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Avatar m tn Nothing was explained to me about the cause of blurred vision so far. I would like to know if the Iridotomy would cure the blurred eye ( or else what is cause and remedy for blurred vision). Please do let me know your valued opinion and suggestions Thank you.
588365 tn?1218844019 Today I had a headach and have been sleeping alot more then usual. My eyes are a little swollen and itchy too. What could this be?
Avatar m tn So after I wake up, my left eye is extremely itchy, I rubbed it a few times, and washed it out with cool running water, thinking there was mucus from teary eyes. Unfortunately, my remedy did not solve it, and my vision was still blurred. Throughout the day (today) it has not improved, but when I press my eye in the top left spot (eyelid closed of course) I can see clearly. I've also used eye drops, but with no effect whatsoever.
476834 tn?1228402309 as already mentioned, but not knowing the cause is not really a reason for your doctor to leave you suffering! Blurred vision also has a numerous number of causes, it may be from dryness of the eyes even. Had a major scare myslelf with my vision a short while back and am getting it investigated over the next few weeks, but again this is something you shouldn't just be left to get on with.
Avatar f tn When the symptoms get worse, my eyes burn and vision gets worse and I get more sensitive to the light and colors. Been having chills, quivering inside, head pounding, itchy, dizzy and like a queezy weird feeling in my stomach. There is like bad times, and worse times that hits all of a sudden.
Avatar n tn At its very worst (which it gradually builds up to) my vision becomes blurred and double vision and cannot read or see details. The skin around my eyes has become extremely wrinkled - like a little old ladies with dark circles around them (I look like I'm on drugs). I cannot put any cosmetics or even moisturiser on my face during this period. I have had this allergy for 15 years usually from Nov to May, although last year I only had it from Feb to April.
Avatar m tn My first concern is the blurred vision. If the vision corrects normally in the office then you have some fluctuation of vision which could be due to a poor tear film, dry eyes, and lid margin disease. In other words, have you lost vision or does the vision just get blurry sometimes? Often when there is irritation in the eye accompainied by intermittant blurred vision, it is related to the corneal surface and tear film.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Sjogrens whilst on tx, my mouth is dry but not all the time, my eyes get blurry and itchy, I am on a medication called Pilocarphine which stimulates the other glands in the body to produce saliva, it also increases persiperation, anyway it helps a little but the pain from the plaque in my mouth qiuckly calcifies and pulls on my gums.
Avatar n tn Yes, redness and irritation. Vision is usually blurred. Dr. O.
Avatar m tn It all started around april of 2013 I noticed a slight change in my vision, My distant vision was blurred a bit and nothing more than that. I noticed a floating thing over my vision but i didn't mind it. After some few days, they multiplied and i was so worried but after many days of waiting for it to disappear, i just faced the fact that they will never disappear. Then after three months, we went to a beach vacation and the night after that, I was really feeling strange.
Avatar f tn I have used eye drops and prescription allergy meds to no avail. My eyes are itchy sometimes but not all of the time. It's most irritating when trying to do work on my computer, I'm constantly blinking and rubbing my eyes trying to clear them. I have almost NO night vision. I know I probably need to renew my subscription for glasses, but what could be causing this constant fog and inability to follow fast moving objects and scrolling words?
Avatar f tn In some cases EKC or Adeno Virus can cause corneal infiltrates with blurred vision that can take months to heal.
322064 tn?1233260628 My eyes were swollen at the bottom, almost bulging and hurt, my lids were cracked and dry at the ends, itching all the time ( I ended up itching my eyelashes away) and my vision was blurred also. I DID go back to my doctor and have an eye exam,as I had heard about problems that could ensue, but my eyes were clear. Now TX is over, and the bizarre thing is my vision is better ( Has ANYONE had this side effect) See your doctor if you have any concerns, as the worrying can make you discomfortable.
Avatar n tn Hello, Burning sensation and itchy eyes can be due to lack of sleep or change in the power of accommodation of the eyes.Are you having any blurred vision also?If yes,then pls get your eyesight tested. Other possibilities are inflammation or infection of cornea or conjunctiva,irritation to cornea by some allergens and in some rare cases,diabetes and stroke.
Avatar n tn I rubbed them so much I ended up with a permanent corneal scar which means I have blurred vision. This may be what is happening to you? My eyes blurred and cleared several times before the damage was permanent.I now have to use steroid eye drops all the time or my eyes go pink & itchy & I could cheerfully gouge them out! You need to see a proper eye specialist at a hospital not just an optometrist.
