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Avatar n tn My lips got itchy and sore on one side and then small bumps on my bottom lip. The next day it spread to my face and chin. I put hydrocortisone cream on my face to relieve the itching but now both my lips are still itchy and they swell up. I haven't eaten anything different and I don't have any food allergies that I know of. It is becoming very nasty looking and it is right on my face. It is only on one side and it around my mouth and chin. Please help. It is driving me crazy.
Avatar f tn Hi, Recently I have been getting very itchy lips. They are not dry, swollen, *****, there are no bumps or scrapes or scabs. It is really confusing me and I dont know what is causing them. Sometimes I can feel a small lump on the inside of my bottom lip but I think that is just because the only way the itch is satisfied is by sort of biting them and scraping them with my teeth, so there is a little irritation inside of the lip. There are no itches anywhere else around my mouth, just my lips.
Avatar n tn I noticed myself wiping my mouth on my sleeves, and then a couple days later my lips look like they have tiny red pimples that itch. I put benedryl on them adn it burned for a minute but then it stopped the itch. Before I put that on, my pimples would seep clear fluid. Can anyone tell me what this is? I have had it for 3 days now.
1780140 tn?1314596605 I have been looking all over the internet for home based remedies for Eczematous Cheilitis or is what I think it is. I have really bad chapped lips and sometimes i can't open my mouth because it is so dry there is also a redness around the lips which is also dry and flaky and sometime itchy. By putting water on it lets me open my mouth fully but the starts to dry up again i don't use lip balm becase it give me a horrible burning sensation. Please please help me what should I do!!
Avatar n tn My lips are dry and sore. My outter lips (around my mouth) are red and extremely itchy. What can I do to get rid of this problem?
Avatar f tn I applied lysine on my lips and nothing else, but now my lips are swollen and itchy. What can be causing this problem? Is it the sun? What should I do? Please help!!!
Avatar n tn It's very similar to that type of rash - small, dryish bumps that tingle and itch quite a bit. They're barely visible on my lips and redness isn't evident because of their location. There's a little dryness, itching, and slight redness to the sides of my mouth as well, but no bumps. The rash is only on my mouth this time, while the other two times I had a few bumps on my arms as well.
Avatar f tn However, after stopping using the cream, my lips were cracked and dry and tingling. I tried different lip balms, such as Carmex and Burt's Bee, to heal them, but then the burning and itchiness came back! I then start taking lypsine and applying the zovirax cream. They seemed to be working and now I don't feel the burning and itchy sense,just occasional tingle, but my lips are very very dry and cracked. Should I use the lip balms again?
5870831 tn?1376200649 Hello to all the are above my upper lips of mouth and below the nose was itchy yesterday night suddenly,now in morning wen I woke up I still feel a bit itchy in that area,what is causing this or is this just anxiety?
Avatar m tn Hi, My Labrador has been scratching his mouth with his paws sometimes and when I checked it out, it seems like his lips is kind of red as seen in the image. May I know what is wrong with him? Thank you in advance!
7463033 tn?1399314706 Since i got pregnant my skin just has gotten dry, not enough to look ashy but omg sometmes i have random itch attacks around my body, usually my arms and back. Never around my mouth.
Avatar m tn I didn't pay much attention to it and I thought it was because of the mango I had the night before. Then more rash appeared on both top and bottom lips and around my mouth. It's itchy and they all have dry, crusted surfaces and some have clear, yellow-ish discharge. Is this caused by mango allergy or is this herpes? I haven't had any sexual activities for the past month. Thanks ...
Avatar n tn My finger, hand, wrist, inner elbows, back of knee and on and around my mouth have all undergone recurring stages of itchy breakouts, drying out, peeling, then (sort of) healing, but not totally. It gets worse just before my period. I've had blood tests done that show nothing, been prescribed steroid creams and anti-fungal creams. A nutritionist told me that my system is out of pH balance and I have a vitamin defiency.
Avatar n tn for the past month i have had like a semi circle either side of my mouth which is red,itchy and sometimes is not a rash or spots although when it flares up does become raised. the dr thinks it due to me being aneamic and has put me on iron tablets but they havent really helped.ive tried so many creams and it just seems to get worse.i used to get it not as bad when the weather changes but now it just wont go. please help!!
