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448723 tn?1301458558 I have had itchy nipples and sore tingely breasts for about five days now. I am also having my first period after a d&c and have been bleeding for 14 days now. It is very light bleeding and has been a peachy/pink colour. Does anyone know what the hell is up with my body? I have had sore breast before, but never itchy/tingly...
Avatar f tn I'm 6 weeks pregnant and my breasts are feeling weird these days. not only sore, but my nipples also hurt.
Avatar f tn i have been putting on lotions and nipple cream for weeks now. mainly as my breasts grew my nips became very sore, dry and crack and was advised it was the way to go. now i only put on once a day!
Avatar n tn I am 19 years old, saw this when i googled sore breasts/nipples, my underneath of my breast have been very sore and my nipples are sore to touch, i have been off birth control for about 3 weeks now (recommended by doctor because it was making me sick..after taking it for so long, dont know how that works..) but just a few days ago i noticed that my nipples hurt really bad and now my lower breasts are very sore, i dont belive i am pregnant, this is the first time this has happend.
Avatar n tn Thanks Butterfly I hope so will get test soon, breasts still hurt and stomachs feels funny and itchy lol. Hey what kind of test did you use?
Avatar f tn Last week, my nipples became sore and have remained sore. The whole breasts are not sore. Before they became sore, I complained a bit about one of them being itchy. I had a baby in January 2010 and breastfed for over two years. When I breastfed, I called the spot directly above the nipple where the areola meets the skin the "milk button" because pressing it extracted milk. Today, after checking on the sore nipples, I pressed those milk buttons and out came what looks like milk!
Avatar n tn i have recently been getting itchy nipples, this occurs on both breasts and the itchiness comes and goes, it feels like hairs sticking in the skin. i haven't changed my washing powder or soap and there is no redness or lumps or any noticeable changes, the only thing different is the nipples are sore to press but only the nipples not the breast.
Avatar f tn Normal! Your breasts/areolas are enlarging and growing milk ducts in preparation for breastfeeding. Once your bump starts growing you'll be itchy there too.
Avatar f tn sore, sensitive and itchy nipples on both breasts slightly pinker on the outside not much. I have looked all over the web, cannot find anything but Pagets. Called pharmacy, they said not usual side effect to medicine. Does anyone else have this?? I am worried and I do not want to go off the cytomel, it has helped me tremendously. Can the thyroid meds be stimulating my other hormones like estrogen or progesterone?
Avatar n tn my nipples are itching and somewhat sore am i pregnant i really dont think i can get preganant i was on tha depo for five years and been tryin and is hasnt happend yet
Avatar f tn Your post is sort of hard to follow, but all you need to know is simple: If your period is late, take a sensitive home pregnancy test using a first morning urine sample. If it is negative, you can test again in a few days to a week later if your period does not arrive in the meantime. If you are still confused after that, see your doctor. Tender breasts and tingly nipples COULD be a pregnancy symptom, but they could JUST as easily be a symptom of nothing at all.
1232453 tn?1267645838 hi i have secondary thyroidsium due to a piturity problem,i have had this for over 2yrs{ digonosed} i have reciently started to get itchy & dry skin ,sore nipples & discharge from breast have been to the doctor & they think its excema due to nipples leaking (clear fulid}due to taking hormone tablets ,have pain in breast ,& are very itchy & if i hear children cry it feels like it did when i breast feeding!!!!
Avatar n tn the cabbage thing will work. But I'm interested to know why you are ttc if you have your tubes tied. Don't you know that if you get pregnant with your tubes tied that puts you at a higher risk for Etopic pregnancy....
Avatar n tn Your nipples are extremely sore, burning, itching, red, or blistery. You experience shooting pains in your breasts during or just after feeding (especially during your milk ejection reflex). The usual remedies for sore nipples aren't working Yeast infections can be very persistent. Use the full course of medication suggested by your doctor, and continue using the home remedies for several weeks so that the infection will not reoccur.
Avatar f tn They're always so hot, itchy and bow extra sore. I really hope it gets better cause I can barely sleep, they feel dull already.
Avatar f tn i was also wondering what that could be coming from. there not sore, or bleeding, or even itchy, just have what appears to be the same feeling as scabs. last i had this was when i bf dd almost 6 years ago from them being sore from the breastfeeding. maybe it may just be normal. sorry i cant help, just know that im experiencing the same and im looking for answers as well.
