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1068422 tn?1293684253 When you say allergic to contrast, iodine, shellfish - you are referring to the contrast given for Xrays, which does contain iodine - and yes, this kind of allergy can cause death. The contrast used in MRIs is gadolinium which is NOT iodine. Allergy to it is unusual, but it does occur. Still some MRI centers ask if people are allergic to idodine, shellfish etc. This is unfortunate and perpetuates the myth that the two types of contrast have iodine.
Avatar m tn There's a contrast medium called "Gadolinium" that can be used in place of iodine, so that might be an option for you. Urologists sometimes hesitate to use it as it's tough on the kidney's, but if you can't have iodine and this is a one-time contrast picture, then they shouldn't have a problem with it.
1469458 tn?1287320290 Many weight loss drinks and power bars say they contain iodine and I have heard there are many different types. What should I avoid? I really want to try a weight loss program like Medifast, but it contains potassium iodide. Is there a RAST for this? Thank you in advance for your help.
Avatar m tn The HSG uses an iodine contrast dye that is injected into the uterus. My gyn is aware that I have Grave disease and am allergy to shellfish. I was euthyroid before the HSG procedure. 2 weeks after the HSG, my TSH decreased from 1.47 to 0.04. My Ft4 and Ft3 increase from mid range to the upper range. My question is does HSG trigger a new episode of grave disease?
Avatar f tn I am scared stupid to have a cardiac cath due to my iodine allergy. I am told I will be given benadryl for a few days prior. I don't trust this. I looked up alternative drugs for the iodine contrast and was horrified to find that the one used for MRI, MRA, and CT scans could cause a lethal illness of the kidney to which there is NO treatment or Cure. Is there no other way to assess my heart vessels?
Avatar f tn Also be sure to avoid iodine. I know someone who is allergic to shrimp and she did not tell her surgeon and used iodine on her skin for the prep and she swelled up and broke out into a rash. Needless to say surgery was postponed and she got an earful from her doctor about not telling him she was allergic to shrimp.
Avatar n tn They claim that if you are not allergic to shell fish you will not have a reaction to iodine. When taking catscan or mri (s) My parents both had a bad reaction to iodine and they ate shell fish for so many years. ????????????What, is the dye made of.. . maybe it was old dye or dirty dye?
Avatar f tn I am too allergic to iodine and have been diagnosed with Graves 13 years ago (untreated). I'm pretty sure mine has turned hypo because of it but can't find a doctor to listen. I just made the connection between the thyroid and iodine allergy by my own research and I'm interested to know if you ever found anything that helps.
Avatar n tn You might be able to eat seaweed, were it pure seaweed, but there would be no way to be sure that the seaweed had not been contaminated by shellfish allergens. The iodine has nothing to do with the allergic reaction to fish and shellfish, so you are safe to eat iodized salt. Be aware, however that allergy to iodide is not rare, although unrelated to the seafood allergy.
Avatar f tn s for pre CT contrast, but professional journals I have about NSF, in which you should have your skin biopsied and check your eGFR and sCR, or estimated glomerular filtration rate(kidney function) and serum creatinine, if you have a basic metabolic panel, the eGFR is usually hidden in paragraph that seems not to apply to you, it does, do not alert the medical staff you know about this, go to mayomediclaboratories com search G for gadolinium and search about TC 99 nuc waste radioactive tracer wi
Avatar f tn I sure understand what you're asking here. I have often wondered the same thing after having such a terrible reaction to nori, which is used for sushi. People usually think I'm just being stubborn about trying sushi, because they think I don't understand that sashimi is totally different than sushi and sushi can be made without the raw fish. I know that, but it's the seaweed itself I'm very allergic to.
Avatar f tn Pertechium (Gadolinium) is the dye used for Cat scans and yes it does contain Iodine and many thyroid people are allergic to this dye (myself included). I assume that you are on PTU and if this doesnt agree with you then ask your Doctor for Methimazole or Carbimazole. I was on both Carbimazole and PTU and found that I couldnt tolerate PTU. If your levels are very high then you should also be on a beta blocker (Inderal or Athenol) to avoid any thyroid storm.
