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Avatar m tn I have read a lot of different things about itchy legs but nothing similar to my case. I experience itchy legs while walking, I used to run track, and never experienced itchy legs. I don't feel itchy while I'm running only when walking.
Avatar n tn Im glad Im not the only one with "itchy" legs. I have had "itchy" legs for years. I have been told it was all in my head. And have tired almost everything for dry itchy skin. Its mostly my lower legs, the front and side. Sometimes its my upper leg. When they itch, it feels like they are itchy from the bones. I end up itching them so much that I tear my legs open, and usually get a faint scar. They seem dry usually, but are as smooth and soft as my hands are.
Avatar f tn I am 17 and have suffered from itchy legs legs whilst walking or exercising for a few years. It got so bad that I stopped walking for longer than about 20 mins at a time, and sometimes it would even start before that. I went to see the doctor about it and she suggested that my body might be bad at digesting histermine, which could cause it. So she suggested that I cut out foods that are high in histermine from my diet for a period of time try walking and see if that helps.
Avatar n tn My legs have been itchy every day since i was born. im 21 and i have always had itchy legs. when i was younger my family would all scream at me as once i started i couldnt seem to stop. the itching gets so bad that it annoys you and fustrates you and it becomes painfull. My dad used to smack my legs where it was itching and it used to help but it didnt last too long only for about 5-10 mins and i would be scratching again.
Avatar m tn // I've now tried scrubbing with a shower schrunchie / loofa sponge (with soap), not too hard, but aggressively.. and then after showering, I dried my legs quite aggressively with my towel.. and there was no itching at all! This is huge progress for me, and will let you all know if it works! I recommend trying this.. Trevor Right..
Avatar f tn I am only 17, but I have had the this un-godly "itchy leg syndrom/vibration" in my legs since i was 7. My mom tells me that nothings wrong with me, that i just need to excercise more. I am not active in sports or anything but I do walk to and from work everyday, thats about a half a mile. For me it happens in any weather condition, warm, cold and damp, but it really bothers me during the winter if i walk for more than 10 minutes or too fast.
Avatar n tn My wife isn't experiencing the same symptoms. I often wake up at before dawn with extremely itchy legs. It usually happens at that time, and only when I'm at home. Only my legs display these symptoms. They do feel itchy sometimes after a shower, but not as severe (almost like an after-effect of whatever bothered me at night). I am a deep sleeper, and this itch on both my legs doesn't fail to wake me up night after night, month after month. I use moisturizer hoping that it helps (it doesn't).
Avatar f tn In very rare cases, exercise-induced anaphylaxis could cause itchy legs by way of hives; however, this condition is often accompanied by other, more serious, symptoms. Seek immediate medical attention if you have hives or a rash in addition to any of the following symptoms: Difficulty swallowing or breathing, wheezing, or feelings of tightness in the chest or throat. But your doctor said you were OK so I'm suggesting it's the little capillaries in your skin.
Avatar n tn When I was in late 20s I got a dog and noticed when I walked him on a cold morning, like in the 30s, after about 5 minutes of brisk walking my legs would start itching and burning. It felt like it was just under the skin. It wasn't from friction with my clothes-- it felt under the surface of the skin. The pain would be so intense I would cry out, it was such an intense itching and burning feeling on my thighs and also lower legs.
Avatar f tn My upper legs feel rough compared to my lower legs. When I wear jeans, my legs ITCH ME TO DEATH! IT is miserable. I have tried not shaving my legs for over a month and it still doesnt help. (I thought it may have been an allergic reaction to the razors or shaving cream)I dont think it's an allergy to the jeans because sometimes it doesnt bother me at all. The bumps are on the back of my upper legs and on the insides of my legs. THe rest of my skin is clear and smooth.
Avatar n tn 4.02 in the morning and I'm out of bed at my computer with itchy legs which stop me sleeping and how will I function properly tomorrow? I ate some chocolate before I went to bed and used some ungentuum cream : could the cream make it worse, could the sugar trigger it? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Itchy legs, no sign of rash or irritation</a>.
Avatar n tn Just my lower legs though--nowhere else. Sometimes it's painfully itchy--you guy know what I mean! I use a combo of benadryl ointment and oral benadryl, which of course puts me to sleep so I can't take it during the day.
Avatar n tn For over a year I have had an itchy red rash on my scrotum and legs. My penis is itchy as well. My doctor first prescribed my problem as jock itch, but after several weeks the symptoms only got worse. He referred me to a dermatologist, who determined it was Excema. For a year now, I daily apply excema cream so I can live with the itch and sleep at night. But it's not going away, only getting worse. I'm starting to think I have scabies.
