Itchy bumps on arms rash

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Avatar m tn Let me say thank you for helping me out with this and also apologize if this is a bit lenghty. About 3 weeks ago (oct 8ish) i started with this itchy rash on my arms (outter and inner bicep area). It was just red itchy bumps. Now being a bit of a hypochondirac lol i got all nervous and didnt know what it could be. There was no pus or anything like that just patches of itchy bumbs.
Avatar n tn i recently developed these itchy red bumps on my arms and its been going on for a week. I want to know what it could possibly be and if its contageous and I seem to be getting them on my face as well but the ones on my face do not itch. what could this be? could it be something serious that I should be concerned about?
Avatar f tn Kinda looked liked ringworn so I put lotrimon on for 4 weeks with no change. Then about 14 more raised non-itchy bumps have appeared on right arm and several have appeared on left arm in the past couple weeks but they are not in a pile but one at a time. Still does not itch but is raised so very self concious. Does any body know what it might be?
Avatar n tn I live in Florida and suffer from the same "itchy arms," and have for several years. No rash, no bumps, no discoloration - just INTENSE itching on tops and sides from the elbow down. I have never noted whether or not it is seasonal; but it does come and go. I also have psorasis, but not on my arms. In the past I have taken ultra violet light treatments for this condition and have always wondered if that did some type of damage to the nerves in my arms.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the information on your itchy arms experience. I am going to an allergy doctor on Oct. 2nd. I will show him your report. Sometimes food will trigger my itchy arms and sometimes being in the sun and the pool. The sensation feels like it is coming from internally and no matter how much I scratch, I cannot get relief. I have had this problem on and off for a few years......since we moved to this area of Florida. However, this year, since June, it is unbearable.
Avatar f tn I have had little red bumps on my arms for over a year, the dr gave me some med for the scalp and told me to put it one every night. I did this 10 times or more and it never worked. They get better and I think It's gone, but it's back now worse than ever.
Avatar n tn I have small red blister type bumps that appear in small group on both lower arms. When I itch the bumps, they bleed slightly and eventually scab over before disappearing in a few days. I've tried hydrocortisone cream and other lotions but nothing works. I know it's not scabies. Any help?
Avatar n tn Hello, A little over a week ago, my boyfriend woke up with a cluster of small red itchy bumps (4 or 5) on his arms. At first, we believed them to be insect bites. In a day or two, they seemed to get better, but then more would appear (on his arms, an upper part of his chest which touches his underarm, etc... ). He thinks they spread when he scratches them, because his newest ones seemed to have worsened, as they have become redder and more blotchy.
Avatar n tn I have a rash that is only on my upper arms and the backs of arms close to armpits. Small red bumps, somedays worse than others but always there. I have had it for over a year and a half now. Not painful, not itchy. Just there. What can I do about it? Is there a home remedy or over the counter cream I could try? My family Dr. told me a year ago that it was dry skin and would go away. It never has. Help please! It is nearly summer and I can't wear sleeveless clothing.
Avatar m tn It then spread to my thighs and arms. basically the skin in these areas has red bumps and are itchy. I try not to touch or scratch and have been applying anti bacterial creams. If I do scratch the ares flare up and get more red but after some time it reduces. Some of the ares clear up and then it shows up in other areas. These bumps have never blistered or broke open nor do I have any outbreaks in the genital or facial areas. What can this be?
Avatar f tn There is no fever or other symptoms that I have noticed. I do not go out in the sun and the rash is only on my lower legs and arms. What is it?
1519887 tn?1291006354 They started off only on my hands but either spread up my arms or the ones that were on my arms didnt itch until now. The bumps have no color to them and are very small. They dont hurt, they just itch a LOT. I have no idea what it is. help?
Avatar n tn I have very itchy medium sized bumps,very slightly filled with pus on top,on my arms,hands,legs.There are not many of them on th ebody but I my face is filled with them and it made my acne much much worse.No acne medication works on them.They apperead suddenly,overnight almost a month ago and they just come and go but never dissapear(especially on my face).
Avatar n tn I developed a rash on both of my arms from the elbow down about 2 days ago. Went to an acute care center, but she wasn't for sure either and just stuck me with the diagnosis "contact dermatitis." I'm worried that might not be what it is though.
Avatar m tn i have this rash on my inner arms raised red bumps and looks like blisters and is very shiny when looked at and it only seems to itch at night i have had it now for about 2 mounths and it seems to be spreading i have been on steroids to control it but since i have come of them now it itches like crazy lol im 21 anybody got any ideas what it can be.
Avatar n tn I have a constant rash on my upper arms that has been there for years. I was told previously that it was infected dermatitis but the cream i was prescribed didn't clear it. Fucibet and Fucidin. It is not itchy, but consists of tiny red or white bumps, the white ones have a white substance when squeezed. The sun seems to help clear it but it returns again. Could it be an allergy. I am asthmatic. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks.
Avatar n tn In odd conjunction with this I have noticed little bits of this also on my legs, although it seems to go away after a day or so- whereas on my arms it never seems to go away. I've been to see my Dr. who gave me a week of antibiotics (penicillin) and fucidin cream. Neither seems to be making a difference. Please help, when you have a moment. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Yah they r on my legs n arms, but m also getting random ones on my hands n back that r bigger.
Avatar m tn with a small bump that itched behid the knee, today is Thursday, There is roughy three bumps in each area. None on the hands arms legs, but one on the waist line 1 inch just below naval like a bump mosquito with a redness surrounding the bump the size of a quarter. Cant see any wavy lines? Please offer any ideas.