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Avatar n tn Per general dentist, it lays directly under a good tooth, has abscess/cyst at base and infection in mandible. States it needs to be removed per xrays and consult with oral surgeon who agreed but said it will be a major task since the nerves are tangled, jawbone may break etc. I have no insurance, employed part-time so removal is not an option. Dr(s)stated infection will get into blood stream and may be deadly. I would like to know approx. how fast or slow a mandible infection may spread.
Avatar f tn I've been having ear aches since September 2008, there's no infection but I have had some fluid in the inner ear and currently clear. Recently had a CT Scan and everything was normal but my right ear still hurts and it's causing my head to hurt only on the right side extending from my temporal area down to throat area just under mandible area. The pain is constant and usually last for a week, goes away and then back again a week later.
Avatar n tn In general in such cases are the TMJ’s surgically corrected with or without de-rotating the mandible? If the mandible is to be de-rotated, does orthodontic work usually need to be done? If so, how long does the orthodontic phase usually last? What is the surgical success rate in general for these cases? Is it possible for the mandible rotation to continue to occur as I have noticed the facial asymmetry has increased over the past 11 years (I am 28 years old)?
Avatar f tn Hello, Skull/jaw osteomyelitis can occur as a result of middle ear, mastoid infection,infections of the paranasal sinuses or of the mandible or maxilla,odontic caries or infection of the surrounding areas. Generally,it involves elderly patients affected by diabetic immunodeficiency or microvascular disease. Symptoms of jaw osteomyelitis includes, deep pain, malaise, fever,warmth and redness of the surrounding area and anorexia.
Avatar n tn If you live near a good teaching hospital go there. You can find diagrams of the mandible that will show you that primarily one nerve serves that lower jaw bone (mandible). Sometimes Sinus problems can give refered numbness and /or referred/pains. I can't diagnose problems so this is my suggestion.
Avatar m tn Therese, sometimes a very large yawn can pop the mandible (jaw bone) out of its joint socket, stressing neighboring tendons and the ligaments that hold the mandible in place. Some people report hearing a loud 'pop' when this happens.This is called "hyperextension" of the mandibular joint, and can be very painful. There are also large nerves that enter the mandible near this joint, and pass through the large masseter muscle used for chewing.
Avatar n tn Had an incidental left submandibular lympt node 1.5 cm (nodule) found under left jaw - after ultransound. ENT doctor syas its palpable though. I orignally saw ENT for a boil abscess on right mandible rear section of lower right jaw as it wasn't clearing - this ocurred after implant placement and where the novacaine was injected and like a leaky roof bacteria went back there - hurt until it started draining. Some implants didn't take and threfore were removed and more bone was put in.
Avatar f tn It is possible that you are having mandibular torus .This is a thickening or growth that occurs in the inner part of the mandible. No treatment is usually needed unless they interfere with the normal functions or you need to use a denture or prostheses. I will recommend you to see an oral surgeon for a confirmation of the diagnosis. Do keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn Thank you, I'm in Naples, FL - my grandaughter lives in Indianapolis. Because she will be here again next month, I have scheduled an appointment with an oral surgeon here in Naples (one with whom I am familiar). Obviously at some point she'll need to be seen in Indianapolis. I'm just trying to find some reference somewhere addressing this problem - as of yet I've found nothing close.
Avatar f tn It is possible that you are having mandibular torus .This is a thickening or growth that occurs in the inner part of the mandible. No treatment is usually needed unless they interfere with the normal functions or you need to use a denture or prostheses. I will recommend you to see an oral surgeon for a confirmation of the diagnosis. Do keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn the infecting source causing enlargement of lymph nodes. The infection can be from the draining skin or the organs. The other causes for enlarged nodes are tumors or inflammations to name a few. Only a consultation with your doctor can help diagnose the cause. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn He underwent a surgery in which his last 4 teeth and a part of the mandible(left side) was removed. A bone from his leg was put in the region from where the mandible was cut. After the biopsy 6 of his lymph nodes were infected from the 22 that were removed during the surgery. Just two weeks after the surgery he could eat drink and carry out all the normal routine stuff. After 45 days he took radiotherapy(tomotherapy) as suggested by the doctor. The PET Scan before radiotherapy had no problem.
Avatar f tn auriculotemporalis) generally arises by two roots, between which the middle meningeal artery ascends. It runs backward beneath the Pterygoideus externus to the medial side of the neck of the mandible. It then turns upward with the superficial temporal artery, between the auricula and condyle of the mandible, under cover of the parotid gland; escaping from beneath the gland, it ascends over the zygomatic arch, and divides into superficial temporal branches.
Avatar n tn It appears that you have a Decacified Freezed Dried Bone Allograft(DFDBA) implanted to your mandible. The strength of jaw bone is generally not affected by graft material. However, the graft material tends to preserve the alveolar bone during healing process. DFDBA will be resorbed and replaced by natural bone.After completion of wound healing, it would be a good idea to replce the missing tooth with implant if conditions allowed.
Avatar m tn You will need to find out what is causing the infection (seems like its the root canal) and depending on the extent of infection, you may need to have the root canal redone or perhaps surgery to fix the root tip in the bone. If the damage is too extensive, they may need to extract the tooth. If the problem is caused by the root canal, an endodontist would be the proper referral.
Avatar m tn t allow normal flexion of mandible, and that it should have been made in 3 separate units to allow for that movement. What's your opinion?
Avatar f tn I believe there is a link between prolonged use of fosamax and oseonecrosis of the mandible. Who might I contact for positive confirmation?
617123 tn?1221839219 I went back to the dentist who told me that it could be due to a viral infection – for all it is, I even got tested for HIV – results were neg. I had an ultra sound done that confirmed it was my lymph nodes but my salivary glands under my mandible. They have been swollen for 5 months now and sometimes they get irritated when I eat spicy food. Can someone please tell me what to do? I think my physician is tired of seeing me always talking about something that my dentist should fix.
Avatar m tn For about a month now I have had jaw pain under the mandible. Lymph nodes are not swollen and the pain comes and goes. Driving me crazy. Starting to think salivary gland is blocked as my.mouth is a bit dry.
Avatar m tn A week ago, he gave me antibiotics and told me it was an infection. I told him the week before all of this started that I had been to the same clinic (different doc) with severe palpitations and panic, but that I did not feel particularly anxious-it felt physical and random, unrelated to thoughts feeling at the moment. I pressured him to feel around today and he said my thyroid is fine, that this is not my lymph nodes either (!?
Avatar f tn A failed root canal left infected root in the tooth, which caused a major infection, an abscess, a need for another root canal on a nearby tooth, and eventually the extraction of both teeth. I have had a fever for 6 months, since the onset of this infection. I have no other underlying illnesses, no health problems, no inflammatory illness. Prior to this I was healthy. I don't drink or smoke.
Avatar m tn The ortho told me that I have TMJ- or TMD. However, my left mandible is a full 3/4 of an inch shorter than my right mandible, giving my face a crooked look. My joints pop, I see spots, my ears ring on occasion, and my bite is completely crooked. My bite on my right side touches bottom molars to top molars as they should. But, my left bite- the molars dont touch at all. I have straight teeth, not sure if that matters.
Avatar m tn My lower jaw/mandible, has been shrinking for the past few years. I am turning 60 soon, female. How should I consider this as a problem? The lower, front teeth are increasinly crowded together. I know that I have one lower molar that is cracked and broken to the gum line, but what is left of the tooth is a stable and there is no pain. Thankyou.