Infection of central nervous system

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Avatar f tn My MRI also showed I have a central nervous system lesion. Does anyone else have this or know what it is or if it is caused from the chiari.
Avatar m tn My neurologist admitted me to the hospital three seperate times for IV anti-viral meds as he believed the infection/virus never went away, but settled in my central nervous system. I was also on a lot of pain meds, and was told it would take a VERY long time to feel better. THey actually found viral loads in my spinal fluid of mono, varicella and herpes. I did leave that neuro, but have since been Dxd with lupus.
Avatar f tn CFS poly is 6% H: ?? not completely sure on this one Honestly from my very basicc understanding, when being over normal range in the 3 yours are its possibly indicating a bacterial/fungal infection but keep in mind your dr is the only one who has your past and current history, symptoms and your combined test results and will have a much bigger picture of what all your results mean.
Avatar m tn t seem to find anything wrong with me. Thay told me it could possibly be Central Nervous System Sensitization and want me to take Gabapentin. My question is this, could the ongoing effects of the disorientation from the vertigo and the stress it puts on my body possibly be connected to causing this Sensitzatoin syndrome of the nerve signals being sent to my skin? All autoimmune antibody test have come back normal but I am also wondering if my immune system could be causing my skin pain.
572651 tn?1530999357 A dear heart sister turned me on to this one - Barnes and Nobles carries a wonderful series called Spark Charts and the one on the central nervous system has all the brain/spinal cord info we always are searching for here. You can get them at B&N for under $5 - I just ordered mine on line and paid for postage but it was still under $10 . You can see what I'm talking about here -
Avatar m tn We only use the igg tests not the igm and what your stating is false and you should not be going around trying to scare people. Whats wrong with you. Do some reseach before making such errounis acucations.
382218 tn?1341181487 It is important to recognize the infection early and treat it promptly. The usual sites for cryptococcal infections are the lungs and the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).
Avatar m tn Here is a bit of nervous system trivia. Why so many of us have gut and digestive issues. When the baby is in utero a mass of cells develops that begin the process of creating the brain and nervous system. After a few weeks these calls divide and one group becomes the brain and the other the GI tract. They come from identical cells.
Avatar n tn These sensations are believed to most often originate in the central nervous system, rather than in the nose or other structures. However recent studies suggest that in some instances, the odor may originate from diseased nerve endings in the nose or the nerves that run from it to the brain. They often begin with an upper respiratory infection, head trauma or with aging. The phenomenon is more likely to occur in women and is then often associated with a decreased sense of smell.
1326198 tn?1274877780 Central nervous system (CNS): The central nervous system is that part of the nervous system that consists of the brain and spinal cord. The central nervous system (CNS) is one of the two major divisions of the nervous system. The other is the peripheral nervous system (PNS) which is outside the brain and spinal cord.
1994720 tn?1352742233 Turns out much of my symptoms were and are caused by my neuropathy and central nervous system issues from fluoroquinolone toxicity (caused by Levaquin but also Cipro, Avelox, and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics cause this). It has been a nightmare but is better than how it was for four months.
Avatar f tn Myelin basic protein (MBP) is found in the material that covers your nerves, MS is the more common cause for the break down in myelin but its also caused by Infection of the central nervous system, bleeding of the central nervous system, trauma to the central nervous system, stroke and some brain diseases eg encephalopathies Also keep in mind that when it comes to LP test evidence and MS, the most suggestive/consistent results are the oligoclonal bands (Obands).
410281 tn?1254229064 It's possible. Sleep deprivation causes a generalized nervous system excitability which can manifest in various muscle twitches and spasms. Mirapex (which is also used for Parkinson's) acts in your central nervous system to control your nervous system problems. Did you ever treat your sleep apnea? And if so, how was it treated?
551343 tn?1506830518 Hi guys someone on other forum I go to has put a link of the central nervous system map. It has explained a lot to me about my lesions and what to expect in the form of symptoms, it is actually spot on for me. I hope you might find it useful. I have inflammation in my T1 and lesion in my C5/C6 (even though my neurologist said I didnt have ANY WHAT liars are they?). My symptoms match perfectly. I hope this might be useful for others.
Avatar n tn About 50% of metastatic cancers that infiltrate the central nervous system and about 10% of central nervous system tumors will shed cells into the CSF. Read more:" Not quite what you're looking for, I'm sure.
4703993 tn?1379768388 said also, but as he explained the autonomic nervous system is central and peripherally involved. In my cases the cause of POTS is peripheral.. i.e. blood pooling in the legs, but he seems to think mine is totally central in origin. I am seeing a different electrophysiologist July 8th for another opinion of what he thinks and treatment options.. I'll def let you guys know what he has to say.. Hmm what did he say about the SVT?
Avatar m tn A nerve conduction study will show whether there is damage to the peripheral nervous system. MS is a central nervous system disease, so NCS will not give info about MS. It's possible, though rare, to have both central and peripheral nervous system problems. 'Neuropathy' generally refers to peripheral neuropathy, such as that caused by diabetes. If you are a diabetic, it's very probable that that's what is causing your symptoms.
Avatar n tn This is to all of us that are suffering with EBV.... and "stron". I have done some research online about EBV & Central Nervous System issues. Has anyone heard of VICD? Viral Induced Central Nervous System Dysfunction. I've been struggling with getting a FIRM DIAGNOSIS for years. MS? Lupus? CFS? Or EBV with a bad back which is the reason for neuropathy, foggy brain, memory issues, tingling & numbness?
233002 tn?1316027966 Biological Result of HCV – This theory describes the potential for the Hepatitis C virus to negatively affect the central nervous system bringing about depression. Although not directly proven, this hypothesis is supported by studies demonstrating that HCV directly causes fatigue and other neuro-cognitive symptoms. Adair and colleagues used gene expression analysis to evaluate gene expression in HCV-infected patients and a control group.