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Avatar n tn There seems to have little or no research studies regarding Post Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin related side effects and so I put this question out to patients who have done this treatment.
9364515 tn?1403330662 All of my other treatments (except one clinical trial I was in that didn't include Ribavirin)- I was on the Interferon and Ribavirin. I have more side effects from antidepressants than I do from being depressed, so for me, I do better w/o them. I am a firm believer with exercise. It helps alot of things including depression. Exercise doesn't have to be the same cookie cutter work-out routine for every person. Some people may prefer to swim. Others may enjoy walking outside.
Avatar n tn Two extra strenth tylenol actually work pretty well and I will be able to tolerate this for a year if I have to. I'm hoping it will taper off. Do anyone of you have these side effects to ribavirin? Thanks.
Avatar f tn What they don't tell you is that while the sx of interferon tend to leave quickly...a mo or so after treatment ends, the sx of ribavirin stay with you for at least six mos., although substantially decreased, and it may cause michtochondrial changes in your blood cells.....
Avatar m tn Side effects from sofosbuvir and ribavirin treatment are listed in the top line results of the clinical trials. "In FISSION (Genotype 2/3 treatment-naïve), just 1% of patients receiving 12 weeks of sofosbuvir plus ribavirin discontinued therapy. However, a higher rate — 11% — of patients who received 24 weeks of peginterferon plus ribavirin stopped treatment.
188500 tn?1207368551 At about week 4 insomnia set in. I can't sleep, toss and turn until 4 or 5 in the morning, then get about 2 hours sleep. I have a very short temper and have to watch myself so I don't get mad about nothing. I'm sure it's the riba.
Avatar n tn There can be some high points and like I have said before my side effects, to date, have been less then what I expected and that alone has made me joyous, I think I have stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Avatar n tn I am going to start on Interferon Maintenance and would like to know if the side effects are similar to the treatment? I completed interferon/ribaviron in 2004 but did not have a SVR. I just finished a week of Infergen/Ribavirin and quit the treatment. It was just too intolerable. Anyone need Infergen?
Avatar m tn How many are suffering from Post Interferon side effects?
1838299 tn?1403496143 Like Susan400, my doctor wouldn't allow me to take the Sovaldi/ Olysio combo because of my partial and poor response and side effects I experienced with Victrelis (Boceprovir) and RIBA/Interferon. This go around I've had some tough days, but really am functioning pretty normal except for a couple days after my shot. I had quite a drop in my WBC as well, but it has leveled off since week 6.
Avatar n tn I am a geno 2b female 58 yrs old stage 2 grade 3. I was diagnosed in 2000. I found this website late last year and these good people got me out of my fear paralysis and down the road to treatment. I am starting my 7th week of the 24 wks recommended for our genotype. (I agree--do all 24 weeks...don't take a chance.) I am very health conscious too, active, etc. Also prone to depression and have thyroid problems all over my family (both sisters, one daughter, one niece so far). SO.
Avatar n tn I get sick alot, so the side effects from the interferon and rybavin didn't really worry me too much. I guess I also believed it was going to work which helped. If someone knows of any other treatment available, I would be very grateful for your ideas/info.
Avatar n tn 5 VL Copies apx BMI Body Mass Index WHR Waist to Hip Ratio Drug Acronyms IFN Interferon (Alpha 2a / Alpha 2b) NPIA Non-Pegylated Interferon Alpha PegIFN Pegylated Interferon (Alpha 2a / Alpha 2b) CIFN Consensus Interferon (Infergen/alphacon) RBV Ribavirin RVN Ribavirin Riba Ribavirin WBR Weight Based Ribavirin WBD Weight Based Dose FDR Fixed Dose Ribavirin LDR Low Dose Ribavirin (Same as FDR) EPO Erythropoietin Epoetin alfa (Epogen/Procrit), Darbepoetin alfa (Aranesp) Neup Neupo
318582 tn?1248122151 a high prevalence of genotype 1, problems in achieving full doses of IFN and RBV because of side effects, and a risk of complications related to impaired liver function. As mentioned above, the objective is not to reduce the viral load at transplantation because this has not been shown to decrease the rate and severity of recurrence, in contrast to HBV cirrhotic patients.
1722607 tn?1335751458 Inc and Vic are both so new and have only been approved and used for 6-7 months, other than in the clinical trials, so for the most part doctors are introducing them slowly into their practices, as patients on the triple therapies require close monitoring for side effects and response. Therefore many doctors and nurse practitioners who directly manage the care of triple therapy patients are still learning as well. The pharmacists in the specialty pharmacies are still learning too.
Avatar f tn The interferon you are talking about is called Infergen, Consensus Interferon. There haVe been plenty of people in here over the last years that have done this form of treatment however most people just do the weekly interferon and riba combo. Google up Infergen and you'll have it. Unfortunately most of the sides are the same as with weekly - but they can be more hard core.
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Avatar n tn those little promises about the future? Afraid, that's not treatment related side effects, but rather male-related side effects :) ------------ More seriously, treatment does take a toll on us both physically and mentally. Many of us experience coginitive problems of all sort including memory loss. In fact, some report more cognitive problems post treatment than even during treatment. My doctor calls it "interferon hangover". Hopefully it will pass with time. All the best.
493068 tn?1224768915 I guess as everyone else, I am really in doubt about the tx, since I am really feeling good at 41 and I was told by some patients who that once you do a tx, that is it, if you do not kick the virus out, there is no more chance, besides now having all kinds of side effects from the 48 weeks of the worst! Interferon. I really do not know about it, it is just what I hear. Thanks again and good luck, brazeagle Look at this site and video!!! SCARY about interferon! www.lloydwright.
Avatar m tn Guess I got my answer 9.9 hemoglobin. Add procrit to the list.
Avatar n tn Nausea is one of the side effects of Ribavirin. You have to take it with fat. I have 10 almonds in the morning after my cereal and I have ice cream at night after dinner. The older you get the less natural interferon your body makes.
Avatar f tn Although interferon has received the most attention for bad side effects, ribavirin is not without its own problems. Shortness of breath, low Hgb, etc. are a few, but most on this forum have only taken with Inf. I'm not aware of any studies with only Riba, so it might be hard to answer your question. There are others doing the same study as you so maybe they can provide input.