days it seems getting a lot better, but then again on tuesday (2 days ago from today) it started to occur again, but it wasnt as itchy and sting like i first had it. so what kinda problem do i exactly have here?
Avatar f tn Just because your belly is expanding and stretching. Belly button is stretching too.
Avatar f tn m finding the same. My belly looks dry, esp near my belly button but I dry to keep it moisturised.
Avatar f tn Hi I recently got a rash on my inner thighs and my groin area but now I seem to have an itchy redness on my japs eye and a weird scab on the head of my penis, I also have itchy red patches on my testicles, also I have a rash on my arms, lower kegs now and my belly button, could this all be connected or should I be worried about herpes, chlamydia etc? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!!!
Avatar m tn Okay so for about 2 weeks I have had a small oval shaped rash on my stomach area to the right of my belly button. It is itchy sometimes but not much. It doesn't hurt or puss or anything. It is kinda flaky. This morning I found a red rash on my pubic area that looks more irritated and more circular than the one on my stomach same kind of flaky look not itchy really either. What is this?
Avatar n tn s been, but I think it was a couple or so weeks ago when I noticed that I was getting a rash on the rim of my belly button, and a little in my actual belly button. After some time it spread to the skin around my belly button, and recently, it spread even further. I'm starting to get worried. I thought it was nothing and that it would go away eventually, but im starting to think it may be something troublesome. It gets very itchy sometimes, and most of the time the skin is very red and dry.
237053 tn?1258828426 Often times a nickel allergy will show up at the area just below the belly button. (where the snap or button is located.) I suggest you do a search on nickel allergy.
Avatar f tn re like pumps/blister like zit sized that appear in your stretch marks at first on your belly around your belly button and can spread all over your body except your face!... basically any where you get stretch marks... they are extremely itching and appear around 35w usually disappear a week b4 you deliver your baby(s) sometimes but not commonly can still be there after birth...
Avatar f tn My belly has become really itchy ! I don't think I can't hold back anymore lol :) I don't want to get stretch marks but none of the lotions I use work :/ Anybody else trying to hold back scratching ??
Avatar f tn it is either your period starting, or you have a hernia hidden inside behind the belly button.
Avatar m tn No, I realized after your comment saying red ring isn't really correct. My abdomen is covered from belly button to rib cage in a bright red 'rash". It's not raised at all- it's itchy and looks like a sunburn. I'm calling it an allergic reaction because I'm allergic to cats and had the severe reaction right after coming in to contact with one. I originally had hives and was very itchy, my tongue started swelling and after some Benadryl it all went away.
Avatar n tn I have an red rash around the outside of my belly button I have had it about two or three days now It hurts when I put pants on it rubs around the red spot i have on the outside of mine belly button I have put cornstarch on it and antibacterial ointment on it too What could it be
Avatar f tn I'm also 38 weeks and My belly and especially belly button get SO itchy it drives me insane!! I asked my Dr and she said it's normal....your skin is all stretched out it gets itchy. My Dr told me to not take such hot showers and to just keep your skin hydrated at all times. I use tons of lotion and it sort of works, takes the edge off anyways....we are almost done.good luck, mama!!
7923170 tn?1412999504 I had a little bit of dry skin on my ribs but nothing to bad.. This rash is in one spot n one spot only. It is so ITCHY n I am NOT the person for itchiness at all. It is under my belly button to the right. Not spreading anywhere there is some stretch marks underneath but all my other stretch marks aren't becoming itchy or rashy lol. Anyone ever have a rash sounding familiar to this?
Avatar f tn hi, im 13 and my belly button has really been bothering me. at first, it would just be wet inside (i have an innie) and it would smell a little. but now, it is itchy, a blackish-brown color, smells bad and produces a discharge that dries up and leaves a crust and has small bumps around it. can you please help me with this?
Avatar f tn I'm glad I'm not the only one! I have the rash going on about an inch under my belly button. It's apparently because of our bodies changing due to the baby, and should go away on its own.
4331946 tn?1355816857 Ugh my belly button is soooooo itchy its been like that all night y is that is this prego related or jus me?
Avatar m tn 00 I noticed that I was extremely itchy in my hair, behind my neck, and around my chest area (directly underneath my bra). I noticed my chest was a little red, but I chalked it up to being from me scratching. I decided to lift mt shirt up and that's when I noticed I was red completely under my bra, the red matched the exact shape of my bra. I was red behind my neck where my hair falls, and on top of my shoulders.
Avatar n tn My daughter has a small, round, itchy rash right under her belly button. Of course, being round, I immediately thought of ringworm, but it seemed a strange place to have one. Now, it's behind some of her pants' metal buttons, but typically she isn't bothered by them. It was getting really itchy and red last night, so I put hydrocordisone one it, and that seemed to help, but instead of being everywhere it's a circle. Should I be concerned?