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Avatar f tn Inside of my nose has been sore and swollen since yesterday. No breakdown yet, but started lining my nostrils with Vicks, to help alleviate dryness and hopefully I can prevent it from breaking down. Think I'll dig out the humidifier too. Everything heals so slowly, and my wbc, neuts, and lymphocytes are always low, better to try to prevent an infection.
Avatar f tn I went to dermatalogist for a yearly check-up and asked about a recurring sore just inside my nostril. I do have rosacea. She thought it was a clogged pore but when she and the nurse took a look with a pen light, they noticed a bright red rash inside my nose. They referred me to an ENT doctor. I do not have symptoms of pain, itching other than the recurring sore. When I showed the sore to my GP a couple of years ago, he told me it looked like a skin tag and he said he would freeze it off.
Avatar n tn You probably have a small cut or tear inside the lining of your nose. If the nasal membranes are dry, it is really easy to create a cut or tear when you wipe or blow your nose. Preventatively, you could take a small amount of vaseline daily inside your nose. It won't hurt you at all, and no one will know it is there. To get rid of the current issue, take some neosporin on a Qtip, and put it on the sore. Just be careful not to "pick" the scab.
Avatar n tn I have this recurring sore that occurs on the inside of and on my nostril. I have gotten it three times in the past year, and this most recent time I got it at the end of a cold. It is both itchy and tender, and it starts off as red and inflames, and looks like a cluster of conjoining pimples. It then turns very dry and scabs form and will even turn white. It might be there for a week or so and then it goes away.
Avatar n tn i have an area on and inside my left nostril that has been sore for a few weeks. painful to touch. what could it be?
Avatar n tn moved up to the middle part between my lip and nose, then moved the middle section that separates the nostrils and now I get them inside my nose. The are always on the inside part of my nose. I hope that makes sense. It's been a crazy ride with this damn virus.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing a dry nose for a while now and have just been dealing with it, without any nasal meds, well I recently felt like I may have a cut or a pimple on the inside of my right nostril and instead of leaving it alone I have been picking at it, because I constantly have a burger and it bothers me, any ways now my nostril is swollen, red, and has a shooting sort of pain that will not go away! Is it infected? What can I do to help the healing process?
Avatar m tn I have this white sore/place in my left nostril and i say its been there for like a year and hasn't gone away yet. It is like on the inside of the left nostril on the bridge near the top of my nose. I hard boogers on it and it is hard to get it off of it and out off my nose and it bleeds and when i get it off the boogers just come right back on the white sore and its hard to get it off again. I tried neosporin and it doesn't help.
1054665 tn?1305512055 Have Herpes of the mouth, and awhile back had a pretty bad break out, it spread to the inside of my nose. Now there seems to be a scar there, it hurts me whenever its touched inside and or out. I have sleep apnea, and sleep with a cpap, the kind that shouldn't hurt the nostril pillow. However this does hurt me, even the air hurts. Is there anything I can do? Is it best if I try an on the nose mask?
Avatar n tn I have these white bumps in my right nostril. I have no idea what caused it. I have had a cold and been blowing my nose. This isnt snot or boogers or anything. It is like the skin in my nose is kinda. Like crusty dry...and painful when i move my nose. I have no idea what did this or caused it.....any advice?
Avatar n tn I recovered and just 3 months ago developed nervy, painful fluid filled blisters inside my nostril. I dismissed it as a one time event. However, it happened again complete with fatigue and a swollen lymph gland on the same side. My Dr. suspected impetigo or HSV 1, although, he's never seen it in that area. (My mom also has "fever blisters" in the same spot). I am almost positive it isn't impetigo. 1) How do I keep this virus to myself?
Avatar n tn I have this recurring sore that occurs on the inside of and on my nostril. I have gotten it three times in the past year, and this most recent time I got it at the end of a cold. It is both itchy and tender, and it starts off as red and inflames, and looks like a cluster of conjoining pimples. It then turns very dry and scabs form and will even turn white. It might be there for a week or so and then it goes away.
Avatar f tn i just got back from a wild night in Las Vegas and my friend said you nose has blood on the edge of you nostril. The night before i had a bloody nose and dont remember if i rubbed too hard and scratched my nose. It left a lil cut and scab. Im sure it had to do with the coke i used that whole weekend. At first i thought the worst and worried i caught an STD but i showed a few people and they said it just looked scraped or irritated.
Avatar f tn I was seeing someone a few weeks ago, and since then - I've had 2 outbreaks of sores. The first time I had sores inside and under my right nostril.. I thought that they were pimples so I had the bright idea to put rubbing alcohol on them. *Such a bad idea! -it hurt really bad, but did eventually dry everything the point where everything scabbed over and cleared up. That was 2 weeks ago, and I just had another outbreak. ~This time it's only inside my right nostril.
