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3435038 tn?1347357872 My hands and feet are itchy. I just started using this site. Dont know how to post stuff. So im asking this way. My feet and hands are very itchy. My skin is not dry. No rashes. Havent started anything new. I have been taking Benadryl,with no relief. If any one has any suggestions please help.I'm going crazy. I have a Drs. Appt. today so will see what they say. I will write back so if anyone else gets this problem they will have a answer. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I've had pins and needles in my hands and feet on and off for a few years, and didn't think anything of it. In the last few months the pins and needles have increased and are there all the time now. They wax and wane with intensity and can go up my calves but usually mainly feet and hands. My arms are also weak and aching all the time now. I get sharp stabbing pains in my legs sometimes and my arms. I've also had some tingling in my lips and side of face which has never happened before.
Avatar n tn I read a posting by Mike1234, with which I am in strong agreement. I believe blood circulation to be an issue in my case. I am a fit 50+ (play squash 3 times a week). I feel like an especially hard squash session could be a trigger. I normally have a drastic reaction to cold in my fingers and toes, they will be drained of blood almost the instant I am exposed to cold. I can play squash for 2 hours and my hands will be ice cold at the end!!!
Avatar f tn Even right now my hand is itching, I rub it and the itchy area gets larger. I am more careful with my hands (I guess I am a little vain). I will talk with my doctor again, he will suggest someone if I ask. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn Im glad Im not the only one with "itchy" legs. I have had "itchy" legs for years. I have been told it was all in my head. And have tired almost everything for dry itchy skin. Its mostly my lower legs, the front and side. Sometimes its my upper leg. When they itch, it feels like they are itchy from the bones. I end up itching them so much that I tear my legs open, and usually get a faint scar. They seem dry usually, but are as smooth and soft as my hands are.
Avatar f tn On my left foot my toes have become swollen and horribly itchy and painful. Hurts to sleep walk or wear shoes. It's has happened in the warmer months too not just the winter months... I've been to a doctor and they gave me antibiotics which didn't help. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn That's interesting. I don't sweat much at all, & I never get sweaty hands, yet I still get screamingly itchy shins. Not all the time. But it seems to generally happen when I'm in bed, & when I wear heavy trousers, like jeans. I wonder if it is sweat related. I know some people have quite acidic sweat. (My ex-fiance's sweat used to continually turn the silver, sizing solder-line on her claddah ring black, before it cracked open along the seam).
Avatar n tn I suffer from the same itchy hands, I have had this problem for about 20 years but I have never known what it was called...the itching lasts for about thirty minutes but the good thing is that the itching is infrequent and may happen only once a month or less, but when the itching does occur is relentless, I find myself running hot water over my hands, banging my hands against the walls or furniture, scratching with a hairbrush...It is absolutely horrible!!....
955491 tn?1253939299 i just started having a small tiny blister like itchy rash, on the top of my hands- it is having a postitive effect on the ca 125 numbers,and yes i now understand what tight clothing can do-i got a rash on my back from the tight wasit on my clothing-- been using the baking soda and warm water to use for the blisters in my mouth -one would think i'd loose some weight,
Avatar n tn If i raise my hands above my head the redness will dissapear in seconds and they are not as hot anymore, but if i leave my hands by my sides I can just feel the blood rushing to my hands and turn beat red. Also my hands and feet will be very cold in the winter and sometimes turn blue or even red when they are very cold. It has gotten worse this winter and I don't understand why it happens or what i can do.
11587059 tn?1427631863 Not uncommon. The tingling fingers and feet sound like poor blood circulation which is also related to varicose veins I think. (Varicose veins are due to blood not pumping all the way through and backlogging/leaking back into the veins.) Bruised legs also circulatory, sounds like spider veins, which are related to varicose but don't stick out and they spread out more. Itching could be circulatory as well, or puppps or liver issues or allergies or sensitive skin.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I've been reading the forum threads - very helpful - but no one has noted my exact problem, which is itchy bumps on the palms of my hands. Not red, or white, they seem to come from within. My Dr. said they are probably not bites, as insects do not break the skin of the palms (too thick), and thinks it might be an allergy (to WHAT???). He gave me some corticosteroid cream (this one has Fluocinonide), but it hasn't helped much yet (have used it for a little over a day).
Avatar m tn Symptoms: * bad circulation to the hands * a not continual but frequently occurring stinging or burning sensation in the hands, at its worse like having stuck my hands in a load of stinging nettles * red blotches and intense itchiness in the same areas as the stinging/burning sensation * joints feel the strain of tasks much more easily eg opening tins, riding a bicycle, writing/typing even for short periods all cause my joints to ache abnormally Please see the following three images: http://www
Avatar f tn Over the time he has problems with his feet and especially his hands. They tend to go numb and they ache, sometimes being itchy. At times, it wakes him from his sleep in the mornings or at night it tends to be worse. I was wondering if this is a circulation problem? And I wanted to know if there is any herbal/natural remedies out there that would help his, at times, painful and annoying condition. I heard cayenne and ginger extracts help with circulation. Would this help at all?
