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Avatar f tn Hi, I have for the past few days started to get cold like symptons, started with a sore throat, then blocked ears and blocked nose and now my right eye look red and feels a bit itchy. I have taken my contact len out in this eye and am wearing my glasses for a few days until my symptons clear. Do you think this is just because I have a cold that my eyes are itchy and dry and a little tired? Does a cold affect your eyes?
Avatar m tn One product that I use to treat my dry and often itchy eyes, is a homeopathic remedy called "Similasan". It relieves the burning and itching symptoms. I buy my drops at Walgreens.
Avatar n tn It lasted up to almost my end of the medications and treatment term. My eyes started out around the second month of being very dry and itchy; dry and itchy on the outside skin around my eyes. I didn't have trouble with my vision or inside of my eyes, at that point. About the 5th month of the meds, the itchy skin and very dry skin was still a problem. My GI prescribed Elidel cream, which helped somewhat but not completely.
Avatar m tn The primary symptom of rhinitis is a runny nose along with sneezing, watering of the eyes, congestion of the nose and itchy nose, throat, eyes, and ears. You are right in saying that steam inhalation is beneficial in rhinitis. Along with steam inhalation, you can take nonsedating antihistamines like cetirizine (Zyrtec) or loratadine (Claritin).Moreover decongestants and topical decongestants may help in reducing congestion of the nose.
Avatar m tn My eyes are always a bit dry, a bit red, a bit itchy and there is a slight pressure/pain. They are a bit puffy and half open... I look perpetually high. It cracks my husband up big time, and me too.... And it's not that I'm not getting enough sleep or anything... I don't know which one causes it.
Avatar f tn today when i woke up, the redness was gone but both of my eyes were itching and i got swollen, itchy lower eyelids.(but it's not dry or flaky) i scratched it and it became itchier while swelling like a mosquito bite. i'm also having a runny nose and a cough(the dry type). please help me.
Avatar n tn hello all, i always feels itchy and watery eyes, i am suffering from this from past 3 years..... i feel itching all over the body and i could see that rashes come after itching... i feel cold and i have burning sensation in my ears...... My eyes turn red always, when i consulted doctor he suggested me LEVOCET. Levocet gives me relif but it lasts for only two days. again i suffer from the above. I smoke always , it is from past 7 years and drink occasionally. i consume alcohol veryless...
Avatar n tn My eyes itch, itch, itch! I also feel miserable and am easily irritated. The nose, throat and ears also itch. Big time headackes also. No amount of new or old anti-histamine medication works. All types of eyedrops have been tried and are useless. Immunization also did not work. Nothing worked except prednisone and of course it worked great. For the past couple of years I would have 2 episodes a year (6 mo.
Avatar f tn It started out around my eye lids and now its around and under my eyes, down to the sides of my nose and cheek bone. Its is very irritated and Im miserable. I can't think of anything I have used new that would have caused an allergic reation. I went to the docs and he tested my blood for lupus and checked my thyroids since I do have problems with those and everything came back normal. The doc prescribed me hydrocortosone cream and bactrim antibiotic but Im no better but worse.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Eye-Care/tearing-itchy-eyes-and-allergic-reaction-to-dilation-drops/show/1850793">tearing itchy eyes and allergic reaction to dilation drops</a> was started.
Avatar n tn Sneezing Runny or stuffy nose Cough and postnasal drip Itchy eyes, nose and throat Watery eyes The problem, I am have with the symptons of mols is it did not give me enough information.
Avatar n tn I've had the same symptoms as most of you, swollen and itchy eyes and lips that comes and goes. My whole face was also itchy. My fingertips have little bumps all over them. I have not changed anything in my diet or cosmetics. I went to the doctor and she said I have eczema and gave me Desonide cream for it. This helped a lot for the itchy face but all the other symptoms(swollen and itchy eyes and lips, and bumpy fingertips) have returned.
Avatar m tn This may present with itchy nose, sneezing , runny nose, tearing eyes, nasal congestion, and even headache. Have this evaluated further by your doctor for proper management. Your medical history and physical examination will help. It is important that you avoid what causes these symptoms. Over-the-counter antihistamine and decongestant medications may also help. Take care and best regards.