Avatar f tn It sounds like a sore/small infection inside your nose or outside but in the skin. Those can be really touchy(painful). A neti pot won't help that. The best thing to do is keep it clean,keep your hands off,and don't put anything up your nose. :) If it continues,see a doctor.
1569575 tn?1314427659 Is there anything I can put on a cold sore that has developed IN my nostril? It's inside my right nostril on my septum. I've never had this happen before and it's very uncomfortable! I'm sure it's a cold sore and not a normal irritation caused by a hair or something. I've been getting cold sores for years, always caused by illness or stress - this one I can attribute to a stress overload. It hurts every time I blow my nose or chew food. Since it developed, I've had sneezing fits all day today.
Avatar n tn This past weekend on Saturday 8/30/08 I started to pluck out / pull my hairs out of my right nostril. I have a trimmer but it stopped working and I thought pulling my nose hairs out will do the same trick. I noticed on Sunday 8/31/08 it started to become irritated and I started to pick my nose actually.. I know it's not really the nicest nor cleanest thing to do. Instead of using a tissue I would just pick and then wipe it on the tissue.
356929 tn?1246393356 But by yesterday evening i noticed that it was the bridge of my nose that was painful, it is very sensitive to the touch and swollen, and as so many people have put here it really does feel like someone has punched me in the nose! it is not red where the swelling is and the inside of my nose is not swollen but an occasional clear mucous is needing to be blown out periodically which is now quite uncomfortable to do.
Avatar n tn My nose has had a sore in it for 2 or three days. My nose is dry a lot and gets sores and pimples in it often because of medication I take. Normally I just put some neosporin all around inside, especially all night because it seems to help it heal faster. The sore I have now, seems a bit different, it is much more painful, to the point that I feel like I have a migraine on that side. It hurts so much more to even touch the outside of my nose.
Avatar f tn Now I am starting to think that not only are my tastebuds going but that my right nostril is looking pinched. Could this all be caused by cocaine? I have a deep sore in that part of my nose??
Avatar m tn You may have a sore in your nose.
Avatar f tn The pain in nose may be due to the CPAP machine but another possibility is of a boil inside the nostril. In case of boil inside the nose which is infection of the hair follicle inside the nose, it takes its own course for a week or so in healing and no treatment may be required. Apply warm moist compresses three or four times a day over the tender area. This will help to bring the boil to a head and encourage easy drainage.
Avatar n tn last week I woke up to a small and painful sore in my left nostril. It lasted the day and then the pain and swelling went away. I chalked it up to turning the heat on for the winter. 2 days later it came back and only lasted the day. Now its coming and going in both sides and now my wife tells me she has a sore in her nose the is just about gone. I have concerns of MRSA but I find it odd the we both got our sores the same morning and my sores seem to come and go.
Avatar n tn Yes, I have recently had a cold sore HSV i simplex inside inside my nose. The obstruct the whole left side of my nostril, it's not visible to the eye. However, the doctor stated that I could spread it to anywhere on my body. While not realizing this for a week left undiagnosed, I had been showering with my same sponge and towels. At this point my nose was running, like I had a cold. Now I have itching around my anus and irritation, no lumps or water, it just looks red and dry...?
Avatar f tn i have a cut at the end of my nostril - so nostril is pointed and one normal. its prob from blowing it alot and getting dry mucus during the night from the heating ive tried vaseline, moisteriser, germolene 2nd skin - nothing heals it - i want the skin to knit back together and it wont im worried it will carry on splitting further up my i keep moisterising? or use somethingi dont know about? any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have read on the forums that environmental transmission is not a risk but I'd like to be sure about this happening. This morning I was picking at a sore that was inside my nose (my left nostril). I don't know what kind of sore it was. It looked almost like a whitehead but was sensitive like a coldsore (any idea what this sore was?. Anywho, as I was picking at it it broke and started to bleed a surprisingly large amount for the size of sore it was.
Avatar n tn My nose problems started 2 days ago. It seemed I had a painful sore inside the nostril way up inside. The next morning the bridge of nose was tender to touch, and seemed swollen. This morning, more tender, more swollen, and yellow crusty stuff when I try to get anything. Is it a sinus related problem? I don't have any other sinus pressure or drainage. I'm going out of town until New Year Day, what can I do for it while I'm gone?
Avatar f tn i had a white patch inside my nose and it wasnt sore - ive been using sterimar to try and increase the moisture in my nose as sometimes it seems dry in morning i have used nasal sprays in past - otrivine - beconase but decided to stop using them as sterimar is natural and kind enough for babies - so it hurts abit when i blow my nose on the side the sore it - the sore is on the inner side of my nose not outer is this going to heal ?