Is it allergies or sinuses

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Avatar n tn Ugh. Sinuses and allergies. I feel you. I've had a sinus infection and crazy bad allergies for about three weeks. Its not fun at all. Feel better!
2863077 tn?1436670789 Is anyone else having allergies right now? I keep thinking I have a cold but it seems to be more of allergies. I didn't know it was allergy season... weird!
Avatar f tn Hello, everyone! Two days ago, I had a TERRIBLE sore throat. Went to the doctor to get swabbed, did not come back for strep. No fever, but I felt sweaty at night (I think it was due to bad dreams LOL). Accompanied by a pounding headache. The next day, I woke up congested with a runny nose, I coughed up some green phlegm and felt fine the rest of the day. Now, I'm sneezing a bit with clear mucus and it doesn't feel like a cold at all.
Avatar f tn eye pain and pain in the forehead (especially when I put pressure on it). My doctor told me to take Mucinex to help clear the mucus out of the sinuses. It tastes terrible (I call it "pool cleaner") and is kind of pricey, but kit works pretty well, at least for a while. There are also ways you can avoid pollen. Try staying inside with the A/C on if you can. It should block out most of the pollen. Check out
Avatar f tn Is it possible that I am getting another infection or is it b/c my allergies are clogged. My normal body temp is 97.5 so anything 98 or higher is a fever for me. I'm going to give it through the weekend and then call my ent on Monday.
Avatar n tn I have had what was told a cyst for several years right beside my nose (interior) Feels like it is in my sinuses. It kinda felt like a BB. Just recently it has started growing now it about the size of a quarter but not quite round. It is starting to block my air through that side of my nose. My Dr had said when it was small not to worry about it. ShouldI worry now? Thank you.
Avatar f tn already i feel better, my ent didnt do any testing at all, just hearing test, i am waiting to set up an appointment, for a cat scan of my sinuses, i am hoping it is all just due to allergies and, as my ears r hurting and nose is stuffed up, glands r swollen, i feel miserable. i do have to go for a vng test, but not until next month, and i am not looking forward to it, i am hoping the cat scan will show it is all just do to allergies and nothing more..
Avatar m tn I quit smoking in February and had a litany of health problems just couple of weeks after. I hung with it for a couple of months though, despite all the issues with my sinuses being ridiculously painful and ears throbbing. Finally, in April I started smoking again and quit in two months after when I started to have an awful upper respiratory infection. Again, I started feeling terrible with multiple sinus infections. Forward to now, I have had serious sinus pain and blinding headaches.
Avatar f tn I am scared that I am making myself anxious because I keep reading about phlem disorders up to where I think it is affecting my life. Is it possible post nasal drip can cause all this.I don't have any wheezing, weight-loss, chest pain .Mostly sneezing, very bad drip and stuffed nose in the morning and daily cough. Kind regards.
Avatar f tn It only last 30 seconds to maybe a couple minutes but I was thinking it was due to sinuses or allergies? I need some advice. I am going to my family doctor in May. It could be sooner if these get worse.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have this very weird thing going on with my nasal passage/s. It feels like someone is pinching me inside my head, behind where my nose is. I guess where my sinuses are. The problem is, it's not congestion or allergies or anything like that so I cannot find anything on the web about it. The closest I came was a website about second hand smoke and the author described exactly what I have to the T as a second hand smoke irritation.
Avatar n tn I have had allergy problems all my life and have tried almost every medication out there (OTC and prescription) until I was prescribed Singulair which worked. But, I lost my health coverage and stopped taking it for almost a year. I was recently put back on it (about a month ago) because I have been quiet sick for over 2 months now. The doctors said it was allergies, but I'm starting to wonder because the Singulair should be working in full by now, and I'm still sick.
Avatar n tn I googled it and it says it may/may not be safe to take it in pregnancy. I know that it is safe to take benadryl although it will just offer temporary relief. I would ask your OB GYN what they think about the zyrtec d and if it will be safe. If you have a sinus infection you might need antibiotics that are prescribed by your doctor to get rid of it! I hope you feel better soon!
Avatar n tn Transillumination test and X-Ray or CT sinuses can help in diagnosing it. If allergic rhinitis is the cause of PND then it can be diagnosed by skin ***** tests or blood tests like RAST. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing and if you have any additional queries.
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me how all of this ties in. Is it that I’m just stressed out to the limit and causing all of this, is it herpes, is it caused by a nasal bacterial infection, or is it simply something else?
Avatar f tn The apparent response, of the malodorous material in your nose to antibiotics, strongly suggests that infection was a factor in that acute illness, and it is possible to have (mostly) low grade infection of the sinuses or nose, with a normal or near normal sinus CT Scan. Bacteria are the most common cause of sinusitis but fungi can cause either recurrent infectious or allergic disease of the sinuses and you might consider requesting a second, ENT opinion.
Avatar n tn Mountain cedar is making me miserable, went to Dr today, gave me z pack for ear infection. But my nasal passages are swollen shut & can only breathe through mouth. I can only use saline drops & they don't really work. Anyone else suffering? Any remedies would be appreciated!
Avatar f tn I have a horrible headache that makes me throw up and sensitive to light. My question is this allergies or is this a migrane?? I thought it was a migrane but the stuffiness in my sinuses makes me think it may be allergies?? Thanks!
Avatar f tn It depends on how far she is I believe on what she can take I do know for headache she can take 325mg of Tylenol regular strength I think she can take sudafed but if you go to any pharmacy since the dr's office is closed and talk to a pharmacist make sure they know how far along your wife is AND any meds she may be taking over the counter or prescription and they can tell you what she can and can not take Hpe she fells better
Avatar f tn is it normal to get a quicker than usual pulse when we have an infection?
2059782 tn?1342033162 This last weekend has just kicked my sneezing into overdrive. We are having some high mold/pollen counts already so I know alot of it is allergies but I doubt the w/d is helping. But, hey, that's about the only thing that's kicking my butt now so I'm not complaining! Hope you're doing great otherwise!
Avatar n tn ve learned to buy 100% grade pure cranberry juice in an organic food section, or health store. It is very sour so you might want to mix it half glass each with 100% cherry juice. Only use it, and no other sugar because the cherry has its own natural sugars the way it comes out of the jug. Mixed together and sip it away at least one glass a day, or if you can tolerate it, do one in morning and another afternoon. By third day for sure inflammation and infection starts to pass.
Avatar n tn Transillumination test and X-Ray or CT sinuses can help in diagnosing it. If allergic rhinitis is the cause of PND then it can be diagnosed by skin ***** tests or blood tests like RAST. It is important to rule out sinusitis and allergies.If they come out negative then pulmonary conditions like COPD and bronchial asthma have to be probed. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.
1331784 tn?1275345314 you could be getting a cold or you sinuses are might need to put visein for your eyes..i know if you don't get alot of sleep it makes your eyes dry and itchy..that can also make your vison blurry, when feeling anxious take deep breaths and picture your self somewhere quite and calm you could just be getting over whelmed..