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Avatar n tn Whenever I get cold my hands start itching really bad. It only happens to my hands though. I never get it on any other body part and I do not encounter swelling or hives. Is this just a mild case of Cold urticaria or something else?
Avatar m tn Not sure if this is an MS symptom or not but i get very itchy hands and feet. So bad i cannot stop scratching, this happens a few times a week and the only way to stop it is to stop scratching and it will eventually go on its own. Also getting this odd cold. frozen patch on my face, only occasionally and only lasts a few minutes but this is something that has not happened to me before.
3435038 tn?1347357872 My hands and feet are itchy. I just started using this site. Dont know how to post stuff. So im asking this way. My feet and hands are very itchy. My skin is not dry. No rashes. Havent started anything new. I have been taking Benadryl,with no relief. If any one has any suggestions please help.I'm going crazy. I have a Drs. Appt. today so will see what they say. I will write back so if anyone else gets this problem they will have a answer. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I am a 38 yr old female and for the past 2 yrs the palm of my hands peel every three months and the last time it is going up my fingers it lasts for about 10days. It is not let up this time. I have moved cross country in the past yr so it is not environment or medication. It doesn't look like the picture of psoriasis. It looks like a peel after you have had a sunburn some slow some little pieces. it is not painful, but a little itchy. Please help. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Hi All I was wondering if anyone can help me self diagnose this weird feeling I have been getting recently. When I run my hands under cold water they really tingle to the point of it nearly being painful. Also in the evenings I have been getting itchy palms. Does anyone know what is causing this?
Avatar f tn Hey guys I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I have very itchy, swollen hands and my joints are sore.  Is anyone else experiencing or have experienced this.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have had itchy hands for two days now. I have had this once before and I attributed it to the gloves I wear at work. I had to get different gloves, which I though helped. Well, it went away for a year or so and yesterday it started back up again. I also went back to the original gloves and hadn't had a problem for a while until yesterday. It's not my palms, it's the tops of my hands. I always wash my hands at work (I'm an er nurse), and try to put lotion.
Avatar n tn Hi, My hands do the same thing whenever they are cold. If I walk through a freezer section of a market or if I go out in the cold weather. The itching is like torture. Red welts appear also. I don't know if it is the blood preasure meds that I'm on or that I am just allergic to the cold. It only started a few years ago. I hate it!!
Avatar f tn I've been going nuts with itchy hands and feet for days now I just started doing, and using whatever I could to help me.. I looked on these forums and had no luck.. Here's what is working now for me.. I soak my hands and feet several times a day in ice cold, and very hot water then I apply icy hot although it doesn't make the itch stop completely it definately makes it tolerable.
Avatar m tn I also got cream for cold sores (it has cyclivir in it to rub on the itchy spots). Really much better. BUT GIVE ME TWO MORE DAYS BEFORE YOU TRY IT-- I WILL REPORT BACK ON PROGRESS.
Avatar f tn It is possibly related to changes in temperature though my hands never feel really cold but it never itches when my hands are really warm. I am having a blood test tomorrow. It was on my suggestion as I have recently had two water infections and I am concerned that I may just have the start of diabetes as I have to get up three times a night to go to the bathroom (I am 60 yr female).
Avatar n tn It has been driving me insane I Google itchy hands and feet while pregnant and a condition popped up obstetric cholestasis or OC I'm concerned because I have a 6 year old and was also extremely itchy with him but never thought to mention it. I meet with my doctor next week and I plan know discussing this with her what I've found about OC is its your liver stops filtering.properly and bile spills in your blood stream.
Avatar m tn Burning skin... (I've had itchy burning hands and soles of my feet) First, I'd spend the money on CeraVe' Soap, it's at the drug store, for your hands and the shower... Also, a 24 hour antihistamine, Allegra is the best then Zyrtec then Clariton, take any of the 3 that you can tolerate. Also, stay out of the heat, bright light bulbs, cover your self with a light shirt and pants.... a hat but you do not need to get heated like sweating....
Avatar f tn There are no blisters, or flaky skin, no dryness and the rash looks like heatrash across my toes but on my hands the whole palm is red like scalding, but only when itchy. If i submerge my hands in cold water, dry them and hold them out infront of me for 10 minutes then the burning and itching subsides but leaves my skin feeling tight for a while. This does not happen everyday, in fact it didnt happen at all yesterday, and is worse of an evening.
