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Avatar m tn Ask if you need an X-ray or CT or ultrasound. And NOT only of the trachea (windpipe) but perhpas the chest and the abdomen as well. 3. Either your General Practitioner or PCP (or maybe the radiologist reporting on the images) will confirm that you have a problem. You should then ask the GP or PCP given your problems, if you need to see an ENT or a gastroenterologist. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn Last week I noticed a feeling of something in my throat. Right side of neck. I hadn't felt anything up until then. I felt it immediately after I took a smoke off of someone's Marijuana pipe. I smoke occasionally, maybe every other weekend. This feeling has not left at all. I feel like it is blocking my airway. It really doesnt hurt, its just very bothersome. Over the last several weeks, I've experienced severe dry mouth as well as chronic headaches.
Avatar m tn Okay, so I noticed for a long time now. (3-4 years) I have not been able to get a full breath at all. Then starting recently (3-4 months ago) I started to have pain in the upper interior of my windpipe. (It seemed to be coming from just below the epiglottis) Tonight it was worse than usual and I let out a cough and the pain moved. It was no longer in the same area but now it was coming from right above my epiglottis. I tried drinking some water.
Avatar n tn i had something similar - waking up choking - went on for years getting worse and worse. it was caused by excessive mucous coming down from the nasal area (post nasal drip). Turned out to be caused by an allergy to wheat, gluten and soy. Since avoiding these the problem has gone and I can sleep again. It was really frigtening being woken up several times a night. At it's worst i spent a whole night waking up every 15 mionuts. This is not sustainable!.
Avatar n tn I declined Carbimazole because the possible side effect was swelling of the thyroid, my windpipe is compromised.
Avatar m tn For the past year I have had an large enlarged lymph node on the right side of my neck that hasn't gone down. I had elevated CRP so the doctor gave me antibiotics. Nothing changed. Recently I have have a terrible long standing sore throat and several hard lumps on the front and side of my throat(windpipe) and lower down on the neck. These dont feel like lymph nodes, they feel like proper lumps.
Avatar f tn Top left of throat permanently sore (poss vocal fold?) and throat generally is tickly but no infection there. Had chest infection which is now clear. Blue asthma inhaler caused coughing and laryngospasms so was stopped. Steroids helped the original chest problems but don’t help the “new” post-chest infection cough so were stopped. Been prescribed omeprazole twice a day, but again, no help.
Avatar n tn It's your responsibility to imform the dentist that epinephrine will cause tachycardia(fast heart beat). Lidocaine without epinphrine generally yields shorter duration of anesthesia.However, the condition is much easier to manage than a cardiac crisis.In today's practice of root canal treatment, infection is rarely encountered if you see a competent endodontist.
Avatar n tn If a foreign body enters the windpipe it causes intense retching and coughing. This is protective mechanism, so that nothing enters the windpipe. Even while eating if we happen to laugh and something goes accidentally into the trachea (windpipe), it causes coughing. That sensation may be there in the throat. So, for something to lodge there it is difficult, but to clear doubts, can always have an X ray taken. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn As far as I know, a liquid can block the windpipe, however, I've read that it can induce bronchospasm, which is a reflex that prevents water going into the lungs but it also blocks the airway. The bronchospasm normally should relax on its own, but I've read that sometimes it may last long enough to cause death. Is that true? As soon as one starts to faint, shouldn't the bronchospasm relax?
20813615 tn?1519673954 5. The hemidiaphragms are smooth. 6. The rest of the visualized soft tissue and osseous structures appear unremarkable.
Avatar m tn what you can do is to take two fingers not the thumb and not the index finger and place them center of your neck either on the right side or left side of the neck along the windpipe center and press should have no issues catching your pulse at that area. A word of warning not press in on both sides of the windpipe/neck area at the same time you could cause yourself to pass out by cutting off your bloodflow/oxygen....its a secondary way to take your pulse. Hope it was helpful.
Avatar m tn When I first came out of the last withdrawl it felt like there was pressure on my lower windpipe. Now I don't notice it that much because the sensation has been replaced by the burning feeling... I guess my question is if these are life threatening after effects of the Ativan is there any hope for me? When do it get to the point to where I'm doomed before I even start?
