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Avatar f tn Hi, I have for the past few days started to get cold like symptons, started with a sore throat, then blocked ears and blocked nose and now my right eye look red and feels a bit itchy. I have taken my contact len out in this eye and am wearing my glasses for a few days until my symptons clear. Do you think this is just because I have a cold that my eyes are itchy and dry and a little tired? Does a cold affect your eyes?
Avatar n tn hello all, i always feels itchy and watery eyes, i am suffering from this from past 3 years..... i feel itching all over the body and i could see that rashes come after itching... i feel cold and i have burning sensation in my ears...... My eyes turn red always, when i consulted doctor he suggested me LEVOCET. Levocet gives me relif but it lasts for only two days. again i suffer from the above. I smoke always , it is from past 7 years and drink occasionally. i consume alcohol veryless...
Avatar f tn today when i woke up, the redness was gone but both of my eyes were itching and i got swollen, itchy lower eyelids.(but it's not dry or flaky) i scratched it and it became itchier while swelling like a mosquito bite. i'm also having a runny nose and a cough(the dry type). please help me.
Avatar f tn I have had red, itchy, dry, flaky, eyes for about three weeks now. They are usually swollen when I wake up in the morning and sometimes they might go down a little after the day goes by. It started out around my eye lids and now its around and under my eyes, down to the sides of my nose and cheek bone. Its is very irritated and Im miserable. I can't think of anything I have used new that would have caused an allergic reation.
Avatar m tn Last night I started feeling itchy... eyes , skin, , etc, so I went to bed thinking it would go away. I woke in the night scratching myself. I figured maybe would be gone when I woke up. In the night , my nose would feel itchy, all over my body feels sensitive. I woke this morning and feel the same way... skin feels itchy at times, some times more than others. My skin feels sensitive and this feeling isn't confined to one part of my body ( sometimes nose, eyes, back, leg, arms).
Avatar f tn I have had an Itchy scalp for a long time, Tried every shampoo/cond on market I think i have an allergy to somethink, because it is worse on same days than others.
Avatar f tn Measles rash is highly contagious and usually begins in the chest, face, behind the ears and spreads to other parts of the body. But it has other associated signs and symptoms such as cough, runny nose, inflamed eyes, sore throat, fever and a red, blotchy skin rash. Hives or urticaria causes red and sometimes itchy rash on the body such as face, neck, trunk, arms, and legs and perhaps anywhere on the body.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a very itchy face, especially around the nose and eyes. My dog has the same thing which he seemed to start itching after I moved into my boyfriends apartment. I have had these symphtoms for about 3 years now. I believe I could have something called springtail or cambollan just wondering your advice for this problem. I have noticed that people I am around also develop long-term itching problems as well. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn This time, non-pitting edema occured on my lower legs and was often accomapnied by a strong peppery taste in my mouth, burning eyes and nose, and an overall skin crawling sensation. Two to three 24 hour claratins a day helped a little, the desoxametisone cream my doctor had me try did not. So I went to an allergist and was tested for all the usual suspects; negative on all counts.
Avatar f tn Twice now I have thrown up from coughing so hard, and every time I have an attack my eyes water excessively and my nose starts to run. I'm only getting really freaked about this beacuse it has lasted so long and the two worst attacks I have ever had were in the middle of the night and I am waking up to coughing so hard I get sick is a scary thing! If you have any advice, suggestions, help... please do!!
Avatar m tn This morning I woke up and then I noticed red itchy patches under both of my eyes near the corner. pls advise me I tried coconut oil. but they are not gone completely.
Avatar m tn My eyes at times get very dry and itchy, as well as sometimes feel like there's pressure behind them. My nasal membranes also dry up at times. These symptoms seem the worst during changes of season, so I've always assumed that its allergies. That said, most people that I know who have allergies complain more about runny noses, sneezing, etc., which doesn't seem to happen much with me. So, can someone confirm that this is indeed allergies and not something else?
Avatar m tn The primary symptom of rhinitis is a runny nose along with sneezing, watering of the eyes, congestion of the nose and itchy nose, throat, eyes, and ears. You are right in saying that steam inhalation is beneficial in rhinitis. Along with steam inhalation, you can take nonsedating antihistamines like cetirizine (Zyrtec) or loratadine (Claritin).Moreover decongestants and topical decongestants may help in reducing congestion of the nose.
Avatar n tn It lasted up to almost my end of the medications and treatment term. My eyes started out around the second month of being very dry and itchy; dry and itchy on the outside skin around my eyes. I didn't have trouble with my vision or inside of my eyes, at that point. About the 5th month of the meds, the itchy skin and very dry skin was still a problem. My GI prescribed Elidel cream, which helped somewhat but not completely.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Eye-Care/tearing-itchy-eyes-and-allergic-reaction-to-dilation-drops/show/1850793">tearing itchy eyes and allergic reaction to dilation drops</a> was started.
Avatar n tn Sneezing Runny or stuffy nose Cough and postnasal drip Itchy eyes, nose and throat Watery eyes The problem, I am have with the symptons of mols is it did not give me enough information.
Avatar m tn Im noticing my eyes are now a shade of ive been smoking weed,,and they hurt a little,,,just like on my last tx....does everyone have this symtom....and just this red eye and pain caused by the riba or the peg???
Avatar n tn I've had the same symptoms as most of you, swollen and itchy eyes and lips that comes and goes. My whole face was also itchy. My fingertips have little bumps all over them. I have not changed anything in my diet or cosmetics. I went to the doctor and she said I have eczema and gave me Desonide cream for it. This helped a lot for the itchy face but all the other symptoms(swollen and itchy eyes and lips, and bumpy fingertips) have returned.
Avatar n tn every now and then when we have throat infection our whole upper respiratory tract gets infected and we have a connection from our nose to our eyes it is called a Nasolacrimal duct. so when the duct gets infected it gets swollen and blocked. so the tears cannot run down through them to our nose so our eyes get watery. also it gives ascending infection to the eyes.
Avatar n tn Does it sound more like I have allergies or dry eyes? or do I have both? My eyes are not watery and red at all, just really tired and really itchy where those blister looking things are.
Avatar n tn My 4 yr old daugther has had a really bad itch all over her body. She rubs her eyes terribly they get very red and runny. she also sctratches alot at her nose. This has been going on for two months. She has has testing for a couple of internal illnesses and has has allergy testing. She didn't react to anything. There is no diagnosis and I am beside myself with worry about what could be wrong. The Dr asked if it could be habit? Any ideas?
Avatar n tn My mouth and eyes are so try. My nose itches really rally bad and my lips are so chapped. Is it the diflucan that is making everything dry out?
Avatar f tn Thanks for any advise or insight you can lend.
Avatar n tn the rash on my face is worst along the cheek bone area and extends around the sides of my eyes up to my forehead covering it also, plus my nose and some very minor on my chin. it gets worst during the day and is often much better in the morning . i'm already avoiding dairy,wheat. what else caould be causing htis and is there anything i can use to stop the itching on my scalp and face?
Avatar m tn It feels itchy most of the time especially around the cheek area just below my eyes and around the nose. I can see what appears to be very small pimples, and it sometimes the area looks whitetish. I also been getting recurring canker sores inside my lip. This problem seemed to stem about a year ago after an intimate encounter and has persisted ever since. I have gone for tests,bloodwork.
Avatar n tn My baby always itch his nose, ear and eyes. I am very worried about this. And another problem was my baby has rash all over his body including face. A red Colourd ones. And very itchy too. Would you please advice or give informations why thus happened.