Avatar n tn When I cheat on my diet my feet, hands, knees, etc all get itchy, but my feet and hands swell. I am experiencing swollen itchy feet as I write to you do to lack of self control at a party. I regret it tremendously.
Avatar n tn I have blisters on several of my toes (on both feet) and it's not from athlete's foot or poor shoes. The blisters are extremely itchy/sore and are the size of a pea. I have one on each of the first 3 toes starting with my big toe. They are mostly on top of my toe between the last knuckle and my toenail, but one is on the side/tip of one toe. They are not true blisters in that there is no fluid sack. It is simply a very swollen and red hive. It seems like really firm and inflamed tissue.
Avatar n tn the best cure I found for my itchy hands was putting my hands under a hot hot hot first the heat really really irritates your itchy hands and you think you are going crazy.. but guess what folks it eventually subsides and it does go how did I figure that out..?? when I first showered with my irritating itchy hands I would scratch my hands worse in the shower under the heat and then put my hands in cold cold water...
Avatar f tn and have had itchy legs AND hands since then and still today (in college). I started using Benadryl pills this year and I 'think' they work (I'm a science major, and I haven't been able to really test this as I would like).
Avatar n tn Hi I am so glad i found your site.I have some problem with hands. My 3 fingers from the right arm got swollen like saussages,at the joint part,they are very red,not so painfull,but i feel sweling a lot(and little itchy). this is happening to me for the second time,and it lasts about a month.Also,i have problem with circulation.
Avatar m tn I'm now 34, but when I turned 19 I became a vegetarian, and during that time I developed small itchy blisters between the fingers on my right hand. The blisters would eventually pop and there was a clear, sticky fluid that came out. Prior to going vegetarian I had no skin problems at all. When I turned vegetarian - aside from cutting out meat - I made a number of changes to my diet.
Avatar f tn I went to a vascular doc who did not know what was wrong with me. My vascular ultrasound was normal. My hands and ankles are always swollen and I am on my feet all the time at work. I can barely walk by the time I go home and the next day, my legs hardly move until they fully wake up. I take Butchers Broom and Horse Chestnut to help with circulation. I walk at least 30 minutes a day and I am fit.
Avatar n tn For the past 5-6 weeks, I've been having numbness/tingling in my arms, hands and legs and feet. I've also had tingling in the face area.........mouth and tongue. My eyes sometimes feel itchy as sometimes my skin. I've had headaches and felt light-headed. Sometimes my face gets flushed and so do my arms, like I'm burning under my skin. My finger joints feel sore. I can't hold a book or magazine and turn the pages, my hands and fingers feel sore.
Avatar n tn I then started to experience intermitant sensations of what I can only describe as light numbness and pins and needles in both my hands and feet, but primarily on my left sided extremeties.I would also occassionaly get these sensations on a small area of my left thigh.These sensations regularly come and go, but last seconds rather than minutes/hours.
Avatar n tn For 4 months, I have suffered from a numb, itchy, and cold/burning right upper leg. It is also sensitive to the touch and I sometimes get stabbing pains in the same area. In June it started as a quarter size it has increased to my whole front leg. I do have an appt. for an MRI next week, but am very curious about this until I get a final diagnosis. The doctor I chose to go to did not offer much info...he thinks I may have a damaged nerve in my back.
Avatar f tn My Legs are soooo itchy!!! I keep putting on lotion every time it gets really itchy! I itch so hard, I end up getting cuts and scrapes on my legs! I guess it's a good thing I bite my nails. When I stopped shaving and my hair started to almost fully grow back out it wasn't as itchy anymore or not itchy at all. It was like I forgot to itch my legs or something!
Avatar m tn Over the past month or so, my hands have become increasingly stiff and tight. To the point where it takes me a good 10 minutes to get full flexability and blood flow. While it has been increasingly easy for my hands and feet to fall asleep, the constant feeling i have in my hand is not like pins and needles. It is a feeling like there is a ball in my hand when i try to close my fingers. Its like something is stopping my fingers from closing.
Avatar f tn To make the hair grow quicker massage any herbal oil like vatika, almond or amla oil in the hair with your hands to boost up the blood circulation in the hair folicules. It works like a charm and improves the hair to grow faster preventing to fall off and the bald patches.
Avatar f tn Mostly on the right but also on left fingers. Starts by feeling really itchy. Then fingers gets hot and swell up. Can feel the heat coming off them without touching. Then start to appear bumps all over my fingers and after a week or so they become obvious water blisters. They then start to leak out and swelling gets worse. Last time this happened I was in agony and could not use hands for anything. Went to docs, they did not know what it was or how to help.
267076 tn?1270677931 My hands have been getting tingly, especially the left one. Also my arm will ache, my feet tingle sometimes when I sit or stand a long time. I feel cold even when the room is warm. My back hurts in one spot in the middle of my back and no drs have been able to tell me why. I've been going to the Mayo Clinic and have several tests done for pain in my chest. They've been checking my espohogis (sp?). I'm also going for an MRI on my head and neck because I keep getting a pain in my head.