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Avatar n tn I have been wearing contact lenses for nearly 8 years, the first 5 years with no problem to dryness, irritations, or redness. But I did have an eye infection 3 years ago, the doctor said that it could be from over wearing or poor maintenance. I did use to sleep with my contacts (bad choice), he prescribed some eye drop for the infection. He also suggested alternating between eyeglasses and contacts, at the time I only wore contact lenses. I believe it left me with some scarring (Sigh).
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 16, and have been wearing contact lenses for the past 6 months without problems. 3 days ago, when I got my new pair of lenses for the month, I continued wearing them. But I have recently developed a VERY annoying itch under my inner eyelids. I searched the interner after itching for the past few days, and I don't have any of the normal eye infection symptoms: -My UPPER inner eyelids are itchy, and that too mainly in the corners. - I DON'T have red eyes/reddened areas or anything red.
Avatar n tn Then one day after I put them in, I had a stinging feeling like I had just doused my eyes with lemon juice. The pain went away within a few seconds, but my eyes were never the same again. Every time I took those lenses out, my eyes would go bloodshot. Besides the stinging that day, there has never been any pain, but for the last 2 months, every time I put those contacts in and then take them out, my eyes have gone super red.
645800 tn?1466864555 With all of the recent post about eyes I thought I would post this one for opinions. Almost every day for the last couple of months my eyes will start to itch. Not the surrounding area, but the actual eye ball. I have had my eyes itch before but it was always the eye lids or the corner of the eye. After about an hour of itching, which drives me crazy, it will then turn into a burning sensation and my eyes will be watering like crazy. I use prescribed eye drops for my dry eyes 4 times a day.
Avatar n tn In any person that wears contacts lens, especially in someone with dry eyes, with these symptoms the problem is contact lens caused until proven different. I would definitely leave the contacts out, wear your glasses, use the antibiotic drops and artifical tears. As soon as possible I would see an Eye MD physician ophthalmologist. A general MD or an optomitrist would be less likely to make a correct diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Now I'm not insured at the moment so I was wondering if there is something I can do in the meantime until I get my insurance back. I should mention that I used to wear contact lenses when this started but stopped wearing them completely! Thank you!
Avatar m tn If you are sensitive to preservatives, then look for the single-use vials, which are preservative-free. If you are a contact lens wearer, I would stop wearing the lenses until your exam with the ophthalmologist.
Avatar f tn My skin seem so sensitive and easy to be itchy if I wear long tight or wet clothes many hour, clean dishes or wash clothes. how to completely cure it forever? I'm a contact lenses user for 3-4years and I use them everyday. My contact lenses are always 1year disposable. I really need to use them. So, is it possible that eczema or ringworm spread to my eyes? Which part such as eyeball, or eyelid... Etc. how about other part of body?
Avatar n tn I also get a discharge from that eye, but only when the contact is in. In response to these symptoms I have been giving my eyes breaks of 2 or 3 days with no contact wear. However, when I go to put my contacts back in the Left one (the same eye with the other symptoms) will be totally unwearable, and when I look at it it will have a "dimpled" appearance on the surface. Is there anything I can do to combat this? What is wrong?
Avatar m tn i month ago I noticed that my eyes started to become red basically i'm seeing a lot of blood veins on white color part of the eye , when I went to eye doctor he checked both of my eyes and said it's probably irritation on contact lenses, since that day I didn't wear my contact for 2 and half week + I was taking eye drops that doctor told me to take but redness don't go away. The eyes feel very tired but not itchy , i start developing headaches and my vision reduced a little. What can it be?
Avatar n tn I wear rgp contact lenses. I will wear them for a few hours and after awhile around 3 hours my eyes burn and get really watery and itchy, I relieve the pain by taking my contacts off and putting some eye drops in. this will fix my temporary problem but in the middle of the night my eyes start itching and burning so bad that it wakes me up. what could be my problem.
Avatar f tn Last year I asked my eye doc about contact lenses I'd heard about that you can sleep in. I was given PureVision, which were much more comfortable than my previous lenses and I have had no problem with them. I didn't immediately start sleeping in them every night but instead built up slowly. If I'm having any kind of occassional allergy symptoms where I get itchy eyes or anything I take them out at night, just to be safe.
Avatar m tn I accidentally slept in my contacts last night, very rare that this happens but I did. I have soft contact lenses. Anyway I woke up and my eye is watery, itchy, and has been red all day. I took my contacts out about 6 hours ago and put some cvs eye drops in for red eyes. I just can't tell if it's improving or not. Should I wait until the morning to see if there has been any improvement? And if not, go to my eye doctor? What do you suggest?
Avatar f tn You can get them over-the-counter. You can even use them with contact lenses. I started out using two drops, four times daily (I also wore just my glasses for about two months just to help my eyes breathe.) Don't use any of the drops that relieve red-eye and itchiness. The problem is more than likely with an inability to produce tears...not from an irritant. I would recommend using the TheraTears, they have helped me immensely.
Avatar n tn they docter did a full workup and said t looks like i had allregies, and gave me eye drops. I wear gas permeable Contact lenses. So, no my right eye is VERY itchy, but nothing else worth noting. My question is could i have Shingles in my right eye, when i have it on my left side, and could I have had a check up 3 days ago ,and he had missed that?
