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Avatar f tn it's strange though because I don't have food allergies (that I am aware of), but it seems to flair up after eating certain foods. I am not journaling what I eat to see a pattern and going to dermatologist next week. Does anyone else have this or had experience with red, dry, itchy lips and chin?
Avatar m tn I have tiny itchy bumps on the left side of my lips - almost on the corner, but not quite - and near the edges. This started about 2 days ago. I am living overseas where I don't speak the language & it's hard to tell if the doctors understand (just on previous visits when I had a cold). The day that this occurred I tried a sample of a local homemade regional dish and was offered to take some home and ate some that night. The girl who offered me rinsed her fork but didn't wash it.
Avatar n tn I came home with a fungal infection on my nipples and under my breasts, along with peeling lips! After 2 months I have finally rid the infection on my nipples, however under my breasts along the bra bone line is still VERY itchy despite using Loprox cream and bactoderm. My lips are the biggest issue, I have seen 3 Dr.s and one dermatologist (twice). My lips when it first began were itchy and had little white bumps along the top of my upper lip and bottom middle of my lower.
Avatar n tn All the skin on both lips went through the same cycle I have described above and the facial skin around the lips was red and sore. It was very itchy, and I used to scratch it in my sleep which made it worse. It was my first year at university at the time and I found it very difficult settling in. It lasted the whole year and when I went back to stay with my parents for the summer, it cleared up within two weeks! So I was wondering if it can be triggered by stress.
Avatar f tn That is why I Agree with iwanaknow that it’s some type of virus or infection. I don’t recommend the HP way of removing what we have. The lips seam to swell up really big after I tried this But the lips did go down to normal size after a few days. Maybe a doctor can send us to someone that can give us some answers or find out what we have? Anyone???
863679 tn?1239158267 Lips were super chapped today and little bumps back on lips. Hives again today, one really itchy one on my left wrist tonight that is not going away. Other hives from this morning on my ankle and inside my elbow went away after a few hours. I did not sleep well last night and plan to take some Benadryl tonight to hopefully help with the bumps on my lip and the hives. I cannot wait to see the allergy specialist.
Avatar n tn It is mostly the inside of my lips that get swollen and irritated. Usually it is during/after eating, but sometimes appears when I haven't eaten for hours. Occasinally they will swell so bad to where it looks like I hae huge fish lips. Sometimes the area will get itchy and tingly before swelling, other times nothing. This has been happening for the last 4 or 5 months. When my lips are not swollen, they are always hurting or sensitive. The inside and the outside.
Avatar n tn I began using the econazole cream again on my penis, but I really doubted I was dealing with a fungus since it was on my lips as well. I don't touch my face or penis w/o washing my hands. After literally weeks of searching online, my wife and I found something about mangoes. I'd seen the info before, but had brushed it aside because I thought it was nonsense. It turns out that it may not be nonsense. Immediately preceding both outbreaks, I'd peeled and eaten fresh mango.
Avatar n tn As of right now, I have an itchy ratch on the corner of my mouth, It has small whitish and reddish bumps, is itchy and inflamed, and is really starting to become uncomfortable. In the past, I've had a similar rash across my entire mouth, which in the most severe cases, it spread to the area on my mouth, and in the smallest case, it only being on an isolated portion of my mouth, Same symptoms, severity varied.
Avatar n tn It gets really dry, itchy at times and feels like my vaseline doesnt night ill put on vaseline on my lips, by the mornign my lips look fine, but once i wash it i can se the browness again on the bottom lips. my innner lip area is totally pink, like there is nothig wrong, it jkust seems to be on the bottom lip. could it be the toothpaste? i changed that...could it be something im eating? somethign im not eating? all im using is carmex for now.
Avatar n tn I noted abundant and itchy hives after eating greek spicy food for 3 days. Hives are perfectly round (5 to 10 mm). They look amorphous when two or more individual hives merge. Hives only start popping around 9 pm. A warm bath makes them worse (hot water may expand blood capillars-more histidine all over). Hives can appear on palm hands, tongue, lips (swelling lips and tongue), and soles of feet.
Avatar n tn when peel a unpleasent smell and taste is felt sometimes on the lips. it seems as though eczema but not itchy at all. this has caused a little thichening of lips in past 15 years. no cure or remedy worked so far. kindly advice. thank you.
5870831 tn?1376200649 Hello to all the are above my upper lips of mouth and below the nose was itchy yesterday night suddenly,now in morning wen I woke up I still feel a bit itchy in that area,what is causing this or is this just anxiety?
Avatar n tn About 20 minutes later, I had a beer, and shortly thereafter I ate some Chinese Food. Shortly after eating my dinner, I came home and laid down. Suddenly, I started feeling a shortness of breath, and some difficulty breathing. This was followed by a numb or swollen sensation in my tongue, and my face felt weird, particularly around my jaw (not on my neck). The wierdness could be best described as a numb sensation, the same feeling you get when a dentist injects your jaw a freezing mechanism.
Avatar m tn The first time and the second time were just kind of a fast/normal lips kiss, But the third on I used my tongue and I licked her lips. That's all and there was no any kind of sex at all involved. On Monday (31.10.2011) evening, I felt severe sore throat and I went to doctor on Wedensday (2.11.2011) when the pain is far less and I told her and she checked and she told me there is a little red spot and you could have flu/cold and that's all. Since Monday (31.10.
