Is it safe to take adderall with xanax

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Avatar m tn Thanks for all input, the adderall has changed my life tremendously and I just want to make sure it is safe, especially since it is such a small dose.
Avatar f tn This med will give you a lot of energy, euphoria, and reduce your appetite. It is safe to take all 3 meds together without worrying about serotonin syndrome. If you really don't like the Adderal I would suggest you talk to your doctor about trying an SNRI like Effexor or Cymbalta.
Avatar f tn and im still having the slow unsteady walk from before the addderall...does anyone know how long it will take the adderall to help my depression,,,he is usinfg it off label....
Avatar f tn Is it safe to take 30mgs of adderall, 4-8mgs of Xanax and 4-6mg of suboxone a day?
Avatar f tn HI first off I agree with IBKleen it is not safe to mix alcohol and benzos like xannx or addiril I would also question a doctor that had me on addiril xannx and prozac all at the same like take the xanax to slow down and chill out...take the addiril to get lifted back up from the xanax and let just add a antidepressant in there to try and stabilize you mood right now your not high...your sideways you dont know if your coming or going on this sort of combo...
Avatar n tn I hope I would try to get help first. It is a progressive, fatal disease we all live with. It is nothing to play with or romaticize. I'm just venting. All of us got here one way or another. I just pray I do not end up like my acquaintance.
Avatar f tn Hi there & Welcome! Thanks for posting & sharing your story with us. You sound like a self-aware person who has a bright future ahead of her if you can manage to find your way out of this dangerous & downwardly spiraling maze. I hear you on seeking focus, enjoying the feelings, etc.
Avatar f tn is it safe to take xanax and adderral periodically throughout the day with the dosage amount that I have been taking? What is the maximum safe dosage of adderral to take? Is it dangerous to take adderral and xanax togeather? I would really appreciate credible feedback and even links to web sights that may further answer my questions. Ps. Please don't respond, "ask your doctor" I do not have a prescription for the adderral. Thanks again!
Avatar f tn I tried CVS and Walgreens first before realizing that the Publix brand set well with me. One thing I forgot to mention is to make sure you eat a lot of protein when you take this medicine. You need to keep your protein intake high and your sugar intake a little lower. I know that is just common health sense but it is essential to get more protein because it will help your body and therefore help your brain function.
Avatar n tn I take Adderall for Adult ADD. I personally don't think it's safe to take simply as an "upper" or a weight loss aid but that's just my opinion. There is another thread on here about Adderall and Weight Loss... a friend of mine actually take Stratera daily for a legitimate issue and she was prescribed Topamax as purely a diet aid and it really messed up the effects of the Stratera on her system.
Avatar n tn Yes, Xanax is is very much like Ativan, and ok during the day as needed but if sleep continues to be a problem, ask your doctor about is in the same family as xanax and ativan, but longer lasting, so you can sleep longer. Prozac will probably kick in soon so you might increase the dose a little faster. Getting off xanax is not that hard if you do it slowly. Try talking about your anxieties with your family or doctors..that will help also.
Avatar n tn Waking up that morning she felt so fatigue and depressed still and couldnt take it anymore. So depressed to the point of commiting suicide. so she took her ADD pill and she feels a little jittery and heart is still racing. She says she feels okay now and happier. But she has an appt. with her physciatrist today and I am afraid of her getting a higher dose. What do I do?! Can She die if this is continued. Please. Do i need to get her medical help?
Avatar n tn I also take adderall for add and xanax for anxiety. The reason that you are experiencing anxiety like symptoms from the adderall is because adderall is a stimulant. It is a mix of amphetamine and dextoamphetamine salts. It is a schedule II drug. Schedule I drugs are the worst classification and it goes down to schedule V. This is not uncommon, I have this problem as well. The question is can you live with the extra anxiety if the adderall is really helping you?
Avatar n tn (And have been for some time) It is very true about SOMA. It is sedating; so may I suggest that you take SOMA with your Vicodin at a time, when you are able to lay down and rest. This combination of drugs is especially helpful to me at night. I suffer from continual muscle spasms due to Multiple Sclerosis. SOMA has been a HUGE help, in my life of chronic pain. SOMA can leave you with a "hangover" feeling.
Avatar f tn My Psychiatrist did prescribe me Buspirone and it's a category B which is supposed to be safe to take while you're pregnant but it doesn't help me at all. I just need something to get through this and I don't know what else to do. If anyone has any advice or suggestions I would appreciate them. Thank you!!!
Avatar n tn i smoke weed every day and take celexa, valium, tricor, omeprozole, plavix and amlodapin 4 various ailments . does anyone out there know about prochlorperazine? is it safe to take to get high?
Avatar n tn If someone out there is wondering how long it will take to feel normal again after stopping Xanax, then I can help answer that. Approaching age 30, I could no longer afford to pay for my psychiatrist visits, therefore had to stop getting my Xanax scripts, and was forced into stopping the drug. It was a very hard 2 years to go through! It was hard to go out shopping and even go to restaurants, or even drive. It felt like I would never be normal again!
