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Avatar f tn My daughter (age 30) with a history of depression primary (serious depression) and substance abuse secondary issue is in process of detoxing off of 70 mg odf methadone. My question is this: Can she be given an rx of subutex or suboxone in a very small dose for a period of 6 months to l year to alleviate any leftover withdrawal feelings or help her with her depression (just for a few months)? if so, which is better subutex or suboxone ? She has mild chronic pain also.
Avatar m tn these are the things that hydro and oxy would cure. For those who have used sub or an inpatient treatment, what exactly does it include, and how did you feel about the experience. Also, what about my dream of becoming a doctor, will it be dashed as soon as I tell the doctor that I am an opiate addict. Also how does it effect insurance? I am currently paying for my own insurance. Will it go their a "black mark" on it forever?
Avatar m tn John's Wort, she takes no other sleep aids and, currently isn't even working. I attribute a small amount of this to depression but to be actually SLEEPING that long?.... She also strongly argues that she is not taking more than one or two a day...sometimes four if her "sinuses are acting up". Funny thing is, I've been living with the girl for over a year and she has never blown her nose in front of me, had any allergic reactions, or anything of the sort.
Avatar f tn My son was my biggest mission and turned out he has a very high IQ (who knew, turned out that I didn't know my son during that time bottled up with my Ex and his kids) and now my boy, son has graduated from College last year, is very happy, very healthy, sleeps well (which was another big problem back then) and is only on one medication. It turned out that treatment center was the best additional treatment for him.
Avatar n tn I agree pretty much with everything in your post about MMT. I would like a little more education about MMT and Hep C. I went through the combo treatment two years ago and the only stipualtion was that I refrain from all alcohol because it nullifies the effect of the Interferon and Ribivirin. At that time I was prescibed Vicodin for pain but limited to 20 mg hydrocodone and 1300 mg Tylenol per day. I thought that the opiods had little effect on the liver. Thanks!
Avatar n tn i started taking it right away and it helped greatly in the area s of depression during withdrawls and lack of energy due to withdrawls. along with the supportof the people here at the fourm i was able to kick cold turkey. i still read the post everyday , and i try to reach out and answer any questions that i can. there are other people here who have to take meds for severe pain issues. the people here at the fourm in this situation are a great help to anyone dealing with such issues.
Avatar n tn Everyone seems to w/d differently from different drugs. Opiates are the worst as far as depression, for me, but I w/drew from a big habit, and never had some of the worst symptoms: leg cramps, stomach cramps, etc... Benzos have been the worst as far as physical symptoms. The **** that was happening to my body and mind was beyond anything I have ever experienced. Almost indescribable. For what it's worth, benzo w/d can cause seizures and death, like barbs and alcohohol w/d.
Avatar n tn It has allowed me to be the person I always knew I would be if it were not for the cloud of pain, depression and sleeplessness.
Avatar n tn The main thing is to try and get her to start some meetings, go to an addiction therapist, or if funds allow get her into treatment. Some can't do it on their own even with meetings or a therapist. Some need inpatient rehab. Either way she needs to learn the tools in order to achieve sobriety. Once she learns these tools she can then start working on her recovery which in turn will allow you too also. Addiction isn't just affecting her whether she thinks that or not.
Avatar f tn Of course, I had no idea she was using until I found out by accident after she had been doing it for many months. We immediately put her into inpatient rehab. We could only get a total of 18 days inpatient and a total of 4 months outpatient covered by insurance and other available services. We thought she was doing well, and she of course, learned to hide it very well. If I hae learned anything from this whole horrible experience, addicts are devious, amazing liars.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately docotrs and therapists do not know nothing they do not even have a progressive treatment for stroke in US hospitals. Just for curiosity go to and read about stroke treatment and you will understand what am I talking about. Sorry that I do not sound to positive but I went through too many stages of her strokes and spoke with too many doctors to ubderstand that I know more then some of them. Funny, ah?