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4801019 tn?1359349012 I have a question about these bumps on my wrist, thete also on some of my fingers as well, they itch every now & then. I need help. This discussion is related to Itchy rash, genitals, behind ear, web fingers, around eyes.... This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dermatology/Itchy-rash--genitals--behind-ear--web-fingers--around-eyes/show/674719">Itchy rash, genitals, behind ear, web fingers, around eyes...</a>.
Avatar m tn Hello, resently small red bumps have appeared on my wrist they don't itch and arnt irritating. They have been on my wrist for the past 5 day and have not gone away or spread to any other parts of my body. I would really like to get rid of them bit don't know how. Does anyone have a solution?
Avatar m tn Hi, i have notice some red bumps on my left wrist. They are not itchy and do not irritate me in any way. I would just like to get rid of them but dont know how. I think they only appeared after wearing a new watch i had, which i have stopped wearing after the bumps appeared. I am not sure if they are related to the wearing of the watch. If anyone could please advise me on how to get rid of these bumps, it would be much appreciated. Photo attached. Thanks in advance.
470331 tn?1207287026 but now they have spread to the opposite hands wrist ... they itch on and off ... oh and the bumps on the original finger have come back and theres more of them ! what to do?
Avatar f tn I developed small red bumps on the inside of my wrist/forearm last night. They were not itchy - in fact, the only way I discovered them was when I ran my fingers over my arm and felt the bumps. They were a little bit itchy this morning, but I ran some hot water over them and the itching stopped. So far, they have not itched at all tonight. My main concern is that I found out today a woman who has been sitting at my desk at work also has a rash in the same area.
Avatar n tn we broke up about a month after these itchy bumps showed up on her. we broke up about a month after these itchy bumps showed up on her. About a month or so after we broke up these bumps like hers started to appear on my legs(inner thigh).. then i got a bump on my penis head and shaft. then i got a few on my hands/fingers that were barely noticeable. *** this is when i went to the doctor *** he said it could be hsv2... so he prescribed me to valtrex.
Avatar f tn Having this sleepless night due to worries, to be specific 4 weeks before I had been to Dubai, I was drunk n my mistake was I picked up a Filipino call girl and I had a protected sex, and I had used the soap which she used I'm bit worried of this hiv now, since a week I got this red bumps on my chest 6-7 in different areas of chest and 4-5 on the wrist where it is likE a hard patch inside the skin and red bumps over it which isn't painful neither itchy, sometimes when I touch it's itchy,n bit p
Avatar n tn Well I was wearing some type of wristband (im guessing leather) but I started getting some type of fungus from it on the bottom of my wrist. It was just a small bloch of red bumps. Then I got another bloch on the other side of the bottom of my wrist. I tried a few creams but it only continued to spread. Now the blochs are a little bit more flattened but are red and very itchy and make sort of a fungus wrist band all the way around. I am currently putting Tinactin on it with very little results.
Avatar f tn Which are slightly red and brownish red they don't itch or anything, and its on one wrist. I also notice small red bumps on sides of both feet. I am thinking its a allergic reaction but not sure, because I have sensitive skin. The bumps or not on the palm of my hand or the sole of feet. I am freaking out any ides.
206807 tn?1331939784 Today I noticed a knot about the size of a small grape has formed on the side of my wrist. As some of you know, I have just recently started tx. My question is, could this be a tx side that I haven’t heard about, or just a coincidence?
Avatar m tn After about a week he broke out with little red bumps on his wrist that itched too, then he got them in the groin area and around his pant line and belly button. After a week it was clearing up a bit but now the bumps are showing back up as well as on his forehead around the hairline. Any ideas what this could be?
Avatar n tn Mostly we are finding them on his legs with one on each wrist. New ones come up all the time but only in these two places. The bumps ooze a clear liquid. They come and then start to go away and then all of a sudden he has two more. I have cats but they are outside cats. We have checked for fleas - none. No one else in the house has any type of bump. Can you help?
