Is type 2 diabetes life threatening

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Avatar n tn DKA is less common in Type 2's than Type 1's but not unheard of. If he begins to vomit and experience flu-like symptoms he needs to go to the ER right away. At 10 years it is possible that he is now a type 2 that no longer produces enough insulin and we need insulin to live.That might be a good thing because it would bring him to his senses. Best of luck to you, you are indeed in a rough situation and it's sad because it is so unnecesary!
Avatar f tn I don't really know what to do on this site but I'm looking for some answers. My mum has a lot of ms symptoms and I would like to know is it actually ms? Is it fatal? Is there treatment?? Her symptoms at the moment have been very strong for about 2 months.
Avatar f tn Many adults have Type 1 as well, either diagnosed when they were children or late onset. Sally is absolutely right, a Type 1, unlike a Type 2, no longer produces their own insulin, or produces a very small amount. We need insulin to live; a short time without insulin would drive numbers high enough to develop DKA which is a life threatening emergency. Insulin provision and monitoring has advanced greatly in the last years, including pumps and CGMs.
Avatar n tn I was looking into taking Sweet to Svelte and was wondering about the fact that I take Janumet and am a Type 2 diabetic currently and with high blood pressure medications. I know if I loose weight this should change and I would probably be off the medications. Will there be major issues if I take the Sweet to Svelte?
Avatar n tn Blood tests can be done to detect elevated autoimmune activity and therefore the presence of type 1 diabetes rather than type 2 diabetes. It is fairly obvious to most doctors if insulin resistance is the problem, for if this is the case, some insulin is usually still being produced by the pancreas, but it is not effective.
Avatar n tn Be sure that this is not the problem as it is life threatening. If this is fine assessing her insulin regimen is critical, teenagers tend to stay up late, eat snacks late and may even bolus for the snacks, and go to bed, dropping their sugars. Emphasize to her diabetes nurse that you would like to discuss this with her endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn My fiance has type 1 diabetes. He takes pretty good care of himself. He is almost fanatical about checking his blood sugar. On his one touch ultra some times it says something about keytones. So my question is.. What are Keytones and how are you supposed to test for them.
Avatar f tn Without BG test there is no way to tell if its diabetes or something life threatening now. (diabetes is life threatening too but not as fast as a hart problem). With a palpitations. and floppy hart.
Avatar f tn Hi Diabetes is a disease it can be life threatening so NOBODY like it. But it can be controlled. there are 4 main components to controlling diabetes 1) diet... We do know ALL carbohydrates raise BG (rice, pasta, potato, wheat, most fruit and sugar will raise BG) 2) exercise.. exercise uses the glucose in the blood and thereby lowers BG. I also tones up muscles, a toned up muscle uses more glucose at rest than a flabby one. so a toned muscle lowers BG.
Avatar m tn My feelings are that diabetes is a life-threatening problem, and the answer is to push people into following the instructions of a physician, and enroll in a carefully supervised program. If there are specific suggestions or studies that are rational and documented then that is all well and good, but "magic cures" and off-ball cures delay treatment, and that endangers people's lives.
Avatar f tn however, if it is diabetes then her condition could be life threatening. Please come back and let us know how she is.
Avatar m tn If you son is overweight, this may be type 2 diabetes (unfortunately getting more common in kids). If he is not overweight, this may be early type 1 diabetes (autoimmune). If your doctor is willing, ask him to test your son for type 1 diabetes (they can test antibodies). Also ask them to test c-peptide along with fasting blood glucose (this will tell if his insulin levels are high, normal or low, and can give indication as to the type of diabetes he has).
Avatar n tn The only reason why one should be tested for diabetes is that either they have symptoms or have a family history of it. Symptoms for type 1 diabetes (Which is a juvenile diabetes) are : Frequent urination, which may be more noticeable at night. Extreme thirst and a dry mouth. Weight loss. Increased hunger (possibly). Sometimes the blood sugar level rises excessively before a person knows something is wrong.
Avatar m tn 1) My Mother is a type 1 diabetic patient. 2) Both her kidneys are damaged. Though her doctor has asked for a dialysis treatment but for some unstated reasons she refused to take it 3) some details of her ailment.... urea-101mg/dl creatinine-5.6mg/dl Na-132 mmol/l K- 5.4 mmol/l serum uric acid- 8.5mg/dl TSH-5.5 Free Thyroxine- 1.3 ng/dl Free Tri iodo Thyronine -1.
Avatar f tn However, I can definitely tell you it is not a heart disease or a life threatening condition friend. First thing is for you to relax. Hopefully your primary care physician can provide more insight for you. Finally, if you are diabetic, you should maintain good diet and exercise regularly. You may not need to take diabetic drugs if you do both of these and they are free as well. I'm surprised to hear you have diabetes type at age 20. May I know your height and weight?
Avatar n tn If you don't tell the designated driver or someone who isn't drinking, your friends, whose judgment is going to be impaired if drunk, may just assume that you are drunk when your condition is really life-threatening. Severe lows do occasionally kill, but even though this is rare, it is more likely that severe lows can damage brain cells.
