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Avatar n tn Topical creams like tacrolimus ointment (Protopic) and pimecrolimus cream (Elidel) are also useful. Thirdly,herpes can be a possibility.Diagnosed by swabs and blood test like herpes select or western blot.Other possibilities are Crohn’s disease(Granulomatous cheilitis, a lumpy swelling of the lips, can be a symptom) and sjogren’s syndrome(an autoimmune disorder in which immune cells attack and destroy the exocrine glands that produce tears and saliva).
Avatar f tn The sides of my face are turning red when the itching starts. There are tiny cuts on my lips, some like paper cut (opisite the way my cracks in my lips would be), some like the prick of a pin. It burns. Badly. the very edge of my lips are lit up a bright red... This is only going on mostly in the corners of my lips. I have been to the doctor for a number of things lately and I really don't want to go back. I have tried chap stick, I have tried not using chap stick.
Avatar n tn Read these tips at Lips Remedies where it tackles causes and symptoms of itchy lips.
1234672 tn?1267796291 WHat was unique is that the creases of my lips (on both sides) were tingling (NOT ITCHY though). after 3 days they became red and the red expanded outside of the normal red area. Yesterday there were some white crusty stuff on the red area... not really blisters but could be considered small white dots. I put some tea tree oil on it after reading tons of sites. Now it is just red (slightly outside of normal lip area) and very taut but there are no blisters. Could this be herpes. I am so scared.
Avatar m tn Chapped lips aren't herpes. Not having obvious lesions makes it less likely that this is due to herpes. sounds like your provider is covering the bases at this point so just continue following up with them. Have you ever been tested to know your own herpes status?
Avatar n tn After talking to my friends about diseases such as herpes I got really really nervous about getting it and kept looking at my lips every 30 mins or so. After a day my lips felt kinda dry so i bought this chapstick that i have never used before. I also kept licking my lips a lot. 2 days later i felt a small sore area on the lower right of my lip. I put ice on it and lemon to try to prevent it. I only feel it there only when i pay attention to it and when i dont it feels completely fine.
Avatar m tn I have tiny itchy bumps on the left side of my lips - almost on the corner, but not quite - and near the edges. This started about 2 days ago. I am living overseas where I don't speak the language & it's hard to tell if the doctors understand (just on previous visits when I had a cold). The day that this occurred I tried a sample of a local homemade regional dish and was offered to take some home and ate some that night. The girl who offered me rinsed her fork but didn't wash it.
Avatar f tn I have just recently been experiencing slightly swollen, itchy small blistering on my lips each time that I have used Burts Bee lip balm. It lasts for several days before it drys out.
Avatar f tn the first time, I remember putting my lips to my wrist (as if I was wiping my lips off) and a few days later little bumps appeared on my wrist that itched terribly. Those haven't gone away. I just use an anti-itching cream for those. But the problem with my lips are starting to bother me. And I'd just like to know it they are indeed herpes. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Herpes can turn up between 2-14 days after exposure (though it could take months or years - depending on the person). Tingling sensations are typical with dry lips and if you're focusing on it, it'll tingle more (anxiety tricking you). So really, no one can tell you if you have herpes until the obvious sores appear. If you notice sores, call your doctor and get an exam.
Avatar f tn 7, I only had 2 bumps on my vaginal lips. I noticed two more bumps today. I did get the herpes blood test (as well as a blood test for all other STDs). It was negative. However, if I did get herpes from this encounter, it would have been too early to get a positive. Prior to Aug. 13th, the last time I was with a guy was 6 months ago, so I know that I was definitely negative prior to this encounter.
Avatar n tn The next day the burning, tingling was still there and I felt very itchy around my mouth, nose, face and eyes. Its two days later and I'm still itchy and woke up with a tiny sore in my mouth. My eyes are still itching and burning and am still pretty itchy on my face except the tingling has gone down. What do you think? Does this sound like it could be herpes, could I get symptoms this quickly?
Avatar f tn Hi, Cold sores or oral herpes are caused by the Human simplex virus-1 that causes ulcerative lesions of the oral mucosa or lips. They typically take the form of tiny, clear, fluid-filled blisters on the face, most commonly the lips. They could become painful blisters that ulcerate and crust over. A cold sore usually clears by itself in seven to twelve days, and rarely leads to medical complications. The number of blisters varies from one to a whole cluster.