749148 tn?1302864559 I think I've had it before but honestly can't remember. I have a cold and suddenly feel like there is something crawling on me starting with my scalp. I've checked there is nothing there! Not taking or doing anything different. As some of you will remember I was diagnosed with PPMS in 2008. I don't have "relaspes" things just seem to appear at times. I'm not due to see neuro again until next summer... any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn There is no spots, blistersor color change, but they are extremely painful and extremely itchy. I can't so much as carry something cold in my hands, walk on tile floor barefoot for even a few seconds before itch starts. Basically it's whenever they start getting cold. The pain and itch is found no where else on my body expect for the hands and feets. Any advice as to what this might be or what I can do besides the obvious of keeping them warm would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Once i see this circle, i know that i am going to be getting itchy and tingling feeling on my hands, feet and inner thighs. It is very itchy and once i scratch it alot, red blotches appear. The only thing that feels good is to burn my hands under hot water or heat. Please help me!
Avatar n tn For 4 months, I have suffered from a numb, itchy, and cold/burning right upper leg. It is also sensitive to the touch and I sometimes get stabbing pains in the same area. In June it started as a quarter size it has increased to my whole front leg. I do have an appt. for an MRI next week, but am very curious about this until I get a final diagnosis. The doctor I chose to go to did not offer much info...he thinks I may have a damaged nerve in my back.
Avatar f tn When my hands are exposed to the cold they turn red and become swollen, sore and itchy. It's very much like an allergic reaction. In fact, the first time this happened I thought it was a reaction to some soap I had used. I was outside without gloves in 34 degree weather this morning for about 20 minutes. My hands had a reaction after about 10 minutes. I've always had cold hands and feet, but this is only the second time I've had this sort of reaction. I'm a 57 year old female.
Avatar m tn Recently, while traveling in Uganda, Africa (about two weeks into the trip), I started waking up with red itchy hands in the morning. Also the syptoms appear with exposure to cold, and when I sweat or exercise, and the reaction spreads all over my body on occasion...and I still have them since returning home two weeks ago. I was taking Doxycycline for malaria prevention, for about 30 days, and stopped about a week ago. Reaction to the meds? Nasty tropical disease?
Avatar n tn I occasionally(once every 3-6 mos) get a small blister that appears in random places on my hands. Generally, it starts as an itchy spot with no swelling. Whether I itch it or not, eventually it begins to swell with a fluid that is clear upon breaking the blister. After I break the blister, the skin underneath is tender and slightly burns and it usually take about a week or so to heal completely.
Avatar n tn I get the extremely itchy hands and the small blisters with clear fluid and my hands crack and get so dried out and hot water makes it worse and it started about 3 years ago just out of nowhere i have figured out that when I use hand soap from a restaurant my hands break out so I try to stay away from using it but I messed up and used the soap at wendys last night and now I am paying for it my hands will not calm down nothing seems to help anybody have any suggestions
Avatar n tn They seem to itch more when my hands are warm (my hands are ususally cold - I have raynauds) like while I'm watching tv all covered up. Actually it started a few weeks ago w/ my big toe on top. Last summer I had something similar on the bottoms of my toes and the doc prescribed a cream thinking it was a fungus or something. After almost 2 mos they got better. I tried the cream on my toe this time and it stopped itching, but is still bumpy but looks like it's healing.
Avatar m tn my hands are extremly itchy and are peeling from the palms they have been this way for about 1 week now it has lessed but is still bothering me they are a yellowish color
Avatar n tn My husband has a severe itchy reaction and redness to any part of his skin exposed to cold weather. This also occurs at the beach in the water, where he once blacked out on the sand after a swim. He can no longer go into the water as the reaction is too severe. Doctors he has spoken to just shrug their shoulders and say they dont know.
Avatar f tn I saw a dermatologist and she said I had a dermatitis and acne and prescribed me (doryx) tetracycline and (acayna) clynamyocine. My hands and feet are constantly cold (sometimes my knees). At times I get a numb/tingling feeling in them (usually uncomfortable, but sometimes painful). I recently got sunburned on my hands and feet. My hands were in so much pain that I could not eat dinner or sleep one night - all I could do was run them under cold water to ease the pain.