Avatar n tn I bought some monistat 7 today. I showered and used it, but after using it my vagina lips swelled up and that has never happened before from using yeist infection cream. Its happened after rough sexs which is normal.But, do you have any idea why my lips swelled after using the infection cream? Is it supposed to burn and itch as well?
Avatar n tn I have very dry skin that gets red and itchy at joints occasionally. My lips are always peeling if I don't keep them moisturized. I think it might have something to do with eczema (which my dad has), or an infection that gets into the cracked skin on the lips. I'm in the middle of it right now. Two days ago I had some really greasy pizza. It seemed to occur almost instantly after that. It calmed down a bit throughout the night until I had more of the pizza. It got a lot worse after that.
Avatar n tn Hello, The flaring up of the lips after eating could have been due to contact dermatitis. The darkening is due to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation as a result of contact dermatitis. Although many skin lightening creams and techniques like laser, chemical peeling and microdermabrasion are available but looking at the age of your child,I don’t think any of these is suitable. You can however apply calamine lotion or a mild steroid cream on the effected skin . Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn TRY CANESTEN cream, i also has that, i had an itchy down there,then i used canesten cream and it's going better, i suspect, i had my lips infected when right after i apply cream on my penis, i grab a cigarette,maybe it had contaminated and had contact in my lips.
Avatar n tn I forgot but recently on February 2008 it start again after eating an apple ,since that time it came 4 times, after eating tomatoe and the other time after eating fish and orange. yeaterday the swelling came back again on my down lip, I took aerius and I know by the end of the day it will go away.I am very concern I dont know what to do. my only medecine is Aerius.The only part on my body who are swelling is my upper or down lips. Please help If you know anything can help.
Avatar n tn This was cured in about 15 days. Then later after 4 months, I started noticing this peculiar problem with my lips. Although the doctors say that these two are not related, something makes me feel that the problem with my lips could have been triggered by Herpes Zoaster(because when I search the internet for diseases related to lips, in some links I find a mention of Herpes). I just hope that someone finds a cure for this.
Avatar n tn It usually starts from one and somehow spreads to the other, leaving my lips dry, inflamed feeling, and very uncomfortable. After a few days it seems like you've all said to turn hard and crust off. I've had this for actually the past 2 or 3 months, it only very rarely before but now I'm getting it almost every week. After the dry skin has crusted off, I get a free week of normal lips, and then the little bumps reappear.
Avatar f tn I first started developing symptoms of itching and breaking out in small bumps in a few places on my body after eating about 3 years ago. I had all kins of tests done to make its nothing serious and the doctors ended up telling me it urticaria and tht there isnt anything i van do about it. She told me to take antihestamines when i start itching. 3 years later and i still have the same problem, at times better than others.
Avatar n tn Last year my face started to itch and near my chin I would get big red patches went to the ER and they were like kind of looks like your chin is chapped they didn't know what it was well I was hoping it would go away and it does go away from time to time I figured it was something I was eating (which I haven't changed my eating habits in over 20yrs) I was chewing a gum in which made the rash get redder so I don't eat that gum anymore, Well recently I thought maybe it's the butter so I stopped ea
Avatar n tn The inside of my vagina, or my labia becomes so itchy when I lie down to go to sleep/nap. When I am up during the day it doesnt bother me at all, but at night I feel like Im losing my mind. I have tried taking showers before I go to sleep and making sure the area is kept clean and let to breathe, but its just not helping. It itches so bad that I have to scratch and my labia is very red and irritated. I have no unusual discharge or odor changes, just the absolutely uncontrollable itch.
Avatar m tn Always teach her to wash her hands before eating any food and after touch any animals. If you notice any other blisters or sores appear on any other part of her body, it could be chicken pox. If any of her sores are itchy, get her not to scratch them. Calamine lotion will help to lessen the itching. If chicken pox spots are scratched they will leave a scar. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I don't have cold sores in my mouth or in my lips just only this tiny white dots and I dont even feel pain from it or not even itchy. Here's my lips photo so you have an idea what it looks like. If this is an STD is there any chance that this tiny white dots on my lips will go away? which doctor should I see, dentist or dermatologist. I dont even have any sores on my genital area. And by the way, I had my HIV test and serologic test for syphilis last june 2006 and both are negative.
Avatar n tn Rockoff, I am wondering about this tiny white dots on the side or on the edge of my lips and there are also few in my upper lip, it is only visible if you have to stretch the lips (I recognized this tiny white dots since 3yrs ago, I didnt mind it tho but now I got curious and scared after knowing that when you do oral you can get STD and just few hrs ago my lips (only the sides) feels like a little chilly, like you are eating pepper, is this an STD or what we call herpes 1?
408312 tn?1202062473 I get the same symptoms as your wife. After eating something my lips would get very irritated (mostly the top one) and It would turn into little blisters and then they would dry up and start all over again asi I couldn’t find the source. I noticed a pattern that every time I ate anything that had pepper in it, it would happen. I have had to eliminate all pepper from my diet (this is not easy as you have to make everything from scratch) and I have yet to have an outbreak.