Is bactroban the same as bacitracin

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Avatar n tn (biopsy not back yet) It was small and on the top of my calf on the inside. The first 2 days I put Bacitracin and a bandaid on as the MD said. Kept it clean, etc... By Saturday, I was still doing the Bacitracin, but at times, I had been letting air get to it because it wasn't drying up. By Saturday night, there was a reddness around the outside of the wound. It was as if someone drew a red line completely around the opening. Then it started to hurt when I would touch it...just sore.
Avatar f tn They never get red (I catch them early) and usually go away one to two weeks of medicating. I currently have a boil that this med is not helping. I usually get the boils in the same places once or twice a year, but this is a new one and it's in a very inconvenient spot. My question/concern is... would it be better to let them come to a head and pop on their own or to keep using the medicine and keep them from ever maturing?
Avatar n tn My husband got also the same kind of spots on the center of the back, so I'm not sure if they are due to allergic reaction or to fungus or what are they. They don't itch on my but are itching for my husband. The picture show some of the spots on my chest.
Avatar n tn I'm now concerned with our sexual activities as I'm afraid that it's contagious. Is it contagious? And if it is, what's the best precaution. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Herpes goes away by itself, though it may return in the same place (as cold sores of the lip do.) Doctors can't diagnose it with certainty after it goes away, however. I therefore recommend that you see a doctor right away, so you can treat what needs to be treated, or at least find out what it is and know whether it will ever return or not. I can't think of any realtionship with the herbs you inhaled.
Avatar n tn I've read other posts where you've suggested hibiclens and bacitracin to kill the bacteria since its OTC - would you suggest it here as well? What about PhisHex and Bactroban - are they OTC?
314554 tn?1337457719 The tough, adhesive crusts barely absorb water after standing in a warm shower or soaking in a tub, It does not surprise the Neosporin and Bacitration merely sit on top of the crust. As frustrating as it is, I am beginning to accept that slow healing is simply the nature of some skin infections. Still, I admit I am perplexed (and grateful) the face and neck crusts healed rapidly (during the first three weeks of now an eight week period).
Avatar n tn But I know Bacitracin Ointment should NEVER be used on wounds with staph in them, as that is the type of stuff the staph is resisting and learning how to resist. I am pretty sure thats what happened to me, I think I had empetigo (another form of staph infection) and I used bacitracin on them sometimes, they NEVER seemed to heal. I used a lot of old MAKE UP and COVER UPs that probably contained bacteria as well, so my outbreaks were on-going. I just leaned that.
Avatar n tn yet I get the same symptoms as you, often. Usual it remains in the hair area at the base of the penis where I get the most friction when she is riding me. Sometimes it moves up into the pubic hair area as it spreads. It usually goes away on its own with thorough cleaning every day, keeping it dry and abstaining until it heals. However, one time it healed at the point of initiation but had spread down into my left groin and thigh area.
Avatar n tn Hello again, I had asked a previous question & you gave me good answers, thank you. My problem continues to this day. Not sure what I had/have, possibly jock itch, which turned into a staph infection, got the boils all over my thighs, groin, stomach, & butt. I am taking the 500mg of Cephalexin 4x a day & in the beginning the boils got better.
Avatar n tn i have been dealing with boils or as i like to say abssesses since i was 13 im now 35 the worst is when it appears on the left side of my labia the pain as you all know is excruciating last weekend i went to the e.
Avatar n tn I have found when I have a flare up of splits in my nostril..I do the ...nettie pot but with a "turkey baster"HA I KNOW BUT IT WORKS the bulb irrigation in surgery (use an ear syringe if you want) but ..put about a good teaspoon of un iodized sea salt in cup of warm water...disssolve and ..irrigate rinse your nostrils. Heals them right up and during allergy season...a daily rinse...keeps the splits from coming back.
Avatar f tn It's possible you may not have experienced the scratch the evening prior to bed even though you woke up with it. On Sunday I barely slid through the gate while taking out the recyclables and my shoulder brushed against the rod iron. This was Sunday, mind you. Yesterday (Tuesday) I suddenly had this huge unsightly bruise that cropped up out of no where. __________________ I would hold off on the Vaseline.
Avatar n tn Insteadk, wash daily with Hibiclens (OTC antiseptic), apply bacitracin ointment to each boil after washing and also in your nostrils to suppress the growth of staph germs. Consider also seeing a doctor for a prescription for an oral antibiotic for a short while. It's not a vitamin deficiency. Best. Dr.
Avatar m tn My nose thingy is the same as nearly all of your described. White circle on the cartilage, cut near the edge of my nostril, large very hard scabby thing which interferes with breathing. All came after a winter cold. I took out the huge scab last night and it has not come back but my nose is sore. Ick!
Avatar n tn Your feet have tons of skin, so the raw spray can get in there but trust me it is NOT for your balls or penis. The penis head is the same thing as a woman's clit. Same exact thing. So to treat it, you need anti-fungal properties AND you need a cream. But if you are treating fungus, these don't go hand in hand. I think all the jock creams make it worse. This is why I put on pure Monistat 7 cream. I am telling you. ONE HOUR and I felt better. Three weeks of a disaster on my junk.
Avatar n tn The treatment of choice for impetigo is an anti-bacterial ointment such as mupirocin (Bactroban) or bacitracin (Polysporin).
431531 tn?1254101806 She was intrigued by the antiviral therapy, its effect, and the ear thing which actually was a painful lump of the same general type as on the nose, but in the crease between the back of my ear and my head. Herpes hangs out in the nerve roots. Mostly, people's immune system keeps the various types of herpes in suppression. But for whatever reason, the herpes can become strongly expressed, as is the case with shingles (herpes zoster).
Avatar n tn I just went to the doctor about the same problem as the very first post. It is very painful but I have figured out that I can walk a little better with a thick maxi pad in my panties. Before that I couldn't even put panties on today. My doctor gave me the antibiotic Duricef but I am also trying a home remedy I found online tonight so I will try to let everyone knows if it works or not. Below is the site that I found the remedy on...
Avatar f tn PS It is not a subcutaneous cyst or horn as the gentleman thought it might be from the picture. I realize how hard it is to try to diagnose from a tiny picture, and I do appreciate his efforts.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem, I'm 41 but the only thing is I have 3 kids and my oldest son is fine but my daughter and my youngest son both have the same problems. Mine didn't start til after I had my daughter. Here I thought we were the only ones. I keep mine cleaned out with alcohol, but it BURNS. I'd like to know what causes it. My oldest son has an inny belly button, we don't. Don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.
Avatar n tn I also noticed that on the same day my eyes broke out, my foreskin area did as well. Since this is a common area where yeast infections tend to crop up, that only served to reinforce my assumption that the problem around my eyes was in fact due to yeast (fungi) also. On the foreskin area, I put an anti fungal liquid treatment from Lotrimin. It's in a little eye dropper and called "Lotrimin AF antifungal". It's clotrimazole liquid..