439168 tn?1307935340 Ask him if it is likely that the amount of meds will decrease and what has to happen for that to occur. Is it possible to take a drug off now? As I said in another post, I'm down to 2 now, and I didn't change doctors. If you want, you have the option of getting a second opinion from another psychiatrist, who is a bipolar isorder expert on the meds you are on. Ask your doctor and/or your insurance how you can get a second opinion, if you aren't satified with the answers your doctor gives you.
Avatar m tn So now, her NEW prescription is stated in the above subject line. and my question is, is this a safe a cocktail? how am i going to feel with taking the 15 mg. of remeron AT THE SAME TIME AS THE XANAX AND LUNESTA????? thanks for your time. i am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and i ALMOST there. i am just a little skeptical on taking this stuff on top of what i am taking. thanks again.
Avatar f tn I know that she's doing it to take the attention away from herself but it still hurts. I think rock bottom is coming soon and I hope and pray that it dosen't end with her or someone else hurt or dead. Right now she's a walking heart attack or stroke. I'm going to be here when she falls though even if she hates me right now. I've thought about the jail thing and if she starts stealing from me I will go to the police...but until then it's not an option.
Avatar f tn Anyway if you feel safe and capable of drinking only small amount of alcohol it is up to you but be aware that high quantity of alcohol with your medications is not safe at all.
Avatar m tn I am not an addict. Believe it or not, I have never used any drug recreationally even to see what its like. So, it is quite ironic how I ended up with my husband who is a chronic pot smoker and who I recently discovered also uses cocaine and adderall. I do not know the extent of use of the latter drugs as he told me it was only 5-6 times but I do not believe him. He is a liar. Like the previous poster, I also married a lie. I have no idea what to believe and what not to believe.
Avatar n tn I don't take a sleep aid, but I have found that if I take my second dose of Concerta too late in the day, after 3pm, I can't sleep regardless of the Xanax. I try to take one Xanax with the second does of Concerta and then another (2nd Xanax) before 8pm--unless I want to sleep until 10 or 11am :) I am taking 0.5mg Xanax pills. I guess another concern I have is that I don't think I've ever really had anxiety that needed to be treated, not even when I was strung out on meth and coke.
Avatar n tn Sorry but is it funny to anyone else that only 1 person on here (advertising his web site repeatedly which is against the rules) is saying he is not addicted to this drug or having problems with it,is also the same person that says he has been on it the longest? You may not be trying to sound mean but you certainly do come off sounding as someone in great DENIAL! FYI any more than 300 MGS in a 24 hour period is going beyond and upping the recommended dosage.
707647 tn?1251492147 Make sure you feel drowsy when you turn the lights off to go to sleep. If you do not fall asleep within 20-30 minutes, go to another room and engage in a quiet, relaxing activity until you feel drowsy. 6.Don’t take sleeping pills regularly. They have side effects and inconsistent benefits, particularly in older adults. 7.Practice relaxation techniques at bedtime including muscular relaxation, mental focusing, and breathing techniques. 8.Take an afternoon nap after a poor night’s sleep 9.
Avatar n tn I guess I just find it helpful to rationalize. I used to find it helpful to medicate with xanax at bedtime (.25 to go to sleep) I thought it was the best medication on earth, and couldn't understand why everyone wasn't taking it- literally, my favorite phrase was "dude, you need a xanax!
Avatar m tn I mentioned the Suboxone/Benzo interaction (which I have known about) and he said that as long as I wait at least 4 hours from my last Suboxone dose it IS safe to take a low dosage of Klonopin. Again, Im not risking anything with this stuff. The addiction I had to opiates ruined my life. I never again want to be hooked on anything. I'm NOT taking the LEXAPRO at all anymore, and Im not even going to consider an anti-depressant until Im off of the Suboxone.
374262 tn?1215201805 Hubby says that the more pain meds you take the less you can handle pain without it and you have to train yourse4lf. You have to let yourself know the pain is not as bad as it seems. It is just that I have weakened myself to being able to bare the pain. I don't know. It does make since. He went 2 nights without sleep because he was scared I was gonna die from that methadone. He said I talk crazy stuff in my sleep about dying. I feel half crazy at times. Maybe I am....
Avatar f tn I really don't want to care anymore this is not worth it and yet I do care about how he is trying to destroy my reputation as a person with mutual people that we know,he is trying to manipulate the situation to make the whole relationship demise look like he left me cause I'm a hurts so bad and at the same time pisses me right off.Its sad that he has this demon its a bad one but he is also an adult and he knows right from wrong.....
Avatar n tn I don't plan to give it up but the Doc here is wierd and wants me to detox. Detox to what, more seizures? I will sue him if that happens! Thanks for the input, and congrats on being over 30 days. My cat is about to deliver and driving me nuts. I have to run to take care of her while she has her babies. Take care and God Bless. Chatahan.......