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Avatar n tn I got checked for any STDs and all cam back that I didn't have anything but I have red itchy balls at times. some times just red without itching and sometimes they are red and itchy and some times they look like they have a heavy tan. Darker than normal. Can this be a STD or do I need to stop worrying about this.
Avatar n tn I have really Itchy Balls and Penis , there's some small pimple like things on my balls and penis since I was a kid , it seems like now they ingrown hair hair pimples and the hair wants to come out and its itching like hell , especially when i'm sitting. What could this be , I have no other symptoms that I might think its STD , there's nothing This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/244067'>Itchy penis rash, i think with very small outbreaks elsewhere</a>.
Avatar n tn I got checked for any STDs and all cam back that I didn't have anything but I have red itchy balls at times. some times just red without itching and sometimes they are red and itchy and some times they look like they have a heavy tan. Darker than normal. Can this be a STD or do I need to stop worrying about this.
Avatar n tn Is this a STD? I shaved it cause i thought i had crabs, but it worked for a little , still red itchy now......... HELP PLEASE, if this is really bad im just going to go to the hospital!
Avatar m tn See a Dr for your concern, you had no real risk for a STD and your symptom is not STD related.
Avatar m tn Its like a mossquito bite but its on my penis and balls. Any kind of STD? I never had this until ive been sleeping with my new gf... im in pain from all this itchy-ness! ARGH! help... someone?
Avatar m tn You need to get tested with a full STD panel at appropriate window period requirements. Pain in the balls, itch in the penis etc should be probed. Symptoms however won't help yoh with a diagnosis, at least not without a qualified doctor's assistance.
Avatar m tn My testicles and the back part of my shaft are beat red, dry, and itchy. I know it's not an std because I've never touched another person sexually, and they have been like this for quite sometime. Attached is a photo of both the shaft and testicle. Someone please help!
Avatar m tn In short, yeast infection for 2 weeks that away followed by 6 weeks of red balls. My balls slightly ache throughout the day and my scrotum slightly itches. Tested negative for STDs, and I have had 2 doctors say that the rash does not in any way resemble and STD. Should I schedule an appointment with a urologist? Thank you.
Avatar n tn and upon further investigation I discovered two more lumps, or little balls rather, one of slightly larger size and one about the size of an eraser head, right inside my vagina. I've also had SEVERE vaginal itching for the last few months, but as I am an idiot, I've done nothing about it except for wash myself and call upon all the gods I know in hopes that I don't have an STD or an STI.
Avatar n tn Okay, I have this itchy, red spots on my balls. I think maybe it's been about a month since I noticed it. The skin peeled off a little bit when those spots got dry. I think the spot has spread just a little bit, partly because I forgot and scratched it. It doesn't hurt, just itches a lot sometimes. and sometimes I don't even notice. Can someone tell me what I have? and how to go about curing it?
Avatar m tn But, I started getting really itchy one day and I got little red bumps on my penis, balls, inner thighs, butt, back and stomach. It's like a HORRIBLE mosquito bite gone crazy. I itched so much that i got a rash on my inner thighs and i itched at my balls and penis so much that the bumps got bigger. And being active all the time and sweating in my boxer area did not help at all. I went to the dr and told them that I thought it was because of new laundry detergent.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor. Two days ago I felt discomfort (like burn) in my balls. There is small tiny red (not really red) shiny in the bottom of my balls sack (smaller than the eraser of the pecil). The discomfort got better the next day when I stopped wearing underwear to wear boxers. As I write now it is almost gone, bt still if I look carfuly I can see it in my balls. For the last 3 days I was going to the gym and I was sweating alot.
Avatar n tn Hi, Everytime i masturbate or have sex the base of my penis and balls go extremely itchy, i've had STD checks and nothing, this itch has become unbareable as it will last for days after masturbating or sex. what can i do? thanks please reply soon!
Avatar m tn I got a red rash on my inner thighs right beside my balls for about a week, then it went away and my penis started to get dry and sore and i could peel flaky skin off and it hurt around my rim and itched very bad then most everything went away but it hurts to pee now, is still itchy anyone know what that is?
