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Avatar n tn Almost every morning for the past few weeks I wake up with both eyes being very red and a little watery. They are not painful or itchy. I do not have trouble with my sight. And, the problem usually resolves itself by the time I take a shower and get dressed. I am concerned because this is a new problem. What might be causing this?
Avatar n tn For instance, yesterday my right eye was irritated and I thought there might have been something in my eye but by the next morning the irritation was gone. Now today, it's my left eye. I don't wake up with this irritation it seems to occur sometime during the day and only in one eye at a time. I don't have pink eye. My eye feels like there is something inside the upper lid. This has been occurring everyday but it seems to alternate. It never occurs in both eyes.
Avatar f tn I didn't touch it and just tried to wait out the itch. But It got worse(itching) so I went to look in the mirror and the same thing that happened to my left eye happened to my right eye. Both of the bumps were in the middle of my lower eyelids. Then as the minutes passed it looked like it expanded all throughout my lower lid. It had a itchy burning sensation on the outside of my eyes. Then all of a sudden it felt like needles were poking the tear hole on the right side of my eye.
Avatar n tn I also get cold sores and I always fear spredding into my itchy eyes. I just had a cold sore and am trying to reconvince my self that my itchy eyes are a result of allergies and not herpes. So my question is, is it normal to have your eyelids and eyebrows itch too? When awoke this morning I felt good, I went to a friends and still felt good. Then after lunch they really started itching and after a little while I got scared and cried. After I alittle bit of crying they felt better.
645800 tn?1466864555 I use prescribed eye drops for my dry eyes 4 times a day. Even though I will put the drops in my eyes it doesn't stop the itching or burning. I have tried the drops at both stages. Since it doesn't happen every day or for that matter at any particular time I figure it can't be the eye drops causing the problem. So now I am thinking that maybe it might be faulty signals due to my MS. Any thoughts on this?
535822 tn?1443980380 It is all natural and helps with dry eyes, allergies and even slows down the development of cataracts. You put two drops per day in each eye. The main ingredient is listed in the inactive ingredients due to the dang FDA ruling, but it works just the same, it is N-acetyl-carnosine. You can get it through Emerson Ecologics, the number is 1-800-654-4432. The cost is 34.95. My naturopath prescribed it for me. Here is the website for it.
Avatar n tn It lasted up to almost my end of the medications and treatment term. My eyes started out around the second month of being very dry and itchy; dry and itchy on the outside skin around my eyes. I didn't have trouble with my vision or inside of my eyes, at that point. About the 5th month of the meds, the itchy skin and very dry skin was still a problem. My GI prescribed Elidel cream, which helped somewhat but not completely.
Avatar m tn My eyes are always a bit dry, a bit red, a bit itchy and there is a slight pressure/pain. They are a bit puffy and half open... I look perpetually high. It cracks my husband up big time, and me too.... And it's not that I'm not getting enough sleep or anything... I don't know which one causes it.
Avatar n tn Just a couple of days ago over the weekend, both the sweeling and itching went away. That Monday the itching started again in the late afternoon. The next morning they were swollen. I have stopped wearing make-up also. Please.. HELP! Thanks!
Avatar m tn My problem is the inside corners of them (where that little bump is, not the white of the eye) itches like mad. Its most itchy at night and in the morning, during the day it isnt as bad. If i itch it it gets much much worse and lasts longer to. I clean and scrub my eye lids to keep them clean but obviously cant clean the inside corner. Could this be an allergy or something else as i just dont know.
Avatar n tn I have had itchy, griity eyes for nearly a week with yellow discharge and dry yellow crusty eyes in the morning. Have been taking chloramphenicol eye drops for 3 days. Is this the right medication for me to take?
Avatar n tn I have a recurring condition that affects both of my eyes (more the right than the left). It begins with a burning sensation, then I awake in the morning with swollen, itchy eyes that are red on my eyelids and below my eyes almost to my cheek bones. I am left with scaley, sagging skin above and below my eyes, and bags of fluid that collect under my eyes right above my cheek bones. My skin responds as though it has been burned by crusting over and collecting fluid.
Avatar f tn I used a washcloth compress to get the swelling down and the eyes continued to be red and swollen and itchy and I noticed little blisters kind of like what I get when I wear cheap jewelry and get a chemical reaction from the metal. I have tried some Zatidor eyedrops-antihistime twice daily. It does seem to help a little inside the eye (very little).
Avatar n tn But at night i have trouble sleeping as they dry right out again, and in the morning my eyes are still itchy and red and mucousy in the inside corners. Am I going to have a problem like this forever? Are there some tests to figure out just what the hell is going on with my eyes? Can dry eyes really just come on over night like that? Should I be worried about any other kinds of viruses or bacterias that the antibiotic might have missed during immediate treatment?
