Itchy nipples with discharge

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Avatar n tn For the last week both my nipples have been itchy. Nothing else, just itchy. I dont have any swelling, discharge, rash, or flaken. I was just wondering what may cause this.
1705339 tn?1307588341 I am 14 weeks pregnant. I have itchy nipples and they are very dry.Any suggestions on what cream to use on them???
Avatar n tn on the edge of my aerola is a light red colored rash combined with small bumps. This area itches as well as the itching on the skin around the aerola but with no rash visible. Help!!
Avatar n tn I have been having itchy nipples that might last a day or so. Then for a couple of day my nipples would just get erect out of nowhere. I am 46 years old not pregnant. I was wondering if I should be worried about breast cancer or could it be anything else like hormonal. I read about inflammatory breast cancer but the only symptom I have for that would be itchy breasts and that is only sometimes then subsides.
Avatar n tn I did not think much of it, but over time my nipple has become very sore, itchy, sometimes has a discharge, and now has tiny bumps on the nipple. Could this be something serious? or just normal?
Avatar m tn It itches and now I have a discharge on my left nipple. Both nipples are peeling but the left one is rly rly itchy. they are also very warm and it hurts when I squeeze them. I don't think i'm pregnat cause I just finished having my period. I've never had a baby so yeahh can someone tell me what should I use ?
Avatar f tn Common causes for this would include infections with bacteria or with fungus. Fungal infections usually manifest with eczema like lesions, scaling, and itchiness. This can be diagnosed by performing a test called the KOH smear where they scrape a portion of the lesion and examine it under the microscope for fungal elements. Paget's disease, though uncommon, can present in the same way as you are experiencing and diagnosis can be made through a biopsy procedure.
Avatar f tn Hi i know this is probably too much info but my nipples have been really itchy and dry for three weeks and have just recently started peeling and having a small bit of discharge and i have no idea whats going.
Avatar n tn i had this a few weeks ago and it went but now its come back theres no discharge coming out of the nipples but they can be itchy at times. could this be anything to do with breast cancer?
Avatar n tn hey there I'm 22 years old and I've been suffering from a itchy nipple its driving me mad!
Avatar n tn and, my mother informed me that when she used to have her period she ALWAYS had a vaginal yeast infection...could i be having the same thing but its with my nipples? the doctor also said my ducts could have clogged but ive never breast feed!!!
Avatar n tn I am 18 not pregnant and do not have cancer. My nipples have become extremly itchy and they seem to have little black dots on my nipple, resembaling clogged pores or blackheads. It is only on one breast. It last all day and all night sometimes and sometimes only for a few mintues. There is no discharge, discoloration, or noticable changes compared to my other breast. What is this and should I see a doctor?
Avatar n tn I have discharge from the nipples every month with my period. I, like you have been tested several times, and my doctor has no explanation except it's caused from hormones. Make sure to squeeze, and get it out, check it regularly, it's gross I agree, but I've had this since my second child 4 years ago, and after a hysterectomy I still have discharge. If I do not get it out in time, or it's stuck with pain to squeeze it will turn green, meaning infection, usually mastitis.
Avatar n tn A few days ago I notice my left nipple was very itchy! About 2 days ago I noticed 3 brown scabs directly on my nipple, and it is still very itchy and uncomfortable. This morning when I was putting my bra on, one of the scabs came off and I was left with just an open wound looking thing, no discharge or blood. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning but I'm very frightened as to what this could be.
Avatar f tn For a few weeks now, my nipples have been really itchy. I haven't been gaining weight, I have used the same lotion for a couple years, i haven't changed laundry detergerent.. nothing in my life like that has changed. Also, my left breast has begun to lactate. not a lot at all, its very little. I don't understand why. I am not pregnant, my son is 5 and i did not breast feed him. i read this may be symptoms for breast cancer.. should i make an appoitnment?
Avatar n tn 42 year old male - for the past year my nipples have been itchy - about a week ago when squeezed a thick white puss is excreated. I am on no medication. There is no swelling. Is this a normal condition or should I discuss this with my doctor.
Avatar n tn Pl seek urgent appointment with your doctor, and he may like to do a few tests like smear cytology of the discharge, as well as a mammogram. All the best.
Avatar f tn Hi there i have very itchy breasts , with light brown spots then dark spots on the right nipple .
Avatar n tn I have the exact same problem with my areola. They are very very itchy and the skin is turning white and scaly. I have it on both nipples. No amount of lotion is helping. I dont have a doctor appointment for a few weeks. I was very worried because I have Scleroderma on my foot and was afraid it was on my breasts now too.
1628295 tn?1299549764 I have been having headaches and been nauseous off and on. Every once in a while my nipples will feel itchy but there is no soreness or extra heaviness (i am very large and they always feel heavy). So I don't know what the discharge is. A sign of pregnancy or a sign of late ovulation. Please help!!!???
Avatar n tn I'm very worried... my nipples, especially my right nipple is very itchy. Besides itchiness, i also noticed a very small amount of yellow discharged which dries up quickly on my bra. Can someone help me? Can someone tell me what are the causes of this...
Avatar f tn Last night I had a wet sensation when I went the toilet, so I wiped and a big blob of jelly like discharge came out. It was like I'd sneezed into a tissue (sorry tmi) there is not itching, colour, smell or any sign of an infection, but tonight after cramping, expecting my period (as it's due today) I went to the toilet and this happened again. I'm going to try and post pictures of what I'm experiencing. Please feel free to comment. Just genuine comments please.
506409 tn?1214764781 Im 19 years old had sex twice without a condom and he left it in Im suppose to start my period today but havent. I have clear discharge from my nipple,hungry,tired and soar nipples thin clear/white discharge,moody could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn PS, I have GREEN colored discharge along with clear discharge that comes out different spots of the nipples, of BOTH breasts when ever squeezed...and on rare occasions by themselves... and have for dont be scared...but see the doctor to be sure.
Avatar f tn / my breast have been extra sort, itchy and plump. Another TMI....nipples are ummmm hard slot lately like I'm always cold. Idk if these could be pregnancy signs or AF showing on day 22 of my cycle. HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn my breast feel sore and my nipples feel funny. Iv'e had some pink discharge with out any pain.