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Avatar m tn Is it normal to experience discomfort from inguinal hernia repair several months after surgery? I am 7 months out of surgery. I admit I do things like sing (which put pressure on the area) But is that the entire cause as to why I still experience discomfort from time to time? I notice if a twist, sleep on my side , or on my tummy and not on my back, this kind of provokes it.
Avatar n tn I had right inguinal hernia surgery about a week ago and now I find that when ever me and my wife have sex I can't finish because I develop severe pain at the base of my scrotum. Has any one else experienced this?
Avatar m tn I had open surgery to repair a minor tear in the inguinal canal just over a year ago. My symptoms then were abdominal cramping, cold L testicle, and sharp testicle pain. The doctor used a small mesh to reinforce the hernia sack and inguinal canal. I recovered fairly quickly and had only minor pains normal for recovery. At about 2 months post surgery I started back working out, basketball, and working full time construction again.
Avatar n tn What if you have had hernia surgery already? Can you do situps then? I had hernia surgery Jan 23 2009 and now I have mesh around my whole abdomen.
Avatar f tn An adult friend of mine said that he has very similar symptoms and he had a TEE as the regular echo did not show anything and the TEE showed the valve where his murmur was had torn and he had to have surgery to repair it. Another friend told me to ask about Marfans as my son had an inguinal hernia at birth, needed a palate extender as a child, has a long arm span, has scoliosis, stretch marks and very flexible joints, along with a paternal cousin who had a lung collapse at age 17.
Avatar n tn He clearly presented the surgery as a breeze with quick recovery. Post op appointment he wants to talk about another surgery. He doesn't want to talk about my hip pain, he wants to smooth talk me about another surgery that has a 12 month recovery! I am doing fairly well at 8 weeks compared to others here, but I am not convinced this surgery will end up being something I'm glad I did. I did not realize that he was both a salesman and a doctor.
Avatar n tn ( The right testicle was now bigger than before the operation) I went to the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto, Canada to have the hernia and hydrocele repaired. Their diagnosis determined that I did not have a right inguinal hernia, but just a hydrocele. They repaired the hydrocele and they also checked for a hernia because the doctor was very suprised that the initial repair did not work. I did not have a hernia. My concern is over the swelling.
Avatar n tn My urologist concluded that the fluid came back because I had a right inguinal hernia. ( The right testicle was now bigger than before the operation) I went to the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto, Canada to have the hernia and hydrocele repaired. Their diagnosis determined that I did not have a right inguinal hernia, but just a hydrocele. They repaired the hydrocele and they also checked for a hernia because the doctor was very suprised that the initial repair did not work.
931217 tn?1283484935 [12] Though dystocia can sometimes be treated medically, allowing natural delivery to proceed, the majority of dogs and cats with dystocia require surgical treatment.[10-13] Most females recovery fully from c-sections, though the risks of such surgery are likely greater than those of a planned spay surgery due to the emergency nature of the procedure and the often compromised health of the female due to the dystocia.
Avatar m tn 1- Go for a good urologist and surgeon using laparoscopic surgery which provides faster wound recovery and leaves no scars, as opposed to regular surgery which takes longer to heal the wound, and leaves a 2-3 inch c-section like scar in your groin area. 2- If money is an issue, get it done at an outside surgery facility not in a hospital, its cheaper, and has a lesser chance of infection... some hernia centers/ OBGYNs/Urologists and such have their own surgery facilities.
Avatar m tn He finally gets a physical with his PCP and he refers him to a hernia specialist, who then diagnoses him with having 3 inguinal hernias. He has surgery and gets these removed. After recovery, he said the pressure in his back was gone, but the pain is still there. Some days it's worse than others, but he's still incapable of standing for more than 10 minutes with out being in severe pain.
Avatar n tn 6 months after 2nd TURP had double Inguinal hernia repair. No improvement to CPPS symptoms though. Dr. put me on regemine of Oxycodone. Urologist recommended I read book: Headache in the pelvis by DR's Wise and Anderson of the Stanford Clinic. Book is a valuable source of information that describes "exactly" what CPPS is and symptoms. Signed up for 6 day CPPS seminar this month Aug. 2014. In the meantime, been going to a Physio Therapist in Bellingham WA.
Avatar n tn Most of the time recovery is based on a 6 week period, but recovery might take several months to feel normal again. Out of my own experience from a right inguinal incarcerated hernia repaired in 2006, I still have a some what uncomfortable feeling at times. In 2000 I underwent emergency surgery to have a necrotic left testicle removed. At times it feels like there is a mild pain in a testicle that I no longer have. The nerve endings are still there and can cause discomfort at times.
1378094 tn?1278959660 it won't leave me, How come 2 minutes of doing that damn exercise all of a sudden can ruin my life in such a way? I don't want surgery! I'm VERY scared of doctors. I had 2 surgeries for inguinal hernia back when I was a kid... I was treated at a hospital for pneumonia, I got my nose broken, and repaired... I'm fed up with hospital experiences... The fear never goes away once and for all... I'm scared... I hope I get some feedback on my question...
