Is it ok to cut lisinopril in half

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Avatar n tn back to normal size and function. He decided to stop taking his coreg and lisinopril last week. He is weaning himself down. I think he is crazy for doing this -- especially without telling the doctor . Is his heart really cured or are the meds keeping him healthy? and what will happen if he stops them altogether?
Avatar n tn Apparently fluid can seep from the back of the nose and go down the throat the brain reacts to stop the fluid going into the lungs which closes the voice box, this then stops you breathing, the brain then realises that the lungs arent working so wakes you up and that is why you wake up coughing and trying to get your breath, this is how it was explained to me. I have been told that it is not dangerous and that I will always wake up, it is just very stressfull.
Avatar m tn It feels like there is something stuck in my throat and it makes it to where I feel like I have to cough. When I do start coughing I get to the point that I gag and almost end up getting sick.There is mucus also and my cough is a hacking type of cough. when i take a allergy pill the cough seem to subside a little.
1102792 tn?1285928860 The amount of alcohol required to produce the same varies from individual to individual. In some, it can occur with very small amounts of alcohol whereas in others it may not be the case. In majority, the palpitations are benign & thus are not serious. The confirmation of the presence of any disturbed rhythm of the heart can be done by doing a holter monitoring. This is a continuous 24 hr ECG monitoring.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply it helped a lot, so are you still maintaining your vegan diet? My Bp is 144/75 just checked it I need to get on a good diet and cut down and hopefully that will help. What did your blood pressure numbers look like before? And what's your diet like?
Avatar f tn I, too, felt compelled to sit or lie down. It is a very frightening feeling. It is similar to blood pressure cuffs being on both arms, and squeezing too tight. I was sent to the hospital, and an MRI of my brain and neck was performed to rule out stroke, tumors, and blockages of the carotid artieries. The neurologist thinks that it is related to my narcolepsy. I have never experienced cataplexy before, but they think these episodes are similar to sleep paralysis.
Avatar m tn Seeing a cardiologist is going to be the best way to determine if it is or it isn't. BTW, 20 PVCs in a row, by definition, is going to considered non-sustained, because it's only 20 (presumably those 20 take place in less than 30 seconds, which is the threshold between non-sustained and sustained VT). If it were, say, 100 PVCs in a row, that's probably sustained VT (just called VT), because it probably is lasting more than 30 seconds - and yeah, that's dangerous.
Avatar n tn ok we all have the same thing but what is it... I actually reached in my pocket to answer my cell phone and found out it was in my purse. My chest is also feeling heavy and I have a tickling sensation in my ears.. curiouser and curiouser.
Avatar n tn It is now 4 days since it happened and it is back to normal size but still discolored and tender. Since I work in medical, I will ask about it. Per web search, suspect conditions are high blood pressure and liver dysfunction... as far as I know, neither of these are the case. I am 60 and take no meds.
Avatar n tn I wish everyone luck- and one thing I've noticed is that some people promise to update their results and don't- I know this is easy to do, It's taken me awhile to get back to it because life gets in the way- but if we try to remember maybe one of us will figure it out, or help another. Thanks!
179332 tn?1273250959 Have them give you meds without it and it should clear up in a week (itch) Also remember to talk to your doctor about getting back on a diuretic (potassium sparring) and see if that helps. You may ask about taking them separtely due to the fact you need it to flush the sodium that raises your BP. Hope this helps and good luck.
544531 tn?1221343201 I know that was the wrong thing to do about taking yourself off of a medication, but I cut the pills in half for a week before I quit taking them all together. My Cardio doctor told me that that wasn't safe for me to do on my own, but the shortness of breath was really scaring me. I never had that problem before. The beta-blockers also made me feel weak. I did have Bronchitis last month and my Cardio doctor and primary doctor kept saying it was the Bronchitis making me short of breath.
Avatar n tn Otherwise past history all OK. It is comforting to know other people have a similar problem. It really is weird. Any other answers yet??
436516 tn?1382388265 For fear of burning myself with the hot water, I have taken to holding the cup of hot water to my mouth, encompassing my nose, in order to blow on it. In effect, what is happening is I'm breathing out and then in. Instead of sipping the hot water, I'm letting the steam melt away the mucus and somehow relax the muscles of the throat. Mind you, this is only about an ounce of hot water.
Avatar m tn Every day is a new struggle. You try to put the bad feelings in the background and move forward, but it is hard. I has have trouble swallowing when the burning feelings are going on and get dizzy. I am on cymbalta and get counseling. It does help. Good luck to you all. Thanks again for your comments.
Avatar n tn She did not tell me everything was going to be ok because she didn't think it was going to be ok. I needed to know that.