Avatar f tn In many cases patients go into theatre with a small trace of Fungus, bacteria or viral infection in the Lungs and when the body is weakened (because the immune system is busy helping with repairs) the infection can grow and take hold of the patient. Microbiologists have to quickly identify which type of infection it is and select the best antibiotics. While waiting, a general antibiotic is used.
Avatar m tn I have been treated for thyroid for many years..the pressure on my windpipe drives me crazy..
Avatar m tn I was tested by an ENT with years of experience as a Dr. The flap that stops food and liquid going into the windpipe was relaxed. I had therapy and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. The age is in question here, because these symptoms are present with a stroke patient. Good Luck with proper diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Thanks, not sure what kind of doctor that is, but one of my coworkers said the same thing. I'll look it up. they also recommended ENT for the granulomas in his nasal cavities.
377296 tn?1281095438 I have a multinodular goiter that is fairly large pressing on my windpipe. I have had 2 Biopsies. Both were negative. However,my endo has suggested surgery for total removal given the size and the lack of response i had to suppression medication. I am extremely nervous about both the surgery and potential for cancer. I have a consultation on Wednesday at University of Penn. Is there reason to worry if both my FNA and thyroglobulin level is ok?
Avatar m tn or constricted sensation in my throat since suffering a severe viral infection in November of last year. I have had CT scans and Xrays of my throat which all show that everything is normal. I have an appointment with an ENT at the end of the month. I have read all of the symptoms for GERD and the throat thing does tie in with what I am experiencing however I don't have constant burning in my throat and windpipe. Only have occasional heartburn and not often enough for it to be a concern.
Avatar m tn Is it anatomical possible (and if it is, how to make it) to inhale air into the nose and then one part of it to be exhaled into mouth and the rest of the inhaled air to be sent in the lungs? If you don't understood what I mean, here is a simple diagram:
Avatar f tn Albuterol has a long track record of use in the treatment of asthma without harmful effects for the breast feeding infant. You should discuss any further concerns with your doctor, including the possibility of a different inhaled medicine for wheezing. I hope that you will not need to use any asthma medicine in India. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hello, Pneumonia is an inflammatory illness of the lung. When an infection develops, there is an inflammation of the air passages beyond the windpipe. Part of our immune response results in the formation of mucus and catarrh, which takes a couple of weeks to clear. If the attacking bacteria or virus is particularly aggressive, or we are run down and immuno-suppressed, the bug may multiply rapidly to invade a whole area of lung tissue.
Avatar m tn I would just forget about it, and then 2-3 days later it would happen again. After 4-5 weeks of this, I started to worry about it a little more, and of course now I seem to notice tightness in my lower front neck and focus more when I swallow so I don't choke. But for the most part, swallowing food is not a problem, it's more the saliva between bites of food. It's been fine for a couple days now, but expect it to return at any time.
Avatar n tn Hi, A viral or bacterial infection could cause some of the symptoms you mentioned such as running nose, post nasal drip, eyes watering and rash. Do you have history of allergies? Can you elaborate more on the rash description? It is important to rule out allergic reaction to some substances, since this could also be a differential. Keep the area of the rash clean and dry. Avoid scratching to prevent secondary infection.
Avatar f tn I was on steroids but am now weaning off of those. It is especially bothersome at night - I try to sleep lying down and sometimes can then other nights I sleep upright in a recliner. Some days my voice is strong, almost normal and others it goes right back to being weak. What is a normal recup time from a trach? Does this sound normal? I had a procedure to check for any windpipe abnormalies but none were found other than 'swollen tissue' around the vocal chords.
Avatar m tn Recently had a chest X-ray that led to a CT scan, they found multiple lung nodules with one on my upper left lobe measuring 1cm. They also found one lymph node 16mm near my windpipe. I'm 36, non smoker with a history of asthma my entire life. I met with pulmonary dr yesterday. She wasn't concerned about the other nodules but says I should biopsy the 1cm. She doesn't believe it's cancer but to make sure. I'm freaking out....