Avatar n tn Hi, I read your post with interest as I have also been told the same thing recently after having a laproscopy to fix a suspected umbilical hernai and a suspected inguinal hernia. They told me on recovery that I had DR and that they had just closed me back up as there was no point stitching them together as they would only ome apart again. My post-op appt that I had this week, they told me that I could exercise again freely with no caution....
Avatar m tn I have seen 2 general surgeons--both feel I do not have an inguinal hernia. Also saw a neurologist and a urologist. I then saw Dr.Meyers (sports hernia specialist) in Philadelphia. I had a different MRI of the pelvis at his facility which uses a special protocol to isolate the muscles. Had some degeneration in the muscles around the groin but no detachment.
Avatar f tn I had always thought it was stomach/ gastro related,but tests were always negative. Turns out it was inguinal hernia. I had no bulge. It did not hurt after working out, lifting things, or how you commonly think of hernia. Just putting it out there. Two doctors missed it and it was misdiagnosed for something else which I had surgery for.
Avatar m tn I think it is an abdominal muscle tear - sports hernia (athletic pubalgia), inguinal hernia or something urological (epididymitis, varicocele, prostatis, etc). It looks like some of the nerves are affected, because of the tingling sensation, but the spinal MRI did not reveal anything. Do you have any idea what this can be and how can be treated? What other diagnostic tests should I have? Please, help if you can.
Avatar n tn Although I genuinely hope none of you have an inguinal hernia, it sounds to me like you all need to have a very accurate hernia exam performed!! An inguinal hernia can surprisingly cause MANY different pain-related problems, many of which are characterized by what you all have experienced. My doctors said chronic neuralgia as a result of a hernia/operation is a 1/50,000 occurrence. I experienced that in both left and right sides.
Avatar m tn i have experienced and am experiencing the same life changing pain, which started after double hyrnia surgery (lower inguinal) in 2007. 5 years and counting ive been to every specialist, and have had every test done.. i had a beautiful daughter in 2001, im nearing 40 years old. in 2007 i weighed 160# and was very athletic, ambitious, sexually driven etc.. now, im 267#, and a totally different man from this pain.
Avatar n tn find anything medically wrong with me, I discovered a very small inguinal hernia which was pushing on the nerve in the inguinal canal causing ALL of the symptoms you have all been listing. so check out for any small lump that you can push back in right along the left side of your abdomen, so DONT waste all the damn money that I did for the dr's to tell you a buncha b.s and give you a buncha anti biotics assuming you have an STD or infection, even when you keep coming back clean.
Avatar m tn School example of gallbladder or biliary tree disorder. When you eat fats, gallbladder is contracted to expell bile, which is needed to digest fats. If there are stones/sludge in the gallbladder, this causes pain on the right side under the rib cage. Ultrasound is not accurate enough to detect small stones. The most reliable test of gallbladder function is a HIDA scan which shows "ejection fraction" of bile during gb contraction. HIDA may also show eventual problems in biliary ducts.
Avatar n tn Pain and discomfort in that area can often an inguinal hernia. I'm a chiropractor, and just recently had a patient with I diagnosed with an inguinal hernia. One way to check is do a valsalva maneuver (cough hard) and watch the area. You will see a little out-pouching if it is a hernia. You may also see one of the testis is undescended. Robert Cox, D.C.
Avatar m tn It has been six months and I still have symptoms from the epididymitis. It took four months just for the doctor to diagnose it. He thought it was an inguinal hernia. I had to endure a CT and ultrasound before I was properly diagnosed. I was placed on doxycycline for four weeks, and although the pain receded, the inflammation remained. Discomfort returned almost immediately after the drugs had run their course. The doctor then put my on Cipro for another four weeks.
Avatar f tn I am a 27 year old female; I am in a pretty good shape. I exercise regularly and for the last 3 months I have been running 3 to 5 times a week for 2 miles. My problem is that sometimes I would get very severe LOW abdominal pain when running. Sometimes is on the right side, sometimes is on the left side. It does not happen all the time, though. I worm up and increase my speed gradually. I am not sure if I should I see a doctor about that. If anyone has had anything similar, please share.
Avatar n tn ) What can happen if I don't take them? I've had nightmares of growing hair on my face or my voice getting manly. Are my fears real? Can anyone share their experience or knowledge about hormones?
Avatar n tn I thought that maybe I should not exercise as much or change my exercise routines until possibly this passes. Any thoughts?
298579 tn?1192250448 I am 4 weeks post surgery ~ a laproscopic vaginal partial hysterectomy. Surgery went off without a hitch, recovery has been super with minimal pain and I am extremely happy to report that I have not experienced any of the symptoms I posted above. It appears that all my cramping and severe pain with orgasm is gone (let me add that I have only experienced a self-induced orgasm & none via intervaginal stimulation ~ 6 weeks before that they suggested).
Avatar n tn Hey, how you doing? About a year ago I realized I probably have Inguinal Hernia but I'm too scared to do anything about it because I would probably would have to do surgery and that's a scary tought. If it would have been any where else on my body I wouldnt have cared as much. Now I am starting to notice bigger balls, and shrinkage in the actual penis!