Avatar m tn I had protected 4 days ago, monday evening my balls and penis started to feel itchy. Today, during the day it wasn't itchy but now its evening again the itchy is coming. It is a little on the red side, but bad can tell its turning red. I found a small bump so far, but its small like an insect bite. My penis isn't today, looks normal just my balls.
Avatar m tn For about 3 years now I have had a red, itchy rash all over my testicles and recently around my anus and shaft. It fades to brown when not itchy, but is always obnoxious. I have tried multiple jock itch creams and powders to no avail. I have never had sex and I am doubtful to whether it is jock itch because it affects only the balls and I hear jock itch spares that area. I sweat a lot and it becomes particularly itchy when moist or I go a long time without itching it.
Avatar f tn I'm a 17 year old guy i had unprotected oral sex for the first time its 3 days after it and the day after the oral sex i started to feel a burning sensation at the tip of my penis and then gradually my balls started to get itchy and i scratched it and nw its painful and when i urine it also have a burning sensation and i went to a GP and had a urine test he said it was clean so right now i'm scared that i have STD
Avatar n tn just on the head of my penis but now i see red irritated places on my balls too. I'm worried that i have an std now that i have been googling about it online...
Avatar n tn one right above the penis..were my hair is growing..and one on my balls) there is no bumps or itching on the inside of my penis...and the bumps kinda look swollen these bumps itch and the more i scratch them the more they itch until they stop after a while today i noticed some clear and white discharge coming from my penis..only been with one person for the past 6 months and she says the same its not burning when i pee or anything like that...
Avatar n tn Thanks guys i have had the same symptoms and this made me feel more comfortable. My symptoms r not as server as some and my only difference is i occasionally have a leg cramp but dat could be somethin different since i played sports. I think i will try the Vitamin D and see how that work.
Avatar n tn In the last 6 weeks, I have lost my appetite on occasion when thinking about the situation, had a clear runny nose, a few headaches, balls and shaft kinda itchy at times, the tip of my penis had a red spot at the tip that didn't itch or anything and now the head looks pale and purple-ish, but I am not sure if its always been like that or if im probing it to much.
Avatar m tn I felt pain in while peeing, and itchy balls and the shaft of the penis. My jaws also ache as well. I also had some muscle weakness and ache. I also had watery diarrhea too every time. I urine every 5 mins. And some few red rashes that I itch that, But right now I an waitng for a month later to test for STD and HIV. Three days already I feel much better to urine lesser, But, I am worrying much. But I would like to know am I at risk for STD? Regards, Ben.
Avatar m tn Hello, Im 17 and less then a year ago my penis and balls got really itchy. It became itch in the underside were my penis touched my sack. I would use lotions and cooling powder to help get through the dat. Eventually it would go away. There isnt any sores, bleeding, cuts, tiny dots, anything of that nature that could make it a STD. It only gets itch and a little red where it itches. And after awhile it seems to be like the eczame I have on my arm and under my eyes. Do you think it would be that?
Avatar m tn Previously, she used to have light bleeding on day 1, more bleeding on days 2 and 3 and light bleeding on days 4-5. Now, she bleeds moderately on days 1 and 2 and that is it. 1. Is this symptom of any STD? 2. Since we are planning to have a baby soon, should I check for any other STD's? This is my most important question. Even if you have the slightest of doubt that I should test for something, please let me know. 3. Does my wife need to see a Doctor? She says not needed. I am worried.
Avatar f tn She did use her mouth to play with my balls. I woke up the following day with a minorly itchy genital area. The day after that my groin and pubic area were both itchy and there were slightly raised bumps. My main concern now is a blister in my left groin area that causes a burning/tingling sensation but it's only minor and is only one blister. There were other blisters but they are very minor and seem to be healing.
Avatar f tn A week ago both me and my partner have been experiencing some issues and we think it might be an STD. We started having sex a month ago, and had vaginal sex and tried anal once for just 2 minutes. We both show symptoms an we can't figure out what we have..
Avatar f tn I have had these bumps at the top of my vagina for awhile, at first i thought they were nothing, there was just one, and I thought it might have been from shaving and accidentaly cutting myself, they were just little almost clear balls of skin,I would pull it off, then they would just grow back, there was just one then another popped up. Then I noticed this rough patch of skin right next to my clitoris, now I have this large bump on the inside of my vagine lip at the top.