Is tramadol and ultram the same thing

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224049 tn?1204594715 Hi, I just learned the same thing about Ultram... rats.... I went through pretty heavy w/drawels a while back. This is a drug that you MUST taper down from and if possible get a Dr.'s assistance. Crazy thing is, it's not listed as a narcotic nor is it supposed to be addictive, but, then again niether is coffee !! I myseld do not expeirience the euphoria of the drug, but I do however get energy from it. When I go off the Ultram I am totally drained and exhausted.
Avatar f tn I have had a laporoscopy a few years ago and that helped, and then having a child helped also, but the doctor thinks the endo is growing back (on the ultrasound he showed me a snow fall looking image that he said is a sign the endo is back). I'm just frustrated because I was out of work for a day or two last month, same thing again this month. I keep telling myself that there are people out there that have much worse problems then i do, so i should just suck it up, but, i guess it's hard.
175688 tn?1297560247 also its says right in the drug info on it that it is habit from and should NOT me used by people with addiction problems here is some of the insert info Tramadol may be habit-forming and should be used only by the person it was prescribed for. Tramadol should never be given to another person, especially someone who has a history of drug abuse or addiction. Keep the medication in a secure place where others cannot get to it.
Avatar f tn Until he realizes there is a problem though the only thing you can do is along with other family or friends confront him and most likely that will cause a whole new set of problems such as anger and resentment. You @ this point have to think of you. Speend some time away from him and let him know you are not going to just watch him kill himself this way.
1649704 tn?1402782037 My body went crazy within 12 hours of the last Ultram. And it got a lot worse. This is the 13th day off of Ultram and I still feel horrible. The first 3-5 days was a nightmare. Very high anxiety level, depression, nausea, chills, profuse sweating, tremors, cramps, skin crawling sensation, and an overall weakness. I still am having trouble sleeping more than a few hours at a time.
Avatar f tn Yes being that you are an addict tramadol is the worst thing you can take its highly addicting and hell to come off on .
Avatar f tn Tramadol (Ultram) is a mu agonist that is substantially less potent than morphine as an analgesic (more than 100 fold less active). This product also has peripheral analgesic actions. Tramadol has high oral activity and is metabolized by cytochrome-mediated oxidative-O-demethylation to the corresponding 3-phenol which is more active than the parent drug. The phenol is glucuronidated and eliminated.
Avatar n tn I want her to know her real dad and not the one on Ultram. You have to be strong. The pain is bad from w/d but the lack of that happy feeling we got from ultram is the toughest. People say it will return, but it is slow to coming. I hope you choose to do this and stop the ultram. It will probably be the hardest thing you have ever done but, you sound like me.......I want to feel real things again and break free from this stuff. STAY STRONG!
Avatar n tn It is better to cut out a small amount from each dose of the day than to cut out (as an example) 2 pills from 1 dose and leave the other doses the same. The whole idea with this plan is to cut back in VERY small steps so that you will not have any physical withdrawal symptoms. Now, your assignment is to get out a pen and paper and do the math. Put your plan in writing. Line out exactly what you are taking now and exactly what each phase will be for you.
Avatar f tn I haven't read any of the other responses, so forgive me if this is a repeat of what someone else has already said. Ultram and tramadol are both the same drug. Ultram is a brand name, and tramadol is the name of the drug itself. The product with tramadol and tylenol in it is called Ultracet.
Avatar f tn The doctor new I was a recovering addict and said that Tramadol/Ultram wasn't a narcotics and was fine for me to take,the pharmacist said the same thing.A couple of weeks ago I stopped KT and went throw very bad withdrawals I lasted 7 days with out the Tramadol and my W/D's where getting worst for me and I caved and started taking them again.I take 10 to 12 -50MGS a day dose any one have any thing they've tried that helped with the withdrawals of "Ultram"?????
Avatar n tn There are quite a few members with much experience with this drug.But,yes it is addicting. There is also a tramadol/ultram forum to the right in blue printing. Click on that.
Avatar f tn I understand how you feel. I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and taking tramadol. My OB said I could ONLY take tylenol but it didn't work and I called them and they said "consult with your primary" My primary said the tramadol was the safest thing and prescribes 50-100mg every 4-6 hours as needed for pain. I have suffered with chronic pain for a long time and tramadol worked for me without keeping me drugged.
Avatar m tn I know both the regular opiates as well as Tramapuke are agents of the devil, but I really think Tramadol is worse and the detox is somewhat longer than with traditional opiates. I think the PDR has finally upgraded the dangers of Tramadol, but it is taking the medical community a while to catch up. My father can't sleep without one Tramadol at bedtime. He says they do nothing for his pain, but he could not deal with the w/d of not sleeping so he is resigned to taking for life.
