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Avatar n tn I can't find any concrete information. Does the rash itch? How does it look? Where is it on the body? Is it intense or just a simply rash thats not at all painful and barely noticeable, just itchy? In my case its all over my body, especially on my legs. It would be my first symptom 14 weeks after my possible exposure along with diarrhea. Does that sound like it could possibly be HIV? Also, does diarrhea usually come with it?
Avatar m tn an important thing you should know that the HIV takes along time to start the disease , not less than 3 months , because this virus needs time to act on the human body ,sometimes it takes 10 years , so 4 days is very unlikely to start the symptoms of AIDS , although the rash is one of the first symptoms , so you can be calm now , these pus-filled rash that you have is most likely to be acne caused by the depression or fear that you are having right now and just so you know there's nothing cha
Avatar f tn what does a hiv ars rash come during the syptoms does it come when you see all the symptoms or can it come later because when i was sick with no fever (normal flu symptoms), then when i got a shot of antibiotics and two pills of antibiotics then a few days i notice a rash on my chest and thats when the swollen lymph node came. the rash had swollen my chest hairs no white puss or nothing just swollen, and it stayed that way for a few months.
Avatar n tn My question 2 weeks ago was what does the HIV rash look like? does it itch? is it light like a heat rash? is it raised? how long does it last? does it appear and disappear or is constant? Although its reassuring to hear no risk it would educate me and others to know what the hiv rash looks like.. I have had test for everyother std bar hiv and been negative so you can understand my concern with passing it on.. I just am not educated enough to know what other std can have these symptoms ..
Avatar m tn HI, I had sex with a sex worker and I undergone Tridot test at 90 day's post exposure and the result was negative but in recent times I developed a rash on my stomach which is red in color and painful(it's like a stretch mark) and nowadays I am feeling as if my stomach is bulged having White colored dot's in my mouth and throat infections so are these symptoms of HIV. Do I need to test for HIV again.
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for the post! Rash around labia could be fungal, bacterial, STD (gonorrhea, HIV), irritation or allergy due to talc, soap, fibre of cloth etc, or vulvodynia. It could also be tinea cruris, which is causes rash and itching in groin area and skin folds. Infections like molluscum contagium too should be looked at. Boils and abscess or furunculosis too should be thought of.
Avatar f tn Your test was conclusive so you need to move on from HIV. This is not a rash forum, but since the doctor wasn't concerned, then I am wondering if you are exaggerating the issue. Otherwise see another doc.
Avatar f tn I had the Chicken Pox when I was little and it is no where nearly as painful in children as it is in adults. I have seen it on/off over the years. The look is distinct: Cut & paste this link: ____________ I have not heard mention of sharp, searing & shooting pain when it comes to the Incivek rash. Plus I think it usually surfaces before week 7. But you never know.
Avatar m tn Whatever you are experiencing is not an HIV rash. If you had unprotect vaginal/anal sex then you need to test to know your status.
Avatar m tn how about the rash, i just found on some other thread that rash due to hiv is non it so? i will get tested soon, i think there was no blood on penis..but still cant say..
Avatar n tn not a symptom of early HIV infection 4. nothing to due with HIV infection It takes an HIV test to show if one is infected or not. It will not show up on a your CBC test. You will need to test 3 months post exposure, which you could test now to obtain your conclusive test result.
Avatar m tn After two weeks or so the blisters on my penis slowly turned into a red rash on my penis head that resembles contact darmatits, and this rash is still present after 18 days. the rash is on the head of my penis. i went to a dr. again yesterday, and he thought my spleen may be enlarged but he was not 100% because i am very skinny and muscular. So, he wanted me to come back next week for a sonogram of my liver.
Avatar m tn After two weeks or so the blisters on my penis slowly turned into a red rash on my penis head that resembles contact darmatits, and this rash is still present after 18 days. the rash is on the head of my penis. i went to a dr. again yesterday, and he thought my spleen may be enlarged but he was not 100% because i am very skinny and muscular. So, he wanted me to come back next week for a sonogram of my liver.
Avatar m tn This forum is Hiv specific,all we can advise you is that it has nothing to do with Hiv.
Avatar m tn If your symptoms have persisted, I recommend you see your doctor. Oral sex is not a risk for HIV but can be a risk for other STD's. You might want to have an STD panel done to rule those out.
Avatar n tn However, if you are experiencing a rash that 'comes and goes' and is concentrated on your extremities (arms/legs), and you have no other symptoms of illness, you can be confident that it is not related to HIV. Rash is also associated with secondary (2nd stage)syphilis. This would indicate a long-standing (2+ years) of infection with syphilis.
Avatar n tn Please let me know what this could be as I am seriously worried. Could this be HIV / Herpes / any other STD or is it that I am worrying too much and the anxiety is resulting in the red spots in my mouth ( I heard that anxiety can cause such symptoms).
936016 tn?1332769204 One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test. Diagnosis may be difficult and uncomfortable but in Western Industrialised countires knowing your HIV status - positive or negative is ALWAYS a good thing.
Avatar f tn I am still getting muscle pain, aches and twitching and even hot flashes and cold chills up till now. Pls is it possible to have contacted hiv and its showing all dese symptoms at once. Is it possible to fall sick the next day after contracting hiv??? I used a condom which didn't break or slip.
Avatar m tn Yes but I got the exact HIV rash on my palms exactly how it looks in the pictures! Red non painful flat I took a test and am awaiting the results.
Avatar m tn The patches have become barely noticeable, except for new tiny tiny red blood spots, and the itching has ceased entirely as well as the painful urination. I then (now here is where I believe that I may be at fault) start using a water resistant antifungal cream to really finish off what seems to be left. I use it for two weeks straight morning and night. One cannot get this cream off without constant washing and scrubbing.
Avatar m tn If you are apprehensive about HIV then get a blood test done for HIV infection. Confirmation is only done by specific tests for HIV like western blot, PCR and ELISA. These tests may show accuracy after 6 weeks to 6 months as HIV antibodies take time to develop in the body. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, On 2/15 I engaged in unprotected receptive anal sex. On around 2/20 I noted a small itchy spot on my right arm (I googled HIV symptoms and got very worried) and on the 2/22 noted another itchy spot on my right side just below my armpit. I used to suffer from eczema as a child and generally have sensitive skin.
Avatar n tn The chance of catching HIV from any particular vaginal sex exposure is around 1 in 2000, if your partner had HIV--which almost certainly she did not. And your symptoms do not sound at all like you have HIV, despite what you might have read online or eslewhere. But of course the way to know is to have an HIV test. Presumably that hasn't been done or you would have mentioned it. Just do it.
Avatar m tn I accidentally had protected anal sex and unprotected oral sex with a transgender sex worker 19 days ago.10 days ago I aquired a painful acne like red bump under my right eye, then later a smaller one on my left wrist, then later one on my left shoulder. They have been itchy, but are currently going away. Neosporin seemed to work on the lesion under my eye. None of them were close to each other. Does this seem like an ARS rash? I am quite worried, just like most others on this forum.