Avatar f tn I've had a few smooth bumps on my right hand for months, maybe even over a year, and all of a sudden they started itching. I got a new one a couple days ago and it itched really bad, i had to keep myself from scratching it so it didnt break open. I want to say that i got a few when i was pregnant but I cant remember exactly. from the picture i posted, i have four near my wrist and 2 on the side of my hand. the large one near the bottom was broken open from me scratching.
4059376 tn?1349411655 Then I found 4 big ones on my arms, then one on my wrist, then 2 on my feet, 2 on my shoulder. They itch very very very bad...they look like misquito bites but thats just to many. Should I go back to the hospital? Is there a way im allergic to something? the only thing it could be is fleas, since I was cleaning out a house for my landlord and it was infested, but I have none on my legs, and where they bit me on my right arm (have no bumps on that arm) What should I do?
Avatar n tn For the past week and a half i have been noticing small itchy red bumps appearing on my skin it started only on my wrist then spred to the back of my legs, my arms, underarms and neck.. it seems like every day there are more and more and they become more itchy i don't think any think in my lifestyle has changed ex.. eating habits laundry soap, body wash etc... i don't know what is causing them althought it started the day i found out i had a virus in my intestine and was really sick...
Avatar f tn Hi, for some reason about every six months I get this very annoying itchy red bumpy rash only on my right wrist and hand. I have no idea what it is, but I know it only goes on my wrist and it doesn't spread nor is it contagious. I've never asked a doctor about it seems it only comes about twice a year. I have been recently tested for stds and I tested negative for all diseases. Any idea on what it could be? Maybe an allergic reaction or a skin disorder?thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn I have three itchy bumps in a row on my right hand index finger and one on my right wrist. They have been there for about 2 weeks and I've never seen something like them before. Please see picture below. they are hard to capture because their coloring is close to skin tone. They look like they may be going away but not necessarily. Ideas? Thank you!
Avatar m tn I have a few small bumps on the palm of my right hand and they are itchy. They havent appeared anywhere else on my body and they actually resemble very tiny blisters. They dont itch all of the time but it is still bothersome. About three months ago my family experienced scabies for the first (and hopefully last) time. No one has had any problems for months but I am wondering if I got reinfected.
Avatar m tn Basicly from my elbow area on down to my wrist. Occasionally, there have been attempts to spread to the other arm and on both of my inside knee area. Sometimes they look like white head zits. Somtimes they look like bites. Sometimes they itch and sometimes they friggin hurt. They also get pretty swollen from time to time. They mainly hover just above and below my right elbow. Actually, the bend in the front of my arm. I have tried everything you can possibly find at the pharmacist.
Avatar f tn I have developed these tiny, red bumps on my right wrist, under my neck & one on my foot. They are not really itchy, but they are red and raised. They have only grown a TINY bit. Could this be an hiv rash? On my wrist, there are 5 spread out bumps, I have 1 on the top of my foot & about 5 going in a line right under my neck. They don't itch. The ones on my wrist are really red. They aren't blisters.
Avatar n tn I am 15 years old and have been getting itchy red bumps on the back of my hand, about every 4 months. It can be on just one hand, and somtimes it gets on both. Only one time it spread to my knees. They are very annoying and to be specific they are from my pointer finger knucle down to my wrist. To help with itchiness, I just use Gold Bond anti itch cream. The bumps stay on there for a few weeks.
Avatar f tn I just recently got that too on my forearms little white bumps I have some on my thumb.
489228 tn?1291535054 I started a new antibiotic doxycycline and shortly afterward started with a light rash mainly raised bumps on my wrist, I have also noticed a small place on the upper left thigh as well. I contacted my pharmacist but like me, he felt if it was related to the medicine I would have a rash in more places etc. So I am assuming contact dermatitis, possibly poison ivy from the dogs BUT IT GETS WORSE EACH DAY WHEN I TAKE THE ANTIBIOTICS.