Avatar n tn i have had these itchy red spots on my feet,ankles and legs,they are driving me crazy...... i started a job as a carer about 3 months ago and first doctor said scabies they didnt clear up with treatment,then 2nd doc said athletes feet thet didnt clear up then 3rd doc said flee still havent cleared up i have tried all sorts of cream but nothing working ...i goto go to 4th doc next week but i dont think they will know what it is...
Avatar f tn As a home health aid i had to message their legs and get them up and walking. They were getting to the point of having stiff legs from not walking due to the swelling. So as a home health aid thats what i would advise. I would also advise to see a doctor.
Avatar n tn I try to mimik the exam and test myself with the heel/toe walking test and others and usually can put my mind at ease. Yesterday I tried to walk on my heels and I felt as though I couldn't do it with my right foot. Of course this scared me and I kept trying to do it. This morning I feel like I have done a major excersize routine with my muscles around my shins. The twitching has been mainly in my feet and it looks like a "wave" from heel to toe on my in-step. My question is....
Avatar f tn I too experience itching, burning, redness on my legs during walking briskly for more than 10 min. Stretching my legs during the walk seems to help. I was told by a vein specialist that I have a vein in my leg as big as a straw when it should be a couple hairs thick and it carries blood down my leg and it has difficulty getting back up. I always assumed the itchy burning redness was due to poor blood circulation.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to share this with any itchy leg sufferers out there....I had itchy legs for years ( 7-8 yrs). It started in my early 20's and have had it until very recently when I made a discovery that changed my life. I cut out diet pop ( and thus Aspartame ) and my legs have completely cleared up. I consider this nothing short of a miracle. Both of my parents are Doctors, and could not diagnose the problem.
Avatar n tn Not to mention that I'm getting married in a few months, and I would hate for my itchy legs to ruin my wedding day and my honeymoon! I have already had two doctors tell me "I don't know what else you can do", so any suggestions on what this is or how I can treat it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn they are spreading to other areas ...legs, top of feet, red bitchy bumps on chest and on my hands and arms ...what is it?
Avatar f tn I am 28 years old and I have started walking to lose some weight but every time that I go walking for more than 15 minutes or jogging for more than 5 I get this feeling in my legs that feels like I have a thousand bugs crawling up and down my legs. They start feeling really itchy. It is fairly uncomfortable and I was just wondering if you knew what this was or if there is something that I can do to stop this feeling. Should I see my doctor? Thank you.
Avatar n tn It usually starts at my ankles and goes up to just below my knees. It occurs on both legs. The rash is not itchy, but is very painful to the touch, as if it were a burn. After a few days, it fades away. I have tried wearing loose fitting pants, no socks, low socks, knee socks, but it doesn't seem that my attire has anything to do with the rash. my legs and ankles also swell up. It seems to be worse if my walking was done outside as opposed to inside. I am 51, and overweight.
Avatar n tn This was comfortable for the most part as it got plenty of air on my skin....except when I walked through grass. Walking through grass felt like my legs were covered in fire ants! Acid, Dr. Chang explained. Grass is an acidic plant; moisture settles on it during the night and when you walk through it, you disturb that moisture--which brings with it some of the acid from the grass. I was convinced I was on the right track! Dr. Chang and I met roughly once every ten days.
Avatar n tn my dad had the problem to and when i started dealing with itchy legs, i said oh no there gonna look like dads and i'm just like him.. well few yrs back i had an alergic reaction to some prescription medication that contain sulfate in it, never thought about the connection with the itchy legs,and i like alot of toast for breakfast, i do not eat alot of sandwhiches,and like many others on here it's not all the time , it flares up mostly in cold weather.
Avatar n tn When I walk may lower legs start to get red and itchy. I have to stop and scratch. The itchyness progresses upwards to my upper body. When this occurs I am almost in tears because it is such a horrible feeling. My husband has had to go get the car so I could get home. Once I have warmed up, the redness and itchyness disappears.
Avatar n tn It feels like you have to keep stretching your legs and arms, and it feels like your legs are gonna jump out of your skin. The worst is at night, when you feel like you have to keep stretching your legs and you cannot sleep. I agree with the hot baths, too. What worked for me was taking a hot bath right before bed, and soaking for awhile, then jumping right into bed and trying to sleep before the rls started in again. It really worked. good luck.