Avatar m tn I don't have the burning sensation anymore just what I mentioned the dry/itchy. Are these symptoms the first stage of oral herpes? Thanks!
Avatar n tn ok, i went to strip club once earlier, some 8 months back, i pecked the vagina with my lips, at the time i may have had some raw lips, tough i m not sure if my lips even made contact at all, and fingerd the vagina of the stripper with my fingers. any risk there? no cuts on finger but some peeled skin. any risk there. i went for a blood test some four months after that, came out clean. further the redness on the penis head it looks closer to a scar, and abit itchy.
Avatar n tn I ended up getting played with for like 45 minutes but it was rther ruff and then I had sex. My labia and the lips were tremendously swollen after htis. It looked like skin had come off and a little white layer of skin had grown over some areas. I also has a giant pimple looking thingee on my right lip only. The right lip was the only one to remain swollen and it had the white lesions and pimple. It was slightly itchy and went away in about 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn next a few weeks after this problem on top of my fungi problem, i started two grow alot of red bumps but there are not painful just itchy on the lips of my vagina. i had been having unprotected sex with my partner like 2 months ago......and then the inside of my vagina i have bumps all over the place. when i try to scratch it it burns and causes painful urination.
Avatar f tn shortly after that we were having oral sex and the next day, my lips started to feel tingly, itchy, and slightly burning...i used a medicated chapstick that relieved the symptoms....i noticed a few cuts and the back of my throat became sore....a year goes by and the symptoms would come and go, but i never experienced a cold sore on my lips.....about 4 months ago, i got a sore on my vagina after having unprotected sex with him....
Avatar n tn Hello, I cannot confirm anything without examination but it sounds like infection of the skin after the cuts. Herpes presents with red itchy blisters which scab over. The only way of ruling it out is by getting yourself tested for herpes. Laboratory tests include: culture of the virus, direct fluorescent antibody (DFA) studies to detect virus, skin biopsy, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to test for presence of viral DNA.
Avatar m tn The weird sensation in your lips can be due to an allergy in response to chemicals in soap and detergents, or allergens. You can have swelling in lips, itchy mouth, etc. other causes can be peripheral neuropathy, secondary to diabetes, Reynaud’s phenomenon, due to excess cold exposure or due to underlying connective tissue and autoimmune disorders, panic attack and low levels of calcium, potassium etc. Multiple sclerosis, herpes and leprosy need to be ruled out.
Avatar n tn back when i had those three bumps i touched them and they didnt hurt they were tiny by the way and they never scabbed no sores really confused anybody have any ideas...also i have no bumps on my lips at all and my lips and face are not swollen...any advice on would be helpful.
Avatar n tn is it possible that I got herpes on my glans and on my lips from the encounter with the escort? i don't think she touched either of those spots with anything more than a graze, could i have spread it from the testes or the penis to the mouth myself? Or can one have an initial reaction years after one first gets herpes? my ex gf (3 yrs ago now) had cold sores on her mouth quite frequently.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I had a huge skin irritation problem after, I think from the condom, all my skin was red and flaky. My penis and genital area was itchy for a whole week, until i put some natural ointment stuff on and it seemed to help. Most of the itch and irritation away and was fine after a day or two. Although a few days later, I noticed on my testicle first a blood blister type of thing on my testicle... Then the next day a single red cyst type thing.
Avatar m tn I had sex with a women 5 days ago and found out that she has herpes type 1 right after we had sex. I used a condom but recieved oral sex without it. She had no open sores on her lips, mouth or on her vagina but the following day i began to feel an itchiness and burning sensation on my penis and in the genital area. The odd thing is that I feel itchy all over my body at times.
Avatar m tn Things got better for a while (3 and 1/2 months) then about 2-3 weeks ago my lips got swollen and itchy and I had shortness of breath. This time the lips were not as bad as they were over the summer but I had the added symptom of shortness of breath. I went to the doctor and she said to stop taking the new meds I was taking. She also thought it was not the lip treatment I was using if things were fine for 3 and 1/2 months and this started when I started my new meds.