Avatar f tn Hi, Heather--they use an iodine-based (sometimes barium) contrast agent for CTs (and my guess is that Kate likely has an iodine allergy) and a gad agent for MRIs, usually. Thanks for the kind words.
Avatar n tn The best way to find out whether you will now show an allergy towards this small amount of iodine is by allergy tests.Skin ***** tests can be tried.In this a small amount of allergen is introduced in the skin of the forearm.Then a positive reaction consisting a red erythematous patch is noted.If it develops,then that person is allergic to the allergen being tested. Confirmatory diagnosis is by blood tests like RAST.
Avatar m tn Sorry but your first and third sentences are completely incorrect. 1 - while there is no difference in imaging principle, closed bore MRI use much more powerful magnets that allow for nearly x5 better imaging. This is the fact on which my question was based. 2 - MRI contrast contains gadolinium, which is proven to cause fibrosis. This is why it is not recommended for anyone with kidneys malfunction.
Avatar n tn However, in people who have kidney problems have kidneys that do not function properly and gadolinium may stay longer. Therefore, the risks of toxicity from the Gadolinium are greater and may develop nephrogenic systemic fibrosis or NSF. the time it remains may be dependent on the kidney function of the individual. Gadolinium toxicity causes fibrosis of the skin and connective tissues throughout the body.
Avatar m tn It is important to identify presence of other risk factors for formation of clots which include obesity, immobility, smoking, oral contraceptives, trauma, certain cancers, age, inherited clotting disorders and chronic inflammatory diseases. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn did they give you MRI metal, Gadolinium metal? fda gov blackbox warning? no mention of metal? see mri side effects, willis law firm, ignore him, he won't take case unless NSF diagnosis by skin doc, but you can have retained metal that dechelates or is retained if told to take iron, zinc , copper, etc, read rsna org, auntminnie com and fiercebiotech com sites, see fda gov and nyas org, free registration, Fourth Annual NSF conference, e briefing 13 Sept 2010.
329165 tn?1515471990 Hi, I am now on Prednisone for 5 days and some cream. Fish and Shellfish allergy and I am really bummed as I love fish!
Avatar f tn Hi, You need to definitely speak with your Dr before having the procedure done and then when you are there REMIND EVERY SINGLE PERSON you come in contact with about your latex allergy. I don't know about the dye used but ask and ask again and double and triple ask and even if they all say it's ok, see if your Dr will prescribe a steroid to be given before the procedure if any type of dye is used...they did this with my daughter who is anaphylactic to latex, yet is ok with shellfish ...
Avatar n tn My husband is extremely allergic to iodine (So was his mother) and also allergy to shellfish. 03-12-2015 he had an Adrenal venous sampling with contrast dye done. We told them that he could not have the dye. They advised it would be a tiny bit of dye and the Benadryl Prep (3 50mg doses of Prednisone and 50 mg of Benadryl) would stop the reaction. Well this is the 3rd time he does the prep and the 3rd time this happened. This is the worst.
Avatar n tn It was VERY scary! Feeling my face go hot, seeing a rash on my legs! The nurse was the one who noticed I wasn't look too good. Then my chest felt like an elephant sitting on me, and I could feel my throat closing up, and had difficulty breathing. Luckily they knew what to do! I drank a gallon or two of water (which is the emergency way of getting it out of your system quick smart!) Luckily I was caught in time and they didn't need to put a needle in my heart with adrenaline!
Avatar n tn because I have been experiencing unusual migraines, and I’m really worried because my father is severely allergic to Iodine, and I know they inject iodine usually during CT scans, i’ve never been tested for allergies, but my parents have had me avoid all shell fish and I’ve never had an iodine medication, I guess what I’m asking is am I at high risk to be allergic to Iodine? I know allergies tend to be hereditary and I’d rather avoid Iodine if I’m at high risk of having a reaction.