Avatar f tn i went and got my wisdom teeth taken out and ever since then my lips got swollen and my lips and mouth are all itchy and even my chin what do i do how do i take care of it its going on day three now
Avatar n tn and then I woke up in the morning with a rough itchy palate and a strange feeling around my lips. My lips themselves were not itchy, they just felt weird - kinda swollen, but it itched around the outside of my lips. Then I got a super small blister on my top never got bigger or oozed, it just ended up going away after a few days. My tastebuds also got sorta inflamed on the top and sides of my tounge. Does anyone know what this could be???
Avatar m tn on the corner of my lips they are black the rest of my lips are red sometimes my lips itch and they dry out i put vaseline on them it works but the corner of my lips are still black i have b6 vitamin health tablets i thought it would help me out i've been having them for two weeks it's made abit of a difference but i'm not sure, i just need help please can you help me seriously i cant even talk to anyone in school it's really bad and it's distracting me because i've got my exams my gcse's and i
Avatar n tn They are very very itchy and at a certain point, will ooze salty pus and my lips with be very very swollen and chapped and dry. Ive tried blistex, abreve, chap stick... nothing seems to help. Im very afraid that it is herpes and would really like to be free of this irritating problem. Thank you.
479698 tn?1208155636 I am aged 16 living in a hot and humid country. For the past week, my lips have been really itchy and if i ignore them especially when they're dry, it'll start to itch again. it also feels a little dehydrated sometimes but the itch has been getting too far. Also, it feels as though my lips are skinless now but my lips doesn't swell though. I am not allergic to anything as well. what can possibly caused and how can i cure this itch?
Avatar f tn 22nd, I first started feeling extremely itchy on my vaginal lips and around the entrance to my anus. This itchiness increased to the point that it was unbearable. During that time, I tried taking yeast infection meds, but that didn't work. On Aug. 29th, I noticed 2 large bumps under the skin near my anus. They were not itching, but were painful only when I pressed on them. On Aug. 31st, I saw a doctor. She wasn't sure what it was, but she took a culture for yeast and did a test for STDs.
Avatar m tn The weird sensation in your lips can be due to an allergy in response to chemicals in soap and detergents, or allergens. You can have swelling in lips, itchy mouth, etc. other causes can be peripheral neuropathy, secondary to diabetes, Reynaud’s phenomenon, due to excess cold exposure or due to underlying connective tissue and autoimmune disorders, panic attack and low levels of calcium, potassium etc. Multiple sclerosis, herpes and leprosy need to be ruled out.
230202 tn?1370797179 Hopefully we will here from others that have some imput and help. All I know is that I am always aware of my lips lately and trying to heal them.
Avatar n tn All the skin on both lips went through the same cycle I have described above and the facial skin around the lips was red and sore. It was very itchy, and I used to scratch it in my sleep which made it worse. It was my first year at university at the time and I found it very difficult settling in. It lasted the whole year and when I went back to stay with my parents for the summer, it cleared up within two weeks! So I was wondering if it can be triggered by stress.
1957624 tn?1325071858 I am guessing it is a bacterial infection or fungal infection. There is red skin in the corners of my mouth, and it used to crust and crack. But since I started adding anti-fungal creams and antibiotic cream, it no longer cracks but the redness is still there. And now it is starting to itch for some reason, which was not the case before. It is more than just "chapped lips" because this should not be happening.
Avatar n tn At least that is what I can see and feel on my lips, chin and finger. I cannot see bumps in my genital area, just some swelling, puffiness, and redness. My scrotum and penis look very wrinkled when this is happening, which I attribute to swelling. The major symptom of this rash is itching. The itch is TERRIBLE and nothing stops it except ice (numbing cold). After about 4 or 5 days, the skin on my lips becomes tight and small portions begin to flake off.
Avatar n tn I used the econazole cream and some 2.5% hydrocortisone on my lips and penis, and they both cleared up in ~7 days. As my lips healed, they felt very rough, and my penis became very dry for a couple of days. Eight weeks later (beginning 5 days ago), both the lip and penis rash came back at the same time. I had not been sexually intimate with my wife for at least 3 days before that. This really perplexed and frustrated me.