Avatar n tn I am woundering what it could be. About 5 days after my period ended I got painful breasts. (Usually I get sore nipples that are sore touch. Which disapear when my period starts) I have never had painful beasts before. I not fell any growths or lumps.
Avatar f tn sore, sensitive and itchy nipples on both breasts slightly pinker on the outside not much. I have looked all over the web, cannot find anything but Pagets. Called pharmacy, they said not usual side effect to medicine. Does anyone else have this?? I am worried and I do not want to go off the cytomel, it has helped me tremendously. Can the thyroid meds be stimulating my other hormones like estrogen or progesterone?
1388445 tn?1289270988 Oh yeah kind of, strange. Yes, Mine is definatly yellowish and still comes out if I "milk" squeeze my breasts. it comes out like in droplets at first, exepct for when my husband was "intimate" with them then it was little more. my breasts and nipples are also Really sore and tender, today ive considered taking off my pretty padded bra and putting on something softer and more supportive. The test was negative.
Avatar n tn Since the outbreak I have had itchy palms and occasionally itchy ankles and feet, but my only outbreak of DH is on my elbows. Celiac Sprue or an allergy to wheat can be very silent and difficult to diagnose without the proper blood tests or biopsy of the small intestine. I'm hoping that following a gluten free diet will resolve my DH and itchy hands and feet, not to mention my chronic anemia.
506409 tn?1214764781 Non-milk discharge comes out of your breasts through the same nipple openings that carry milk. On each of your nipples is a cluster of about ten of these openings. One or both breasts may produce a nipple discharge, either spontaneously or when you squeeze your nipples or breasts. A nipple discharge may look milky, or it may be yellow, green, brown or bloody. The consistency of nipple discharge varies from thick and sticky to thin and watery.
Avatar f tn Last Nov 25, I had sore and lesions around my big nipples. Both of my nipples... THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I EVER HAD THIS IN MY LIFE. A day before that, I made love to my husband. That was the last sex I had with him before this condition happened. Well, we almost do this at least 3 times a week. He loved sucking my big nipples using his teeth and I had a feeling that's the reason why it got aggravated. On the 26th, I felt the pain more - like a stabbing pain.
Avatar n tn it is now the 11th, and now im expirencing very itchy sore nipples, and kinda dizzy at times. Ive had 2 kids and i dont remember this being a pregnancy sign but everywhere i look it says it is. Im not expected to get my monthly gift for another 12 days, Early sign of pregnancy or is this something different? Oh i also have a milky watery discharge from my boobs as well, my youngest son is 2 1/2, and i dried out quickly after he was born. Help??
Avatar n tn hi i am 28 and a mother of 4 youngest being 1, just recently i have noticed a red mark right next to my right nipple when touched its like blood almost moves and its a lil itchy and the past couple of days i have been getting discharge from my left nipple when squized and on its own , i would like to add i couldnt breast feed due to a med contion so all my ,ilk dried up with in the first week of my 1 year old being born the discharge is yellow and sticky
Avatar f tn And some lanolin (also lanosh works great).
1124134 tn?1259614359 missed period (almost a month late), clear discharge, sides hurt, pains in my lower stomach (by my belly button), ribs hurt, lower back hurts sometimes, nausea, car sickness, head aches, weight gain, cravings for salty snacks, some things stink, fatigue, breasts feel heavy/sore/, nipples are sore sometimes and itchy, and my stomach itches alot too.
Avatar f tn Hi all I'm 6 days late for my period and for the past 3 weeks my breasts have been itchy n sore on and off I'm waking up sweating (dripping in sweat) and waking 2 to 3 time to urinate, I feel a bit sick at nite n I'm bloated also my left side abdomen is getting lil shocks also slight ons pains could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn my mother is convinced it's stress related as i have had a lot of exams to deal with recently, but no matter how much i try to relax, no matter if i moisturise daily and wear absolutley no make up, my eyes remain red, sore and very itchy. its so ugly! i have loads of wrinkles under my eyes where i have swollen up so many times and been rubbing my eyes. my eyebrows are thinning because i keep rubbing them (though i try so hard not to!) and i feel rubbish.