Avatar f tn I sit with a fan on me when at home and at work, and I live in Wisconsin. This is just such a hard thing to get and not to sound so cliche, it helps to talk to someone. I haven't talked to anyone until coming to this site. I am here with you and it will get better.
Avatar f tn It's day three and I am feeling very very depressed and the anxiety is so bad I'm having terrible panic attacks. So what does my doctor do, prescribe me Lorazepam for the anxiety. Really, aren't those addicting too. Obviously my doctor is a major pill pusher. I won't take the Lorazepam because I researched them and found that they are a different kind of classification but people become just as addicted to them as opiates.
Avatar m tn They just made me forgetful and tired, but I still had racing thoughts in my mind and anxiety. I have smoked weed for a couple years now, and that was always the only thing that helped, but it didn't cure it. After all the frustration of getting no relief from the many different meds I had tried, I eventually got into Oxycontin, which literally made me feel normal.
Avatar m tn What I am embarking on is a big thing and a long, complicated process (dealing with so many issues), but I'm TIRED of slaving to painkillers, tired of being TIRED every day, tired of not even remembering how to play let alone how to ENOJY playing ANYTHING with my kids... I'm tired of having NO FEELINGS... If anyone can relate (as I mentioned initially) IS there or HAD BEEN there, please help.
684012 tn?1227994056 I'm surprised that your physician has prescribed you vicodin and ultram together as that is a high dosage of pain medications. The bumps you are experiencing is likely an allergic reaction, so please be sure to mention this side-effect to your doctor. I hope she can work with you and find a combination that will relieve the pain. I certainly can relate to feeling like a pin cushion. Take care of yourself and keep us updated.
Avatar f tn I could go on and on but sound like you are going through the same thing. You should be on day 24 now? I'm still one step behind. Hope all is well. Stay tough!
Avatar n tn my experence is to use the ultram for week to help with the vike withdrawl week 1 and the valiums at night week 1 for sleep, then cold turkey after that. taking thomas's receipe the whole time is very helpful.
Avatar f tn They say its not as addicting has a real narcotic but it is a synthetic narcotic so I would say basically your brain would think that its the same thing. And I have taken it on and off for years. I have had scripts, and my mom has given me some for pain and so on. But I use to take them just for the hell of it when I was young because they would give me entergy and i would feel good on them. Then I felt like I would have to take more and more to get the effect.
Avatar f tn The best advice I can give you about getting off of tramadol (I'm over 150 days off of tramadol) is to get as much information as you can about the drug you are on and the various ways to get off of it. And a good place to start for this is going to a thread titled "EmilyPosts Day 45 Again Cold Turkey Tramadol Withdrawal". If you google "tramadol withdrawal" this will be one of many links to choose from.
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome! This is an older thread that you are posting on. If you go to the top of the page and hit the orange 'post a question' link you can start your own thread to tell your story, ask questions, and get support. More people will be likely to see it and respond so you can get all of the help and support you deserve. I don't have personal experience with Tramadol, but there are many on here that do. Please stick around and start that post! Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn I was in the same boat as you. Tramadol IS a narcotic, and you can get addicted to it. I had to change doctors and my new doctor told me that tramadol is a narcotic, is very addictive, and does not help pain much and has too many side effects, including seizures. In May of 2008, Sweden moved it onto their controlled substances list as a narcotic. It stimulates the same MU receptors as narcotics do. I would dump it and try something else. Half a tablet won't do much for you...that is 25mg.
673432 tn?1226031779 I am 41 and have never been arrested before. That is before i met tramadol. If you happen to read the side effects of tramadol it actually says that you may perform illicit behavior to obtain the drug (lol) ain't that the truth. Sorry for the long post!!! Hope some of my rambling helped.
Avatar n tn And I'm wondering if tramadol is stronger, the information I've found on this drug conflicts and I'm just wondering if you could tell me if tramadol would be stronger than the drug i'm currently using and wether it is adictive. And what type of drug is it, the only type of drug which helps my pain are narcotics nothing else does anything.
1349329 tn?1276988802 I hope your sister will be okay~~~~Having a family member who is ill is very emotionally draining. I am still so shocked by all the tramadol that is being prescribed and the doctors not telling of all the dangers. You wonder what it will finally take before this med is discontinued.....
348629 tn?1212329273 I'm on day 6 and the thing that has helped me the most is I've worked out like a mad man every day. Getting those endorphins going will be a huge help. We're here for you buddy!