Avatar f tn Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease of absolute or inadequate production of the pancreas, and/ or the body’s resistance to insulin. It is a long term and a lifetime illness that is projected to be the second debilitating disease, causing most of the world’s mortality and morbidity. DM itself does not necessarily cause life threatening scenarios but its complications do.
1461465 tn?1285868661 I suggest you talk with your endo if you want more accurate information about risk. However, here is my opinion. Type 1 diabetes, as you know is a manageable condition. It is certainly life changing for a child and for the family, but it is not life threatening if well managed. Also new technology to manage diabetes is being developed all the time and perhaps there will be a true cure in the life of someone born today.
Avatar m tn As mentioned above you now need a full check for diabetes. Diabetes can develop rapidly. If you are thin it may not be Type 2, it could be type 1. If you have a home meter you can test 2 hours after eating (ideally <100 but <120 is still considered acceptable) and fasting first thing in the morning before eating - normal is in the 80s but < 95 is considered normal. Your doctor should be checking HBA1C as a screening test. This gives average blood sugar for the past 3 months.
Avatar m tn The blood then backs up into nearby smaller blood vessels, such as those in your esophagus, causing the vessels to swell. Sometimes, esophageal varices can rupture, causing life-threatening bleeding. Nadolol is given to reduce portal hypertension . A symptoms of decompensated cirrhosis.
Avatar n tn The reason is that only 1-3% of the people with asymptomatic gallstones will develop symptoms annually and it would be odd for them to present initially with life threatening complications. The data is quite different if you have typical biliary symptoms and are found to have gallbladder disease by virtue of having gallstones documented. Please understand that it is a gallbladder disease not a gallstone disease. The diseased gallbladder allows the stones to form.
Avatar f tn All of these surgeries are elective unless of course u end up in a life threatening situation and it is done very quickly. Far too many have had emergency surgery and many of them have had set backs,....and u do not get to select the Dr and make sure they do know Chiari or if they are well experienced, u have to take whom u get. Many times those with a syrinx may not experience a lot of pain as the syrinx stops the signals from getting to the brain....
Avatar f tn If I hadn't had hcv, I wouldn't have been making all that interferon in my body and all would have been well. And I too, like Kittyface, am a person of normal weight and diet with type 2 diabetes. So yes, it's not just the liver that's affected by hcv.
586636 tn?1223131279 i can feel my heart beating extremely hard and heavy, and when i look at my chest, it looks as if my heart is about to jump out! i'm not sure what's causing this, but i'm just hoping it's not life-threatening or extremely dangerous. everyone keeps telling me it's ANXIETY, but i am absolutely sure that is NOT what is causing my incredibly annoying symptoms. it's really affecting my life - in a negative way of course. i don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn It reflects that the body is burning its own fat (regardless of how many carbs are eaten) because insulin is not able to work. This can be life threatening. A low carb diet can be very effective in controlling blood sugars. The more extreme carb restriction is recommended by Dr. Richard Bernstein (Diabetes Solutions) of 35 g of carbs per day. He has proven that this can be safe long-term, and many persons with diabetes have also foundthis to be true.
Avatar n tn Are we gonna make it like Rocky? Tingling 2 the Revenge? My suggestion on how to already known! Ok, I don't want to transform all of you in a bunch of drug addicted, but have you tried a tranquillizer just once? Just to see whether your tingling diminishes the moment you calm down? @rnneeedshelp: as my "colleague" has written, you are anxious over the symptoms, not the opposite, and the same is for all of us.
Avatar n tn Severe conditions that develop under any tx or procedure, has to be dealt with by the provider, especially if life threatening. But the patient is responsible for honestly forwarding what is happening to them to their physician. When they don't, the provider can not make a good medical decission. A 60 lbs wt loss, hgb at 4, arrythmia, etc are things that the MD can see for himself, without the pt's input, but he can not force the pt to accept tx or intervention.
Avatar f tn Right then, firstly I can appreciate what you are going through without having a dx.' I'll tell you a little about myself first OK? I woke up one morning and jumped into the car to go to work - looked left and found I had double vision.
1116669 tn?1269146866 When you have type 2 diabetes, your fat, liver, and muscle cells do not respond correctly to insulin. This is called insulin resistance. As a result, blood sugar does not get into these cells to be stored for energy. When sugar cannot enter cells, high levels of sugar build up in the blood. This is called hyperglycemia. Type 2 diabetes usually occurs slowly over time. Most people with the disease are overweight when they are diagnosed.
Avatar m tn 2 After many experiences on the fringe of a normality that was my usual modus operandi or modus vivendi, as it is said in Latin , on the fringe of what I saw as my general everyday experience of life, an experience that is sometimes called the quotidian by writers, poets and novelists, I was diagnosed as MD in May 1980. I was treated by a psychiatrist in Launceston Tasmania while in the psychiatric wing of a general hospital.