Itchy legs in the cold

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Avatar n tn Im glad Im not the only one with "itchy" legs. I have had "itchy" legs for years. I have been told it was all in my head. And have tired almost everything for dry itchy skin. Its mostly my lower legs, the front and side. Sometimes its my upper leg. When they itch, it feels like they are itchy from the bones. I end up itching them so much that I tear my legs open, and usually get a faint scar. They seem dry usually, but are as smooth and soft as my hands are.
Avatar n tn The cold water/ icepack remedy and Sarna anti-itch lotion I suggested in an earlier post to relieve itchy legs, only proved to be a temporary solution. The itching came back after a few days. My doctor perscribed Fluocinonide Cream USP, 0.05%, and after a few days the itching stopped, and has not returned. I have no idea what caused it in the first place, but it is gone, thankfully.
Avatar m tn I've tried just about everything, but nothing seems to work. The first time it happened, I had been outside in very cold temperatures for about 15 minutes.
Avatar n tn Once I started my daily dose of the miracle drug, I noticed my 30min crazy leg scratching sessions (along with sneeze attacks) came to an end. I've been scratch and sneeze free for 2 years now. My doc said the cedar allergy and itchy legs were most likely not related but if the Zyrtec helped both, then great! Give it a try, become an ex-scratch addict like me. Ya gotta take 1 Zrytec daily for about a week before ya notice any difference but it really worked for me so be patient. Hope it helps!
Avatar f tn I have dry skin, and nearly always have on my legs during the winter (I'm from the north so it's bitter cold here now), but I have never experience itching like I have these past few weeks! I keep a cool lotion next to my bed and put it on my legs if I can't sleep from the itching.
Avatar f tn okay. i need help my legs are super itchy i am 15, a female who lives in south florida.. i have itchy legs and have had it for a year already. it is after i shave. i cant use shaving cream cause i know im allergic to it. i want to wax but am afraid it maybe worse. my mom doesnt under stand . she says i have to put lotion cause there dry but usually just makes it worse and i get more red bumps then i did before.
Avatar f tn He said that it may not be my skin, but instead my nerves sending signals to make me think my legs are itchy from the arthritis. I was looking for a 2nd opinion. I never would have linked the 2. Thanks for the help!
Avatar n tn for the past 20 minutes they were itchy. this has happened to me before but never as badly, now i sat in a cold bathtub for an hour but it still itches. any ideas?
Avatar m tn and more specifically, the lower limbs, below the calf muscle, on the back of the legs.. i went thru a lot of posts here, n i can c dat a LOT of ppl get an itch after shower/swimming. well i too get extra itchy after a shower, but my legs itch otherwise also, for no rhyme or reason. although i havent tried any of the creams n lotions, i have been using herbal soaps for like my entire life, but this problem started just a month back.
Avatar n tn Hi girls, I'm a 55 year old bloke from London, UK, got the itchy lower legs this year, It gets very itchy in a hot bath, I can scratch like mad, but try to avoid doing so, I have asthma and take steroids (prednisolone), and thought this was causing it, but I see from the discussions all types of healthy people get it - it seems to be brought on or relieved by heat - which brings the blood to the surface - might be a dietary symptom, like too much sugar - I shall have to experiment and get back,
Avatar n tn I allow them to dry on their own or dry them out with the hair drier in the winter if it is too cold to walk around the house until they are fully dry before putting the jeans on. Is not a solution, but helps.
Avatar n tn Does anybody else get itchy legs after shaving? What do you do to relieve the itchiness?
Avatar m tn It is the worst after I shave my legs, but it also happens after a shower without shaving, sometimes when I go out in the sun, sometimes when the air is cold/cool (including air conditioning), sometimes after I go swimming in a pool or the ocean. It seemed to go away for a long period of time, but then it started again. It is sporadic and I cannot figure out the cause. I have tried changing laundry detergent, soap/body wash, lotion, shaving gels/creams, razors, and nothing helps.
Avatar m tn I also got cream for cold sores (it has cyclivir in it to rub on the itchy spots). Really much better. BUT GIVE ME TWO MORE DAYS BEFORE YOU TRY IT-- I WILL REPORT BACK ON PROGRESS.
Avatar f tn I have had a blood test which pointed to me needing iron supplements but the iron tablet gave me severe wind pain ( I mean doubled up on the floor in public severe!) I have gotten up in the middle of the night and poured cold water over my legs, slept with frozen towels on my legs even sat and rubbed ice cubes on them. Nothing works and I am at my wits end, I have cried ond cried with the itching and burning. Sometimes I wish I could cut my legs off! Please help!
