Is saul hiv positive on brothers and sisters

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Avatar m tn Is licking someone else's blood a risk for HIV? Like blood brothers and sisters? The says it's indeed a high risk and I want to know your intake on that please.
Avatar f tn 1- Am I at risk of acquiring HIV. I mean if there was HIV blood on the razor which the barber used on me? 2- Should I test for this incidence? 3- How much time HIV virus can live outside its host? Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn Make them say brother and sister so you wont worry about them getting older and doing their own thing because they have different mothers. I have 6 brothers and sisters but 4 of them have different mothers and a father. I never thought of them as half of anything but crazy sometimes. Lol but were not taught that. So now that i am in the something as a parent i teach my son and his older sister that they are bond together whether like the other or not but no blood on the floor.
3510735 tn?1357873550 So I met my bf through my older brother who happens to be his friend and my bf little sister is my best friend now and so my brother recently married my bf lil sister and we are both now pregnant bout 2-3 days apart from our due date... Idk ifind it weird Lol plus my mood swings go towards my brother and hers towards her brother..
Avatar m tn So investigators tried to figure out how the older one infected the younger one (who was a virgin), and the only conclusion was that the sisters shared a bathroom and occasionally shared a razor. Another case is older, from brothers who were hemophiliacs. The older one acquired HIV b/c of his hemophilic condition (he acquired it in the 80s, before they tested blood for HIV) and the younger brother also tested positive for the same strain.
Avatar m tn U guys r a big help to me. Nw, please give me advices on oral insertive sex with Hiv positive known status. Is it zero transmission no risk even if the hiv positive gayboy has ulcer throat or throat infections, open sore giving oral to receiving insertive partner? The big question still remains that i do not know how high is his hiv viral load!!:( Pls advice n help.
1338479 tn?1276048855 i know the history and i know waht he is capable of and now since he left a mark on my son its time to stop him before the next visit ends in the emergency room.
Avatar m tn com has claimed about the transmission occuring from hosehold settings and further there have been two documented cases on used blade one of two brothers and one of two sisters. Please dont issue any warnings as this is a genuine doubt and these are true stories. Even one doctor in the body.
Avatar m tn Dear DR, if HIV virus is inactive once exposed to air, and infection from inanimate objects is impossible. Then how could someone infected by sharing razor?
Avatar f tn Trying to keep the S names going my names Samantha and my boyfriends Salvador.. my boyfriend likes the name Sebastian but im not to crazy for it, its an okay name for me....
Avatar n tn Ditto what Jon says, I had PVCs all my life, as did my father, mother, brothers and sisters. My father died at age 87 of cancer and my mother died of an unknown reason at age 95, my brothers and sisters and I are in our 70's. I've had a lot of heart issues, but all are not related to PVC's.
Avatar m tn yeah i am aware that there are std that are transmitted through protected sex but that is not my concern since the only way to avoid them is to abstain from sex which i will not do,,,,,,So her spitting on my penis is not something to worry about for any stds thus testing and worring is not needed (did i got that right).... what about std testing can it be done like right away or i must wait???
Avatar m tn and not true double vision. It is extremely unlikely it is due to tumor. It is a common complaint and there are numerous posts here with the same complaint. The most common cause is a "refractive error" myopia (nearsighted), hyperopia (farsighted and not common in young as cause) and astigmatism (most common cause). If problematic often treated with glasses or contacts. In older people cataracts common causes, rarely in young disease of cornea or macula might cause.
Avatar f tn I am the oldest of 7 kids... 3 brothers and 3 sisters (27-me, 26, 22, 21, 20, 18, and 8)... the 22 and 20 year old are from the same parents (different mom than me)... the 26 year old is my full-blooded sister, and the others have a different dad than me. There are a total of 3 grandchildren in the family-- my sister (26) had the 1st, I had the 2nd a month later, and my brother (21) had the 3rd. I am having another one.
Avatar f tn Hi~ I'm so familiar with this sort of thing... Your Mom is ill,I know,and this causes everyones emotions to run high;especially you. I don't know the magic words for dealing with this but only what I've done in the past. When things get intense,loud or ridiculous, I just walk away for awhile. I hate yelling!!! I have a sick Mom ,as well. I try to think of what would be best for HER,what SHE would want and then I stick to my guns.
Avatar n tn He sneaks out of his room and breaks things, he is also a bully to his younger brothers and sisters. He does not like to read, therfore he does not complete all of his school work. Also, if he is told " No" he will throw a fit. This is very stressful on everyone. We have tried all we know how to do,any suggestions? Thank You.
Avatar f tn Congrats! (: i can imagine going all natural!
Avatar m tn 5- what do you suggest that we do pcr immunogramma and what is our possibility of having hiv with the symptoms? Last one 6- may serocoversion take so long like this ? Thanks for your answer beforehand! Sorry for the amount of the text and questions !
Avatar n tn Does she have brothers or sisters? Is she having problems at school? There are a lot of factors into this. I would say figure out exactly what's going on, and try to address it. If there is nothing specific, dont be too quick to put a clincal name to it, she's only 9. I am currently in the D.O program and believe strongly that medications should be a last resort. They do damage as well as good.
1902676 tn?1341945564 You have a 50/50 chance I have 3 brothers no sisters and my hubby has 3 brothers 1 sister and we have 3 daughters no sons.
Avatar f tn We have a girl dog, pit bull and she loves her and she has a boy dog Chihuahua who is her baby but she just wanted a sister so bad, she makes me sad :( when she cries....
Avatar f tn My boyfriends dad has 5 brothers 3 sisters and my mom has 7 sisters and 2 brothers... and almost all of them have had kids so they know what to get us. Plus 2 of my good friends had babies last year (both had boys) so they said they will give us their old stuff.. I just stress when I think about it but I have a lot of support. I just hope after the baby arrives I can find a job!