Avatar f tn Then then inside of my nose started gunking up and bleeding but sabin over which made my nostrils itch and burn and wanted rip it off! Then my eyes started crusting over in the mornings. It's the only time they bug me, but I can't believe it's a coincidence. I think I may be spreading something by touching stuff...
Avatar m tn This morning I woke up and then I noticed red itchy patches under both of my eyes near the corner. pls advise me I tried coconut oil. but they are not gone completely.
1049259 tn?1295092078 I am thinking it is dust allergies or maybe something in the house, I havent taken anything for it just yet though i have benadryl {runny nose, itchy watery eye} not what I have. can someone tell me what i have so I can work on getting rid of it?
Avatar n tn the edge of my eyes ( not the edge thats close to the nose but at the end parts of the eyes ) are hurting because , it was really itchy and i was rubbing it and i pressed on it really hard by accident . will my eyes be okay , would this harm my eyes?
Avatar n tn I have rashes inside of my eyes, nose, ears, throat ( I have a mild case of discomforting tightening in the throat and my chest) scalp, esp., in between my toes, hands, palms of my hands and feet (my hands and feet feel like all my blood is rushing in upside down) my face. Due to all day itching for almost over a month, most of my body is severely bruised...yuk!
Avatar m tn Eventually I got extensive allergy testing done and it turned out I'm really allergic to dust and cats. Instead of getting itchy and runny eyes, my nose would just block. The doc told me I can't sweep, I can't have carpets in my house, have to switch from curtains to blinds and have to keep books covered. I started wiping the dust away with a wet towel and started to mop more frequently and I could finally breathe out of my nose after about a month or two.
Avatar n tn While looking for an answer to my problem, I saw that someone about 7 years ago posted that they had teary and itchy eyes for 2 months after their eye exam. Well, I am in the same situation, going on my second month. I am not allergic to any foods, pollen, etc. I was allergic to something in the 3 different drops that were given in my first eye exam ever. Anybody have any idea what the culprit is? My face was swollen and tingly, my eyelids were extremely swollen.
Avatar m tn But before I started meds I have some strange symptoms tight scalp, forhead and nose also tingling sensations and pins and needles and still have. And I feel so dry my hands, nose, eyes this is driving me crazy. Is this lyme or something else.
Avatar m tn Hi there I can assure you that colirium in gel (any brand) is the best thing next to Gold Bond for the rash and Saline Solution for dry nose. I suffered dry itchy eyes the first week of TX. After I used it, its a non-issue. Now is only nausea and fatigue.
Avatar m tn It feels itchy most of the time especially around the cheek area just below my eyes and around the nose. I can see what appears to be very small pimples, and it sometimes the area looks whitetish. I also been getting recurring canker sores inside my lip. This problem seemed to stem about a year ago after an intimate encounter and has persisted ever since. I have gone for tests,bloodwork.
Avatar m tn But each summer for the last two summers, my eyes, nose, throat and lungs burn - especially I think when the AC goes on. No runny nose or sneezing or itchy eyes. It just burns. Like the AC lubricant or freon or radon or something else? No one else in the family feels it either! Oh and my lymph nodes swell up, too. Last winter though, it went away and I was fine for months. Then it started to get warm and it came back just as strong. I can hardly stand to be in the house.
Avatar f tn My nose feels as if I am holding a carbonated soda under it and the bubbles are going up my nose with pressure under my eyes. The last two days I have had a pain in the back of my head (left side) that comes and goes and the pain shoots forward to my sinuses. I know this sounds crazy, but the pain....I can't think of what other avenue to persue. FYI-I have also had a clear MRI. I am debating on trying that York Labs. in Florida (do they have a good reputation?
Avatar n tn My eyes also get dry and itchy. Are there any safe, and i want to put enfisis on safe eye drops that I could take just for the dryness and itchyness? Please be specific, name brands, ingredients to look for and to stay away from, ect. Thank you.
Avatar n tn My wife has come down with an infection centered on her nose. Her nose is red and swollen perhaps as much as 30%. The swelling and the redness extends below both eyes, and is starting down the lower side of her face on both sides. Her lymph nodes in the neck are swollen. Everything is symmetrical, centered on the nose. She visited her doctor today and has started a Z Pac (Zithromax). After 12 hours, she is worse.