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Avatar m tn At the 4 weeks mark my lips broke out in a white itchy rash. I have also lost 15 lbs in two weeks.
Avatar f tn Chances are less than 0.1% for all stds. Saliva can give you std. Don't be too paranoid about it. Take a deep breath and go for test. Most likely it's negetive.
Avatar n tn Immediately when I left, my vaginal area began BURNING, for a few days. Its been a year and a half since then, and I am constantly itchy down there, and there are tiny white dots on my outer lips. I am freaking out because I am afraid it is an std [herpies?], but I am wishfully hoping maybe its a curable infection? I have had some genital contact with about 4 other people since then and none of them have any symptoms like I do.
Avatar m tn Hello , here is my story, I had an accident with giving oral sex and rubbing my penis into her genitals without any penitration, to a woman with unknown std status.
Avatar n tn I feel very emarrassed about this but a few ours ago my vaginal lips were itch on the outer side I thought this was due to pubic hair that had grown after shaving so after about an hour of really bad iching I shaved agian although that did calm it down I noticed my right lip was a little swollen then just minutes there im shocked to notice its 3x the size, it is swollen right to the back and as im a petite woman it really dose stand out.
Avatar n tn Or maybe I just have a common strain of the papillomavirus that will go away. 2. Is it possible, I just got common warts on my lips from her lips? 3. Neither of the dermatologists or the doctor mentioned anything about me having an STD or STI even after me telling them my story and examining me, including my genital region. Both dermatologists did say the lips were contagious but when I called the first dermatologist with questions he said it was fine to kiss now and resume sexual activity.
Avatar f tn As far as I know it is not an STD. Ive had these glands on my lips as far as I can remember, but something is deffinately irritating them and it is driving me crazy. The allergy meds I was taking gave me anxiety bad, so That idea went out the window. And the dermatologist told me to take them. So I hope when I go back the 3rd time will be a charm. I am done going to the dentist and my lip problems are still there but not as bad. Could it have been that? I just got done with my monthly cycle.
Avatar n tn Can an itchy blister on my thumb be an std?
Avatar f tn recently i have been experencing a very itchy vagina happening on the inside of the lips, but not inside the vagina. it has been happening for about 5 days now. It started the one morning after i had sex. I have no idea what it is any ideas?
Avatar m tn every time i am licked out by my boyfriend the area around my clit and my inner vagina lips swell A LOT and become red and it doesn't go down for a couple of days. it happens everytime and i dont know how to prevent it/get rid of it!
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, Few days ago , A prostitute kissed me on lips and few hours later I started feeling tingling/itchy lips .A week later I had canker sore in my mouth and my lips are slightly swollen . Do you think it is a case of herpes ? It appears to be healing but I am extremely worried . Any ideas ?
Avatar f tn that seemed to work for a bit, but then i had sex with another guy (different one) about 3 days ago and my vagina's lips are very swollen, my vagina is very itchy, and i have a stinky yellowish greenish cottage cheeseish looking discharge. it dosent hurt as much as it is itchy. also, the inside looks funny. it looks almost swollen and there is flesh in there that i dont recognize, that is attatched to me, and that barely has any feeling in it. what's going on? please help me!!!
Avatar n tn What would trigger a rash to appear primarily on the lips and penis if it's not an STD?
Avatar f tn 9 days later (Aug. 22nd), I first started feeling extremely itchy on my vaginal lips and around the entrance to my anus. This itchiness increased to the point that it was unbearable. During that time, I tried taking yeast infection meds, but that didn't work. 7 days after that (Aug. 29th), I noticed 2 large bumps under the skin near my anus. They were not itching, but were painful only when I pressed on them. 2 days later (Aug. 31st), I saw an OB/GYN.
Avatar f tn It's not an STD because i haven't had sex. But seriously my vagina lips won't even stay closed all the way if I'm not standing there with my legs close together. What is this and what can i do about it to make it go away??
Avatar n tn i havent had sex in about 2 weeks, and recently my vagina lips have been very itchy and i went to the bathroom now there Extremely Large and swollen i am really scared and dont know whats going on. im to scared to go to my GP Any Help ?
Avatar f tn I tested negative for hiv a few months back but it still worries me. In general I feel weak, burning lips, itchy skin, sinus-ey... I want to think that it's unrelated and potentially just allergies, but I'm still worried about it.
Avatar n tn So we had sex and the day after, when I went to the toilet for a wee, it started to hurt, today my vaginal lips are really swollen, the opening is itchy and so is my clitouris, what do I do ergently?
Avatar n tn the next day, it spread at the bottom of my lips. the third day, when i woke up it was crusty and itchy. my story kind of sounds similar to the ones above. when you guys mentioned about your chapstics, i recalled losing mine then finding it on the floor 5 minutes later. so i'm thinking it is bacterial infection rather than a cold sore. so anybody please help me and tell me if it is a bacterial infection and what i can do to make my lips back to normal. i highly appreciate it. thanks.
Avatar m tn After my boyfriend and I had sex 4 days ago my vagina started to itch and the lips become swollen what can i do to stop this.
Avatar n tn I had PROTECTED sex 2 nights ago after drinking, and i realized yesterday afternoon that my vagina was itchy and the lips had little bumps on it but i'm not sure if they were always there? it's an outer itch , not an inner one. I did shave that morning before i went out. The condom never broke either. Could it be an STD? or Could it just be irritated?
Avatar f tn I have two small sores just inside the lips of my vagina which are extremely uncomfortable. At first I thought they may be shaving cuts as I have had things like them before and they have eventually just gone. But this time is different - I also have small white lumps which can be washed away but soon return (perhaps skin coming away?), and a clear/milky-white discharge which also contains small white lumps. There doesn't appear to be any odour but I am suffering with a blocked nose!
Avatar f tn So im 16 yrs old and cant go to my mom about this. For the past 2 months ive had little bumps that itch then burn on the walls of my vagina. i have discharge sometimes. i dont know what do to or how to fix it. anyhelp?
Avatar m tn The white bumps long your lips probably are entirely normal and certainly no STD causes such a thing. That includes genital warts, which almost never involve the mouth and cannot show up in less than a few weeks after exposure. All human beings have mucus glands along the lips, usually most prominent where the lip border meets the skin, which appear as white bumps (especially visible when the skin is stretched).
Avatar n tn Sometimes it is just as painful as a severe testicular injury, like being kneed in the groin. It's not a subtle disease. Many STD education materials don't make this clear; they just say "swollen or painful testicle"--so this frequent misunderstanding is understandable. But someone who just has vague aching or questionable swelling of the testicles can be sure it isn't gonorrhea, chlamydia, or any other STD.
Avatar m tn Three months ago I contracted a sex worker which performed oral sex on my penis without protection and then we have sex using condom. The next day a bit itchy rash appears around my penis (mostly on the glande), during the next days I didn't develop any further symptoms and eventually the rash disappear in a week.
Avatar f tn It is just little red bumps in my vag lips, some close to my vag entrance. My buttocks has the same, (little red dots). It has no odor or discharge, but it itches alot when I walk. I tried vagisil, with no help at all. Is there any special ointment I can try? I really don't like going to the doctor. I'm only 15, had sex once, last year in november. Please help!