Avatar f tn This carries on throughout the day but slightly improves throughout the day, but then worsens again towards the end of the day. They are itchy a lot too. I tried eyedrops, they help but dont take it away, i've tried taking an antihistamine too incase it was a allegry but still no improvement. I do wear glasses, but not all the time, generaly for driving and reading. Im 25. Can anyone help? this is driving me mad!!!
Avatar f tn i always experience rubbing my eye when it become itchy especially in the morning. It's very annoying,working more than 8 hours a day in front of my computer.I really don't why it always happened to my eyes.
Avatar m tn I have had itchy eyes and skin around the eyes for over 2 years. The problem started after I had conjunctivitis just over 2 years ago, I took a gel for this and the redness and worst symptoms cleared up but my eyes have been slightly itchy ever since. It's like the conjunctivitis never completely went away.
Avatar f tn They are usually swollen when I wake up in the morning and sometimes they might go down a little after the day goes by. It started out around my eye lids and now its around and under my eyes, down to the sides of my nose and cheek bone. Its is very irritated and Im miserable. I can't think of anything I have used new that would have caused an allergic reation.
Avatar f tn --which is good news, but this swelling around the eyes is serious. (It's not IN his eyes at all, it's the skin around---I think I made that clear.) Anyhow, I did buy a cold pack that he can wrap around his whole head, to cool his eyes, and I don't dare put any kind of cream or anything else on the skin, but I feel so bad for him.
Avatar m tn My daughter's right eye got swollen as she noticed when she woke up in the morning. It is not watery or itchy, but just big. Apparently there was nothing that could have hurt her eyes. I was reading about Chalazion, etc., on the internet. What would be a quick remedy? Warm cloth soak, ice pack, or see a doctor?
Avatar n tn He also commented when he sees me my lids look fine, but he doesnt see my in the evening or morning when they are horrendous. He has told me at other appts he can see the flakes and swelling but he forgets. Too busy. I will try the fish oil, and freeze it, thank you. He asked me to call my primary who will just pass me along because after a while a doctor will just get sick of complex problems, blow you off, call you psychosomatic and eventually recieve no help.
Avatar m tn This releases inflammatory mediators from the mast cells, which make the eye red, swollen, and more itchy. I do not know why this only happens in 1 eye. Contact lenses may be a factor if you wear them. You should see an ophthalmologist for a complete exam. Until then, a chilled artificial tear can provide relief and be very soothing; try Refresh or Optive. If you are sensitive to preservatives, then look for the single-use vials, which are preservative-free.
Avatar n tn My eyes are really swollen when i wake up in the morning and doesn't always go down totally during the day. My eyes are itchy and sore and feel heavy.
Avatar m tn My problem is the inside corners of them (where that little bump is, not the white of the eye) itches like mad. Its most itchy at night and in the morning, during the day it isnt as bad. If i itch it it gets much much worse and lasts longer to. I clean and scrub my eye lids to keep them clean but obviously cant clean the inside corner. Could this be an allergy or something else as i just dont know.
Avatar f tn A few days ago I washed my hair with head and shoulders ( a shampoo i randomly use all the time) and woke up the next morning once again with hives around my eyes.
Avatar n tn My eyes are very itchy lately and when I drive to work in the morning I hardly can open both eyes I feel like the light is hurting though I am wearing sun glasses. I am 33 years old lady. I have LASIK 3 years ago and it went well.
Avatar n tn My inner lower eyelids are allways red, espacially in the corners. In the morning my eye vessels show. In the evening my eyes get red (about 6 pm). They are a bit itchy. And one of my eyes vision is blury. What is it? Is it serious? How to cure it? I would be very thankful if anyone could answer me.
Avatar n tn My eye pressure up and she will check me again in 4 days. The drops have greatly helped also the lips and chin, the eyes are almost healed and the lips and chins flare up off and on. As for the eyes everyone should have them checked by your eye doctor, I will climb the highest mountain to protect my eyes. Also long term prendison can be harmful and one should be checked often by their doctor.
Avatar n tn 4-5 times throught the year, usually in the colder season, I experience eye/skin issues. In the morning I will wak up with severly puffy eyes, itchy and watery.. throughout the morning the puffiness goes down, but the burning itchy red, wrinkled skin starts, especially on the skin under my eyes, and then they stay that way until the next morning.
Avatar m tn As I mentioned, the itching is always only in the night time between the bottom of the penis and the beginning of the satchel. I don't see anything visibly wrong, no redness, swelling, or bumps is making me really confused. Any excessive scratching with fingers unknowingly during sleep can damage the spermatic chord, and causing a mild pain as well? What is scabes (I read as STD in google), or Crabs? Can they reside in a human body for such a long time, that is 10 months or more?