Avatar m tn I noticed this last week and havnt worn my contacts. The thing is I don't feel any pain,itching or burning. I wore my contact lenses on sat for a few hours and they seemed ok, had slight discomfort with my right lense. I went to my GP and they said there was nothing wrong and it was caused by allergies and that it should heal upon their own, but it's been a week and they havnt. Nonetheless she gave my some eye drops for dry eyes. What could my condition be ?
Avatar n tn I never ever suffered before from any sort of itch so I am thinking this is from the cornea ulcer that lead to the scar , and this is from sleeping in soft contact lenses.... but it just seems odd because a scar should not develop an itch. I have this problem going on several months now. Upon closing my right eye, it feels slightly gritty, and worsens when I wake up in the morning. Why is that?
200558 tn?1189759425 I get eczema around my eyes because i am allergic to nickel. So every time my skin comes into contact with the metal, my eyes become instantly irritated and begin to itch and swell up. As long as i keep away from things like non gold jewelry and metal belt buckles, the problem goes away.
484932 tn?1226516891 I have talked about this once before but here I go again, what is with my eyes , they are red and itchy and I have a dry itchy patches around them and if I cry the skin around my eyes crack as if they are alergic to my own tears , it always feel like I have something in my eyes , like sleep, but there is nothing there and they tear up and are driving me crazy, I am almost one month off tx and they feel crazy.
Avatar n tn I posted before about having dry eyes at work and problems tolerating my contacts at work. I use Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism, which are the most comfortable and tolerable for me of about 5 types I trialed. I have ZERO problems at home, but my work environment is very dry and I can't seem to tolerate the contacts for more than 6 hours at work, vs. 12 hours at home. The nature of my work is such that I don't sit in one place so I can't use a humidifier.
Avatar n tn All immediately worked and brought my eyes back to normal. I have narrowed down that I believe I've developed an allergy to my contact lenses. Do you wear contacts?? I read on online medical advice wesite that you can have an allergy to the protein buildup on contacts as well. Either way, I think I'll be switching to disposable lenses and hopefully that will take care of the problem long term. This is just my personal experience. However, if this is irritating you - go see your doctor.
Avatar f tn Wow, ladies, I'm glad to have found this thread, too. I'm 37 and have dealt with this itchy arm thing for at least 7-8 years. Of note---my oldest son is about to turn 8 this November. Not sure if there's a correlation. Also, I initially thought mine was seasonal, too, but I'm not sure it is. I used to live in Virginia and now live in San Diego...and it's bothered me year-round in both locations.
Avatar f tn Also my eyestrain still 50% with my eyes now. I have 2questions. 1. Why doctor tell me not to rub my eyes? Can it make astigma worse, eyestrain worse or other problems? 2. Why my eye itch? Cos of eyedrop doctor gave me, my Tinea, my fluid, my contact lense, or solution?
Avatar n tn i have been going to the dodtor for two years with this now but he keeps on tellin me i do not have scabis and gives me creams and lotions but t never seems to go away. i get red rash arund the eyes . he told me t will go away do not worry but it comes back every month . i have blisters on my chest he did nothing i have itchy neck he says its also nothing my neck has spots on but look lke blisters .
Avatar f tn My skin seem so sensitive and easy to be itchy if I wear long tight or wet clothes many hour, clean dishes or wash clothes. how to completely cure it forever? I'm a contact lenses user for 3-4years and I use them everyday. My contact lenses are always 1year disposable. I really need to use them. So, is it possible that eczema or ringworm spread to my eyes? Which part such as eyeball, or eyelid... Etc. how about other part of body?
Avatar n tn The symptoms of blepharitis don't strike a chord with me. My eyes are certainly itchy, mainly on the upper eyelids, with the redness sometimes extending to the skin on my face by the tear ducts. As I'm a man, external factors like make up are not a factor, nor are contacts. My eyeballs themselves feel fine. I notice that when running, sweat is sometimes highly irritant and causes my skin to really burn. I would say my skin has a tendency to dryness, with very mild eczema.
Avatar n tn The pink part of my right eye where it is itchy is a bit redder than the same part in my left eye. This is worrying me and i can't resist to scratch. I do wear contact lenses. Also, I noticed when i removed my contacts today, in my left eye there is a red/pink ring around the color part of my eye. it is about a millimeter wide. Also, one last thing. Today when i had my contacts in at school i notice i was squinting and my eyes felt tired.
Avatar f tn antihistimines can dry the eyes and maybe this is causing you problems with your contact lenses!
Avatar n tn I could be allergic to anything, make-up, food, etc. I think we just have to deal with it and learn to love our red and itchy eyes. If anyone finds a cure let me know!!!!!
Avatar m tn My prescription changed and I have higher astigmatism in my left eye (-0,25 to -0,75 axis 40) and both eye are -2,25( right was -2 and left was -1,25). They gave me -2,25 contact lenses while I was waiting for my glasses with antireflective coating (both sides).I started taking adderall xr 10mg from my doctor which is a diuretic based with amphetamine. I know it can dilate the pupils. It also causes dry mucous and stuff and as the eye doctor told me, I already don't have much tears.