Is holding in farts bad for you

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Avatar f tn I try to hold it in while i'm in class, stores, or any where public but at the end of holding it all in, I get really bad tummy aches all day long &* feeling super uncomforable. **Does holding the bloaty gas do anything to the baby or uterus at all?** jzt curious bcuz it hurts a lot.
Avatar m tn I haven't had the smell condition in quite a while. It is very frustrating as you want to let people know how truly bad the condition is and how it makes you feel, but I don't think that people would understand unless they experience the condition themselves. It can really affect your mood as you cannot enjoy eating at all when you have it. Don't let it get you down. The human body is truly a mystery, isn't it? Take care.
1035252 tn?1427231433 Oh and when you have bloody show?! DOUBLE ICK!!! That stuff is so gross. Beautiful in one aspect but nasty in another.
Avatar m tn Both of you sit down and make a list(gizzy you remember this) of all the things that you are grateful for. Make a list of all the poisons in your life will be amazed at what you see. We have our health, our kids, a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and the list goes on. Many at this time of the year dont have any of that. The biggest most important thing is we have our clean time and with that anything is possible........Stay strong you 2.
Avatar m tn If you go to the MS Consortium site - - you can search for specialists in your area. Although that is no guarantee about their bedside manner, at least you know they are specialists in working with this MySterious disease. There is definitely a shortage of MS specialists in this country and as the older ones retire, it is only going to get worse, according to my msologist. I got lucky, very lucky, and found a young one who does have an excellent bedside manner.
6822962 tn?1396333259 But the whole thing startled the baby so much that he kicked the crap out of my bladder making me pee my pants big time while my boyfriend is still holding me up.
Avatar f tn But I'm scared to fart in front of him. But I'm sick of holding my farts in I think it's time to let out my little poot poots and show him who is boss.
1635424 tn?1300163903 You might try adding some boiled chicken and rice to see if that helps. As for the gas, something is going on in the gut which may just be the food you are feeding. Wish I could be of more help. If that gets worse or you see blood and/or mucus in the stool, you'd best get to the Vet. Sorry. Keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Basically, the valve/sphincter in one's upper esophagus doesn't relax like it is supposed to- it relaxes to let things IN when you for example drink a glass of water, but does not relax to allow air out, which is why the gurgles happen- this should stimulate the valve to open and release the air but it doesn't so it is trapped, constantly trying to get out. They have recommended Baclofen, a mucsle relaxant, to try to help, but I don't know that there are any online reports of its use for this.
1041303 tn?1421390941 Wow only 4 weeks and man oh man they started really bad today! Full blown Nausea, Peeing like I have never peed Oh so freakin tired, thank God my DH is home so i got to take a nap. I had my 1st craving for chinese food. Saw someone eating it on tv and I had to have it! Thanks Babe!!!! And the gas!!!! Wowie I can't believe it, I dont ever remember having it this bad....I am having to go hide and take care of business, because I don't that around my DH...
Avatar n tn I am 39 years old a little heavy but besides that in good health. Everything you said is happening to you is happening to me. Its 2am right now and I can't sleep my arms ache too much. Have you found anything that gives you any releaf ?
303869 tn?1197316633 we do have a bassinet but he nvr seems to want to sleep in it he sleeps longer and better when he is in the middle of us..i am j.w if that is safe for him to sleep with us so young ..and i also find he loves laying on his side to sleep is that a safe position for him ??
Avatar n tn I get this too and basically this is what it is....... when you are twisting your torso, the air that is in your lungs is being expelled by the back and forth motion. Its kind of like a water pump as you are pumping the handle up and down the water comes out of the pipe. Well as you twist back and forth/or side to side, the air that is left in your esophagus is forced out as you twist. I gets this when I am doing twist jumps during aerobics.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! Please come in and make yourself at home. All are welcome, we're very happy you are here!
8367118 tn?1442609020 When did you guys begin,to be forgetful.. I've been having a lot of brain farts..
Avatar n tn ) Be happy your nose is working as well!
148691 tn?1260198503 Ok... I am really bored here, everything is so slow and right now I'm just sitting here waiting for stuff to come, so here I go! lol The other morning I was ridding behind a car, she was going ridiculously slow and all I'm thinking is about ways I'd choke this woman to death if I had the chance... then she hits the brakes suddenly at a stop sign (of course I'm keeping my distance since Maddie is in the backseat) and points her car to turn to the right... and then turns to the left!
Avatar f tn so that was not as bad, but it was the searching my brain for something I could not find....I did not like. Thanks to Chiari, I have had other experiences that rank up there with how u felt....
Avatar m tn The technique in this manual involves bending over in a hot shower. Obviously, if you bend over in a shower, there is a slight possibility that you can get dizzy and fall down. You could possibly hit your head, get knocked out, or break something. It’s a tiny risk, greater if you are older, overweight, obese, or have reduced blood flow in your neck arteries, but it’s a risk you must assume if you want get rid of an otherwise untreatable sinus infection.
1035252 tn?1427231433 Just a note though my son was formula fed, I dont know if that makes a difference, but I think it is just as easy if you decide to breast feed to put the milk in whatever bottle you desire!
5864964 tn?1378857785 Has anyone had a problem fartin lately? I can not stop. I hate to sound so immature but I get a kick out of it. Today me and my husband was sittin on my couxh watchin dragon.ball z and I let it rip! I kept a serious face cause i didnt think it was that bad but outta nowhere he says calmly" how can you sit there and act all innocent after you jus tore a hole in the couch" i fell over laughin. any ideas how to get rid of it?
334776 tn?1249972181 there were like 10 people near me who started busting out in laughter and of course i did too! then theres the random farts in public that theres no way to keep in, or the baby kicks out of me.. thats happened alot too!
8780410 tn?1399947960 i don't know if you have a sprouts farmers market store by you...but they sell this probiotic powder for children that you can add into babies bottle. My girl poops everyday lol.
199882 tn?1310188142 WOW what an article, Carol i dont normally respond to questions at the moment as i am all new to this and dont even know what is going on with me myself atb the moment, like everyone said no need to be embarrassed about it, i deeply sympathise with you in all of this as it must be awful for you i hope you manage to get something sorted out with what is going on as i really feel for you in this situation, i am amazed at what i have read in this article and would love to sack my docs and take on
Avatar m tn Continuing to examine everything and then relate it to the "what iffing" is only going to make you worse. You have to put some work in here in order to help yourself. Your fueling the cycle terribly.
476246 tn?1418874514 Ever hear of the expression 'you are what you eat' ? Well I guess that must go for farts too... 'you fart what you eat.' So stay away from beans, all sorts of beans....
4111382 tn?1356211428 My bf and I hanger been together for nearly 2 years and this morning one slipped for the first time in front if him. He laughed and asked if needed to use the bathroom. I was ssooooo embarrassed and my hormones kicked in, I was laughing and crying all at once and he laughed some more. Lol MEN!!
Avatar n tn By trying to come up with ways to put her in her place, you are assuming the same behavior that you are describing in her. The bottom line is, it is her house, and you play by her rules or you do not play. By staying you are choosing to tolerate her controlling behavior. It couldnt be all that bad or you would never have moved back home. And personally, her being your taxi, however much she gripes about it, did benefit you more than it did her?