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Avatar n tn said Mitchell Warren, executive director of the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, an international group that has worked toward developing a vaccine. "It will take time and resources to fully analyze and understand the data, but there is little doubt that this finding will energize and redirect the AIDS vaccine field," he said in a statement.
Avatar n tn Vaccine Campaigns May Be The Cause of New AIDS-Like Disease in Asia and Drug Resistant HIV Affecting Africa Researchers have identified mysterious new symptoms that have left scores of people in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa with an AIDS-like disease and drug-resistant HIV respectively. Coincidentally, vaccine trials took place in several regions in both continents. The patients' immune systems become damaged, leaving them unable to fend off germs as healthy people do.
Avatar n tn Flu vaccine is a killed vaccine and can produce fever, local inflammation at the site of injection and very rarely Guillain Barre Syndrome (Ascending Paralysis). So they say no give for Myasthenia Gravis. But there are also live flu vaccines in some countries like Russia. The flu vaccine is grown on eggs so people allergic to eggs also should not take without testing.. There are also highlypurified vaccines and also Recombinant vaccines.
148588 tn?1465778809 I think it would massively upset the balance of power and would be considered a more serious act of aggression than the Strategic Defense Initiative was. http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar m tn I'm friends with the people in Dysautonomia International who are working on this initiative. Your best bet is to contact them for more information. I see you already are aware of their website.
Avatar f tn I am new to this great forum and really thanks the team behind this helpful initiative to save lives. I had a very high risk encounter and want to know if am infected and my options On 20th Jan 2020, I had sex using condom with Hepatitis B positive lady in acute stage, newly infected. Unfortunately the condom pulled during sex and I continued for like 5 minutes without knowing. Am not vaccinated. I did baseline tests and it's negative with no prior immunity.
Avatar f tn From the US CDC “It is not known for how long protection from one hepatitis A vaccine dose lasts, but it has been shown to last for at least 10 years (32). One dose of single-antigen hepatitis A vaccine administered at any time before International travel can provide adequate protection for most healthy persons.” “How long does protection from hepatitis B vaccine last?
Avatar m tn Roche also obtained an option to license additional vaccine opportunities in connection with a collaborative research program in oncology. Roche and Inovio will collaborate to further develop INO-5150 and INO-1800. Under the terms of the agreement, Roche will make an upfront payment of USD $10 million to Inovio.
Avatar m tn sorry for my poor english to all person, i wanna know the risk of initiative oral sex in a gay behavior, can it transmit to me? very sorry to ask this question, in China AIDS information is too poor. I have pharyngitis, and gum bleeding when i cleaning my teeth.i'm so afraid of that. please reply me, thx a lot.
Avatar m tn or other adverse events when they used or stopped using Truvada for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), according to an analysis from the iPrEx study presented at the Eighth International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2015) last month in Vancouver, Canada. This is a potential concern because the drugs in Truvada – tenofovir and emtricitabine – are active against HBV as well as HIV.
Avatar m tn It seems that oral sex has low risk of contracting HIV according to International AIDS Conference ,Vienna. It refers to giving oral or receiving oral or both??? TEAK do you agree??
206807 tn?1331936184 Yeah, bad element.... I'm ashamed of them. By the way, not only did I "test" the waters, I lived in them.
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Avatar m tn 8 patients : 7 male and 1 female, age 29-53, median age 38 who were successfully treated with entacavir or tenofovir with or without interferon or thymosin achieved negative serological detection of HBS antigen, They were given augmented doses of Triple Recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine (Engerix B) IM toghether with immuno-vaccine enhancer Thymalfasin 3.2 mg SC.on Day 0, Day 30, and Day 180. Hepatitis B surface antibody were then measured on each patient on Day 210.
Avatar m tn i was posted before.. so here we go again, it may be useful to have The HBV vaccine after my results at 2 months after exposure? (results came negative) but i know it may take more time to show up. the possiblity, if a really catch the virus..but the vaccine could help against the infection? if a take the shot.. it could be a good idea?
Avatar f tn City elections officials confirmed Wednesday that the initiative had received enough signatures to appear on the ballot, getting more than 7,700 valid signatures from city residents. Initiatives must receive at least 7,168 signatures to qualify. If the measure passes, circumcision would be prohibited among males under the age of 18. The practice would become a misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or up to one year in jail. There would be no religious exemptions.
Avatar m tn how fare are scientists saying that we are away from a cure/vaccine ?? , what developments have been done ?
Avatar f tn So I felt that my risk of contracting h1n1 was relatively low while the risk of adverse affects from the vaccine, given my more fragile health, was relatively high. I skipped the vaccine. This year I'm reconsidering, as my health has improved and I'm in a new job that places me in contact with way more people. I'd suggest weighing your options and also to ask you doctor about what to do, then if you can, ask another doctor or try to get a second medical opinion.
Avatar m tn TG1050 is a therapeutic vaccine, that is currently being evaluated in an international first-in-man Phase 1/1b trial in patients with chronic hepatitis B (or chronic HBV1 infection) receiving nucleoside analog-based standard of care. The recruitment of the trial has been completed and the patients’ follow up is ongoing.
Avatar f tn Immunity is not lost even if hbsab goes und once you responded to vaccine and also adults always clear hbv so vaccine is not even is only at birth that you can get it it is mandatory not to use any kind of drugs,poppers used by many gay men make in cass of unhealthy life or drug use consider that any disease is not cleared and immunensystem is damaged to mildly to aids....
Avatar m tn ( GMHC AIDS Hotline: (212) 807-6655 (M-F 10-9, ) these people realy put my mide at reat about HIV
Avatar f tn But still I’m scared what if the tiny microbat flew away after hitting me. This thoughts eat me up. Rabies vaccine here is very costly. Do you think I need to take vaccine ?
1530342 tn?1405016490 A vaccine is FAR more likely than a cure. For MOST viral infections, there is no cure, and with HIV, a retrovrius, it is unlikely. We still don't have a cure for the common cold, and influenza. A cure would be wonderful, but just think of all the other diseases out there with no cure, only treatments. The thing to be thankful for is how far we've come in the treatment for HIV/AIDS. MANY people are living completely normal life spans...
Avatar n tn m assuming you are referring to the Pneumovax 23? This is the pneumonia vaccine that is recommended as routine for those age 50+ or persons age 2 or older with certain chronic conditions or in certain environmental or social situations...