1925847 tn?1322923753 Try turning the water tempurature down a little or patting down the itchy areas with a very cold cloth. It is very unlikely that you are allergic to water.
Avatar f tn I am only 17, but I have had the this un-godly "itchy leg syndrom/vibration" in my legs since i was 7. My mom tells me that nothings wrong with me, that i just need to excercise more. I am not active in sports or anything but I do walk to and from work everyday, thats about a half a mile. For me it happens in any weather condition, warm, cold and damp, but it really bothers me during the winter if i walk for more than 10 minutes or too fast.
Avatar m tn If this diet is too strict for you, take it up with your government, who are the ones spraying the marshmallow snakes in the sky (the lines of cloud that come from certain air planes).
Avatar n tn i have really ictcy legs and the more i scratch the more it itchys can any one help there is no rash or spots
Avatar n tn I have had the swollen ankles and calf problem as well, particularly in the right leg. The itchiness and redness occurs as well. In May, I developed a staph infection in my right calf and ankle area and was hospitalized for 9 days. The swelling, since then, seems to be more of a problem. I wore a compression stocking, but the reason for the swelling in the first place is what concerns me. How can you determine that it is not cardiac or renal issues?
Avatar n tn My wife isn't experiencing the same symptoms. I often wake up at before dawn with extremely itchy legs. It usually happens at that time, and only when I'm at home. Only my legs display these symptoms. They do feel itchy sometimes after a shower, but not as severe (almost like an after-effect of whatever bothered me at night). I am a deep sleeper, and this itch on both my legs doesn't fail to wake me up night after night, month after month. I use moisturizer hoping that it helps (it doesn't).
Avatar f tn I have a cat she does have fleas I have treated her and the house and still is..but I am the only one in the house getting bit and feel like this! Does anyone know what this could be?? If so please say...Thank You!!
Avatar n tn It all started right after my 13 year old was born when i had was to walk her to the clinic in the early morning in the cold air, but hot or cold weather it's there. I was talking to a pharmacist friend of mine and she recommend that i try the liquid histal or tablets, i did that and now i take it and ran if am going anywhere that requires walking. Hope i help in anyway.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from an extremely itchy neck and legs in the past month. it is so intense it wakes me up at night. my neck feels like it is on fire, tingly, burning, and like something is touching my skin lightly to provoke it. scratching is my last resort, I massage it, but if it turns into a violent itch, I scratch it like mad for two seconds. cold towell helps - for a while. it comes and it goes.
Avatar f tn You don't say if yoiu have very senstive skin, or normal skin, but you might try getting something to walk in that does not have the jean material in them to walk in. What you wash the jeans or slacks in could make a big difrerence. Also, you are right about shaving. If you can switch to washing your jeans in a really organic soap, like ******* brand, it would help I think. That really made a differnce with our son & my husband when they had something similar years ago.
Avatar f tn I ended up shaving on a sunday so i can sit in a the bath most of the day, having my legs in the water takes the itch away.
431894 tn?1216659546 Hello all, I am a little over seven weeks pregnant and I have the same symptom I had the last time i was pregnant, itchy legs.. has any one ever heard of this or gone through this experience? They are always itchy, isn't this a weird pg symptom??
Avatar n tn Sometimes I feel a tingling that runs down my leg all the way to the foot. Also pain in the back of my legs. At first it was only at night and now it's most of the time. I do have pain in the bottom of my back. I also have swollen lymp nods on the inside crease of my left leg and I also noticed some on my lower back. My doctor said without any tests or exrays the I most likely have a herniated disc in my lower back and its pressing on the ischiatic nerve, which is causing all the symptoms.
Avatar n tn Hi, Cooler air usually makes the skin very dry and itchy. A very good remedy is the use of a moisturizing lotion. It is very important to keep the skin a little moist. The moisturizer should be applied when the skin is still a little wet after taking the bath as it tends to trap more moisture. Taking bath from a hot shower also worsens the condition. I’ll suggest a slightly warm shower instead of a hot shower. I hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind Regards.
Avatar n tn The next night it was my ankles which were tingling, while behind the knees seemed swollen. The tingling wore off, but I experienced numbness in my thighs for almost a week, swollen and heavy. I had itchy skin, not dry, but warm and red, and tender glands above my collar bone and sides of neck. I had hives appear on my neck and hands. Everything has subsided, I never had a fever, but a dry cough that has progressed for over a week. My doctor thinks it is all anxiety related.