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Avatar n tn I wanted to know can You have rectal bleeding by walking for a long time especially if you are obesed.?
Avatar f tn If you are having rectal bleeding, during your period or not, you should see your health care practioner as soon as possible to investigate the reason it may be happening.
Avatar f tn I've had rectal bleeding for years. I always attributed it to hemorrhoids due to the fact that I have pain and itching quite frequently during and after a hard bowel movement or explosive diarrhea. I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago. Today I had explosive diarrhea with a fair amount of blood. The doctor did a digital rectal exam and found multiple hemorrhoids.
Avatar m tn I'm 30 years old and have been experiencing intermittent rectal bleeding for the past 6 months. At first is was more frequent and occurred for a few days at a time. Now it can be weeks between episodes. This isn't a major bleed. Just a streak on the toilet paper here and there. No other symptoms. I went to my primary care doctor and was told it was internal hemorrhoids. I was given a prescription for some cream and suppositories.
Avatar f tn I am periodically noticing some rectal bleeding after i have a bm. I haven't noticed any bleeding directly in the stool, just on the toilet paper after I wipe. Also, if I hold the tissue on my anus it does absorb some blood. Like my name states, I know I need to see a Dr., but until then, does anyone have any information on possible causes for this?? Just a few statistics: I am an overweight 31 yr old Caucasian female Mother of 3, all vaginal births.
5167572 tn?1364606043 Rectal bleeding is never normal and should always be medically invesgtigated. For possible causes google rectal bleeding and have a look at the many entries there. The Medicinenet site is particularly informative. This should help you when you meet your doctor. If your doctor is unable to confirm firmly that the cause is minor (eg haemorrhoids, anal fissure etc), you may wish to request a colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn I am having rectal bleeding on occasion. It is not heavy - just started in May. During a pre-screening - at age 50 during a colonoscopy the surgeoen found either divecticulitis or diverticulosis can't remember the ditinction in my case- it has been 6 years. What does a doctor - do for testing this situation?
Avatar n tn How about figuring what to eat.I had it under control but for the past three monts I have had rectal bleeding that are clots. I also have adhesion, from my bladder stuck to my uterus for three years and many visits to the Gyno. My regular doctor was out and the other doctoer seem to thinl I has endometrotitis. That when I founf out about them being stuck. I felt great for 1 1/2 months then pain from adhsions-I felll like there is no end to my problem.
Avatar n tn Two years ago i had a colonoscopy for some rectal bleeding which came back all clear except for small hemoriods. About 3 months ago my anal area was very sore and ithcy and i had some bleeding, mostly on the last wipe on the tissue. I went back to the GI and he had a look and told me that there was a small tear. All has been fine but today after a few visits to the bathroom i had some bleeding on the toilet paper towards the end. I did feal some burning pain also in the area.
Avatar n tn I agree with butterscotch23. Rectal bleeding is never normal and should always be investigated. If the bleeding is torrential or if you are expelling frequent significant volumes of blood this can be life threatening and you will require emergency hospital treatment and blood transfusions. Five years ago I suffered massive diverticular bleeding and, over a period of several days, I required about 16 pints of blood plus other I.V. solutions etc.
745240 tn?1233039636 First of all its not normal to have rectal bleeding, but that does not mean you have cancer. I have bad hemorrhoids, and if I am constipated they bleed a lot. Have you been checked by a doctor. You should get a colonoscopy, it will tell you and the doctor numerous things about your health. I just had my 5 year colonoscopy, and everything was normal with the exception of the hemorrhoids. You will not know unless you find out. Its not good to have too much bleeding either.
Avatar n tn There are many reasons for rectal bleeding, ranging from hemorrhoids to colon cancer. That said, cancer needs to be ruled out. An endoscopy is recommended, with the colonoscopy being the more comprehensive test. Depending on your age and risk factors, a flexible sigmoidoscopy can be considered as well. In any case, these options should be discussed with your personal physician.
Avatar f tn i had rectal bleeding two times in 1 month and i worried because it's not just a little bit it's a lot does any one know what it ca be
Avatar n tn If it stops with a few minutes you will be fine but be sure to make a doctor app. lots of time rectal bleeding comes from constipation ( doesnt sound like you have that ) or hemmoroids. If it continues and you feel weak or dizzy then you will need urgent care to get it checked out. Just monitor it. Many cases of rectal bleeding are minimal and stop on there own ( considering if they are bright red drops and only a few ) but in more severe cases you would be passing a few spoonfuls of blood.
Avatar m tn Any rectal bleeding needs to be addressed right away. You need to have your headaches addressed as well. The pain killers can wreak havoc on your stomach, but if the blood was coming from your stomach it would turn your stool black. See a gastroenterologist to address the stomach problem and the bleeding. Take care.
897400 tn?1303329148 I just saw a GI Monday. I had been having severe contraction in my GI tract from my esophagus to my rectum. I had experienced tiny spots of blood a couple of times in the last 2 months, but couldn't tell if it was vaginal or rectal. I have the test kit to check for occult bleeding, but was unable to use it because I had a period that just ended yesterday. Anyway....this morning I had a BM and I am definitely bleeding from my rectum. It's bright red.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 25 years old female, and I have been experiencing some rectal bleeding for 2 days straight now when i defecate, i have hemorrhoids for a year now, and i have experienced rectal bleeding before, but usually it is in small amounts and I only notice it through the stains of the tissue paper when I clean up afterwards. Now it really worries me for there is a lot of blood in the toilet bowl after I defecate.
1086334 tn?1272575756 I am having heavy rectal bleeding during my bowel movements and it is not just a streak of blood, but it is bright red and plenty of it. It literally turns the toilet bowl water red to where you can't see through it. It is also very painful to go, because i am always constipated and it makes the bleeding worse. I have been taking metamucil, but all it is doing is making my bowels softer, but I still bleed just as heavy during a BM.
Avatar f tn I suggest that you type in rectal bleeding to google/yahoo and click on to one of the sites that will provide more information. The Medicinenet site is particularly informative. With this information you will be much better informed when you visit a G.I. specialist (which I strongly suggest). Unless the doctor can positively confirm that the cause of your bleeding is one of the minor causes (such as anal fissure or haemorrhoids) I suggest that you insist on a colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn I have rectal bleeding, itching, and hard stools for over two weeks now. It hurts when I use the bathroom (try to pass a stool) and I have a hard time sitting after passing a stool. Also I am passing mucus in my stool?