Avatar f tn I've had difficulty with intermittent blurred vision for over a year. All neurological tests have been negative. Two months ago, my eye doctor changed my prescription slightly, and also suggested I try Restasis to see if maybe my eyes were just dry. I haven't noticed much of a change. I went today for a recheck. I read the eye chart with my right eye and did OK, but I could barely see the top line with my left eye. I was very shocked, as this has never happened before.
352007 tn?1372861481 I have had so many problems with my eyes since my Thyroid Eye Disease, some of those problems were, dry eyes, itchy, watery, double vision, and proptosis. A couple years ago, I had some sort of tunneling vision, I could see in front of me but everything around that central vision was sparkly, and faded out (blackened) and then white, It was very weird, but when I told my neuro. about it, he said to me that it was a possible seizure. It lasted for less than a minute.
Avatar n tn But the immediate one is bigger and has started bringing out purse. Yes he had blurred or dim vision at the left eye. the drugs are prednisolone tablet, ranitidine tablets and dexamethasone eye drop for the period of about three months. but he has since stopped using these drugs since april.
Avatar m tn Also It looks like I have conjunctivitis but without the blurred vision, itchy eyes, and any of the symptoms
Avatar m tn I'm in a rural area of West Virginia. I don't have other symptoms as far as cough, itchy eyes. I've had clear nasal drip for years. Just all of a sudden I got really dizzy, started having bad pressure in my face, and just felt so bad I couldn't drag. That's how I started. When the pressure in the sinus wouldn't let up I got antibiotics, when 3 rounds didn't help (Dr.
Avatar f tn They gave me neurotin for pain which makes me dizzy and gives me blurred vision at work. I try to manage the symptoms so I don't have to call off work but omg I am loosing it. Today I was balling at work because I am so frustrated. I can not even excercise without constant aching , itching, and fatigue. To sum it all up these symptoms I must control so I can work I am too young to retire and not sick enough to be on dissability, does anyone have these issues ?
Avatar n tn Other symptoms I have are Tiredness, I have a feeling as if I've had a sedative and just want to go to sleep thinning hair, puffy eyelids, black circles under my eyes blurred, misty vision, eyes feel sore and heavy tinnitus I my hands and feet are always cold boil type lumps that omit a toothpast consitancy constipation no intererst, deprresion, hard to concentrate. Cramps in calves have had tingly sensations in fingers and toes.
Avatar n tn Over the past several years I've had persistent frontal headaches, some blurred vision, and persistent unexplained nausea. A CT scan was negative for tumor or sinus infection (i.e., no significant amount of mucous). I haven't taken the step of dealing with an allergist or ENT, as sometimes this isn't a problem for me, but I've recently become frustrated by it again, in particular the low-grade nausea. So of course I've been googling away trying to figure it out, which is how I found this forum.
Avatar n tn Hello all- I am a long time contact lense wearer. I currently use Night & Day contact lenses. I have been using them for approximately 6 years. I do NOT wear them for 30 days and nights- usually 4 in a row and then I give myself a break. For the past 4 to 5 months my Left eye (and only my left) has been "rejecting" my contact- my eye gets VERY itchy, especially in the tear duct area on the medial side of my eye, and I will feel like my contact is "floating".
Avatar m tn But anytime I smoked or got stressed it'd flare back up and pressure behind my eyes was terrible as well as the blurred vision. This all happened after I slipped up and gave oral sex to a girl. The eye vision doesn't get any better just seems to get worse. Today a new swollen node in my armpit and nodes swollen on both sides of my neck. I have had 3 itchy blisters one above my eye that we swabbed 3 days later - negative and the others seemed to die out bc of the valtrex.
Avatar m tn gif my vision in right eye is more blurred than the left eye my near vision is okay, I can read text's meters away, i can read books whithout any problems even before i had this vision problem, i was like addicted of rubbing my eyes hardly (everyday) because my eyes are itchy , could this be one of the cause?
Avatar n tn ), so wasn’t sure if headaches causing blurred vision, or blurred vision causing headaches, noticed when driving and needing to check to my left for traffic when changing lanes was not easy 10/20, Tues, noticed could hardly see computer screen, very blurred 10/21, vision worse, made appt w/ primary care physician.
Avatar n tn Now my eyelids a swelled very much so and my eyeballs itch as if I have cotton or sandpaper in my eyes. My eyes arent red just swollen and itchy. I do not have allergies and the eye doctor said that if my symptoms did not clear up to come back. Does anyone know by chance what it could be or what I can do for my symtoms? I have never had this problem and my symptoms are changing everyday and not in progressing towards clearing up. Help!
Avatar n tn I could be allergic to anything, make-up, food, etc. I think we just have to deal with it and learn to love our red and itchy eyes. If anyone finds a cure let me know!!!!!