Avatar n tn you also need to search inside yourself and your family to see if you people are willing to take on this heavy heavy load of bringing her back if it is possible. it is extremely hard work and very time consuming and not everyone is cut out to be able to do this. "mush" is not something i've ever heard of so you need to have the doctors go into a bit more detail on her exact condition before any decisions are made. you may also try to consider what your sister would want.
Avatar n tn I would like to ask all the persons who have experienced this, once it has started, is it going to stay forever? I walk in 80% of my job and not been able to work this week because of the lack of mobility. It is really terrifying me as i am a very active person and my head throbs after only taking ten steps. I would greatly appreciate any advice/suggestions others suffers have. I am 35 years old and before this week, in perfect health. Many Thanks in advance.
469720 tn?1388149949 As you may have noticed by now, the focus of this forum is cardiovascular disease(CVD) prevention. The statistics speak for themselves. CVD is the leading cause of death in the US and worldwide. Although we have made substantial progress in the development of medications to combat the causes of CVD like high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes; the rapid proliferation of these diseases virtually negates and medical benefit. In other words, we are treating the consequences, not the cause.
975514 tn?1325001538 For the past two weeks, I was in a lot of pain because it was going to rain. The other night, it rained for a day and a half. After the rain passed, I felt better until this morning. My neck and shoulders really hurt and so does my back from top to bottom. I am trying to stretch to try to help relieve my muscle aches but so far nothing.
Avatar m tn It turns out that I was diagnosed as having BCFS, or Benign Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome. I wish MedHelp would add BCFS as a category, since it is kind of hard to find out a whole lot about it on the internet. Here are a few links that I have found useful about it: I saw a neurologist in August. The neurologist performed an EMG, EEG, and an MRI.
1571878 tn?1354953383 There's still time to fight, and we need to support one another. This is NOT A SPACE to debate the 'merits' of DXM use. Everyone is entitled to their 'psychonautic' opinion, but this is solely a place for those that disagree and want their lives, brains, bodies, and control returned to them. Any comments supporting use of DXM will be removed. Those who have fallen prey to this addiction are no longer eligible for your 'harm reduction' suggestions, at least not under my watch.
Avatar m tn It took five years of exams and stress to find out that it is caused of overgrown bacteria and fungus such as candida in combination with gluten intolerance. When I follow a diet and try not to stress out all the symptoms disappear. If I get stressed or eat badly they come back. Try and research the symptoms of candida.
Avatar m tn center that I was in, they only start to look at echos 2 months after MI. So assuming that the 50% is irrelevant still a decrease from 36% to 25% in 3 months it is very relevant. By any chance did you got a flu or any other infection around this period?? Viral infections are a well known cause of EF decrease. Are the supplements that you are taken ordered by Mayo drs.??
1210142 tn?1266080631 since I had MI but not heart failure- is is absolutely necessary to take beta blockers? One of the doctors ordered renin test and the results came today quite high- 28.2, the ratio though is ok.
Avatar m tn When I quit I was scared so I went really slow. Cut in half took half dose for about 10 days, then half of that for 1 week, then every other day for a week. Was ok with it.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I don't actually know if I feel bad because of all them meds or because my heart is not in great shape. It is very hard to separate them. I'm hoping maybe there is a pill or two that I can scale down to from the 20+ a day I take. I would even consider a maze procedure if they thought it could work. The longer this goes on, the more tired and deconditioned I get. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated. Let me know how the flecainide played out for you. Is your EF ok?
Avatar f tn I just started the celexa about 3 weeks ago, and have been on an even lower dose (working up frm 1/4 to half to 3/4 to 2 mg last month - my own way - I was prescribed the 2 mg.). Prior to the valium, I was on Ativan for about 2 months. My understanding from my psychiatrist is that the 'plan' is up the celexa (although I don't know how far - I have dysthymia and ocd, so I hear...) and at some point come off the valium.
687614 tn?1244201579 If your medicated bp is 99/56, it is ok to take the meds. It is only that low because of the meds. It likely won't go much lower. Or.. try half and see where 25 mg takes you. You body adjusts. I never even had high blood pressure. To take care of the rhythm problems, I was taking 300mg of metoprolol. I was sure having pressure problems then, but not enough to kill me or anything. At the time though, I was also on 200mg propranolol and diltiazim and lisinopril.
Avatar f tn I filled the prescription but never took it. I know it is stupid but just having it in my med cabinet and being told I could try it if I wanted when the palps were really bad made me feel better. But the bottom line is that I am a HUGE neurotic chicken when it comes to medicine and would probably pass out from anxiety right after I took the stupid thing before it even had a chance to work! LOL!!!