Is heart catheterization dangerous

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1101326 tn?1421682634 She had a heart catheterization a few hours ago and it's not her heart! Something is wrong, we still have to find it now.
Avatar n tn I have been told that most irregular heart beats are nothing to worry about and they only treat them if they really bother the patient because the medication is more dangerous than the irregular beat. My quetion is what is the liklehood of an irregular beat being dangerous? What are the different kinds of irregularities and which ones of dangerous? It doesn't happen often is it safe to assume that these spells are not dangerous?
Avatar f tn The cardiologist required the nuclear stress test to rule out any heart problems before clearing the person to have thyroid meds for hypothyroidism because they have intermittent hypertension and higher than normal cholesterol and he is afraid thyroid meds could be dangerous. Now the finding of a slight "dark spot" has him saying a catheterization is required because the stress test was inconclusive. Doesn't the scan result of zero rule out blockages?
Avatar n tn Is it common procedure to do a heart catheterization on an individual who has an aortic annurism? and "Is it possible to combine two major surgeries and to repair the annurism and the heart damage at the same time? J.
287996 tn?1312023682 oh by the way is the catheterization the end all be all of heart testing?????
Avatar n tn i had a heart catheterization done a week ago.. i have formed a knot in the area of the catheter and now it throbs at site around to my lower back.. is this normal ?
Avatar n tn You could have an arrhythmia such as svt that makes your heart race. It is usually not dangerous if you are young and healthy and do not get lightheaded with it. A heart catheterization would look at your heart arteries and presumably be normal in a young, healthy 30 year old woman. It would not really help deterine why your heart races. The event monitor is the ideal test for that purpose. Acid reflux is a possible cause of your symptoms - see if treatment helps.
Avatar n tn Is it common procedure to do a heart catheterization on an individual who has an aortic annurism? and "Is it possible to combine two major surgeries and to repair the annurism and the heart damage at the same time? J.
Avatar f tn She was at the hospital for 4 days the catheterization went fine she had no blockage in her heart arteries wich was good!! But..About 3days after being released from the hospital she started to have an allergic reaction to the dye! Which the dr.s thought was strange so they ran some blood tests etc. They gave her meds for it and sent her on her way. Now I have a question it’s probably common idk? After a week 1/2 of being out of hospital she still feels dizzy!
Avatar n tn Several months later she had a stent placed in her left femoral artery for a 75% blockage - her right femoral artery is completely occluded and her vascular surgeon wishes to do a femoral bypass at some point later (she has very good collateral circulation in her completely occluded right leg, so he is in no hurry to perform the procedure.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a question involving a heart condition I have. I started having colon cramps and I have PAC's the was told to me by a heart doctor in 1999 when I had a heart catheterization. My heart does this sudden pause and a strong single beat. I was getting them very little through out the years. I could trigger them with hard laughing, and bowl movements. I started getting a lot of colon cramps and spams and when I get them, my heart keeps doing that pause and strong beat thing.
Avatar f tn Over the last 3 weeks, the heartbeat has remained high, but stable. How dangerous is this? What are the odds of it damaging the baby's heart and/or the baby not making it? They have talked about Digoxin if the heartbeat goes up to 260. What would that mean for the mother's health?
Avatar n tn So according to the echocardiogram and the heart catheterization my EJECTION FRACTION is normal at 50-55%. According to the stress test it is abnormal at 40%. Are the echocardiogram and heart catheterization more accurate than the stress test? Or is it normal for the EJECTION FRACTION to be lower while exercising? (By the way, my heart catheterization showed no abnormalities or blockages and the cardiologist told me that I DO NOT have heart disease).
Avatar n tn Is there an alternative to a heart catheterization for a patient who has low kidney function and has had a previous reaction to the dye used in a cath? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Heart-Disease/IPV-Dye-that-is-used-for-heart-catheterization/show/239624">IPV Dye that is used for heart catheterization</a>.
Avatar n tn I have been told that I would need to have another heart catherization to see what is going on. I threw a blood clot from the last heart cat two years ago and had to undergo groin bypass surgery. I am very afraid of going through this procedure again, but am afraid not to. Could you make any suggestions as to what should be looked at and any possible explanations for my symptoms. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn What is restrictive constrictive heart disease? I can't find any information on this. If you have had an echocardiogram that was slighlty abnormal, Borderline increase in septum measurements, right side heart preasures slightly above normal etc. What tests rule out the disease? Would a Cath? Doctor don't seem to concerned, but I am. I am 30 years old history of Phen/Fen and mother passed away in 50's from a Massive Heart Attack.
Avatar n tn Posted by Deborah on July 17, 1999 at 14:32:08 I had a catheterization a couple of years ago and although all came back clear, I experienced pain in my heart when the catheter was being removed and for a couple of days after the procedure I suffered a low-grade fever. The fever probably wasn't from the dye because I was given some type of steriod to counteract an allergic reaction. My main concern is about the pain I suffered during the removal of the catheter.
Avatar n tn The tests that we go through are only 70-80%, the only one that is 100% is the heart cath---it is the best way to find out if there is anything really wrong. I hope you will consider it.
Avatar f tn This course can be checked on a CT scan or on a left heart catheterization with extreme lateral views. If that is the case there is a significant chance of sudden cardiac death and you should undergo surgical repair at an experienced tertiary care center. I would suggest that since this is not a common anomaly that you seek the opinion of an expert in this area at the nearest respected teaching facility.
Avatar m tn Prior diagnoses? Generally speaking, a heart catheterization is performed to assess coronary arteries (#, locations, any narrowing), heart valve (leakage or narrowing) or heart muscle (thickness, movement, or any holes where there shouldn’t be one). It can also record pressures inside each heart chamber reached by the catheter. Catheterizations are rarely performed in most 17 year-olds.
Avatar n tn I had a heart catheterization on May 18. My arteries are fine, but I developed a huge hematoma by the incision site and did not stop bleeding for 8 hours. During that time the nurses put pressure on my leg and I developed a huge bruise from my waist to my knee. I was sent home the next day and 8 days ago I felt a horrible pain and stinging at incision sight.
326176 tn?1239515689 When will you have your next heart attack from another increasing dangerous blockage? A stent could save your life by preventing a fatal heart attack. You must have an angiogram to determine if you have any more blockages. Good Luck, Jack Also if you would have received an angiogram immediately upon entering the hospital, a stent could have saved permanent heart muscle damage.