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Avatar n tn I have a terrible infection on the rear lower right leg. It is red above, around and below the actal site of the infection. My lower leg, ankle and foot are blown up like a balloon. Do you think I will need hospitalization for mega antibiotics or will taking them by mouth do? I'm seeing a dermatologist tomorrow but want to be prepared.
Avatar f tn You need to get to the ER STAT, this is not good, an infection can cause all kinds of trouble, even loosing your leg as caregiver said. Do it now.
Avatar f tn The surgeon said that the infection is likely to come back in which case all the metal in my leg will have to be removed. The skin over the infection site has been scaley and peeling since the infection first started and now There is swelling, almost like a blister in the exact same spot. Does this mean the infection is back? I had been considering some of my options to help repair my ankle but if it is infected none of them will be possible. Honestly I am scared out of my mind.
1970987 tn?1325806201 Its in my left leg near my ankle but the rest of my leg has more of a rolling spasam feel sometimes with a slight cramping feel. I did have a bad (spontainious) staff infection in the bone of that leg 11 years ago with a septic ankle and almost lost the leg. I had 5 surgeries to flush the infection from the bone. I had been worried this might have returned. I do have a few health issues like diabetes (insulin dependant) and take a beta blocker as well as thyroid meds.
Avatar f tn Hi! I went to the doctor Monday, we are still waiting on the results from the culture he did but he is pretty positive I have genital herpes. I'm having some pretty weird leg pain it pretty much feels like my legs are sunburned my skin all over my legs is very tender. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it related to gh?
Avatar f tn But few days ago I went to the beach to play with the sea. And my leg previously from the wound already had infection. Now suddenly my feets have little red spots. But weird is some do not have on the area that has cuts but on the other hand my leg have a few red spots also. Is it possible to self transmit when bathing as the water is flowing downwards? Let's say if it accidentally hits the wound??
Avatar n tn Do you have varicose veins by chance? If so and your leg is hot to touch and the pain is real bad, I would ask a doctor about it, could be what I get.
Avatar f tn Since then, the area around the burn seems very faintly pink (when I had the cellulitis it was red) and still warm and tender to the touch, and also that I am experiencing alot of numbness and tingling and a burning sensation on my left leg, both arms, and my face. I am still shaking and my pulse is still rapid and my heart is fluttery.
7058119 tn?1387595443 since last 2-3 months i'm suffering from fungal infection ...i cannot exactly say that the skin problem i'm suffring from is fungal or somthing else. Thevarea near groin is very itchy and after iching the skin truns red. I feel uncomfortable with this. It genrally occurs while i'm blanket and ready to sleep. i went to a local doctor in my locality he suggested me to have mysoseal-250 after having dinner for 4 weeks n aslo suggested me one other capsules.
Avatar f tn yes, it would would be a very painful death from gangrene infection. There are lots of people that have a great life that have lost limbs. look at the survivors of the Boston marathon bombing. Its not the end to loose a limb... dieing is the end.
Avatar m tn Leg pain can be due to a muscle cramp, an injury, atherosclerosis that blocks blood flow in the arteries, blood clot from prolonged bed rest, infection of the bone, inflammation of the leg joints by arthritis or gout, varicose veins, or nerve damage due to diabetes, smoking or alcohol drinking. Try to rest as much as possible and elevate your leg. Apply ice for up to 15 minutes and gently stretch and massage cramping muscles. Pain relievers can also relieve the pain.
Avatar m tn hi, while showering this morning i noticed i had a fairly big lump under my leg, about 1inch x 1/2inch, that seems to have sprung up over night, because i didin't feel anything there yesterday. It is a bit sensitive but isn't painful. Any idea what it could be? Maybe a muscle knot or something of the like?
Avatar n tn I had a break out in my mouth last week and by Friday I had a sore on the bottom of my foot that woke me up because of the pain shooting up my leg. Went to doctor and he thinks it is a staph infection put me on antibodic and gave me a shot. Told me if it got worse to go to hospital. I have had these same sores for over 8 years and repeated upper respiratory infections.
Avatar f tn I have had a lump on my leg and another just below my waist line...they are raised but when touch they feel soft..dark in color...hurt and sometimes they burn..and seep out infection..everytime that happens another lump appears next to the one already the...any advice? My dr. Put me on bactrim but it didn't do anything for this.
653169 tn?1303446369 Any time I have taken antibiodics and knew it would result in a yeast infection, I took the yeast infection medication the day after I took the last antibiodic. Mostly because the antibiodic is much more powerful.
Avatar f tn Okay I have been waking up with these things on my legs that look like a possible bite. At first I thought it was a bite because I had gone hiking and then the day after I woke up itching what I thought was a mosquito bite. Well after i looked closer I noticed it had a white head on it. After popping the white head it stopped itching.
Avatar f tn I have leg lymphedema and i was wondering does that have something to do with me NOT being able to get pregnant? Me and my husband been trying for 10 years and still not able.
Avatar n tn This has been shown to be associated with an underlying viral infection or some hypersensitivity reaction as in the case of allergies. The rash is due to leaking of blood from tiny blood vessels on the surface of the skin. Topical corticosteroids may be the mainstay of therapy if the rash brings about some discomfort or itchiness. Vitamin C has also been used. Recently, there are researches looking into UV therapy and pentoxifylline as effective therapeutic options for Schamberg's disease.
Avatar m tn Hi im here to ask a question about herpes infection, on feb 1 of this year i had protected sex with a csw, two weeks later i came down with a flu and severe body aches and realized i had 11 little red painful bumps behind my right knee i ignored it thinking it was spider bites. So on feb 25 i went back to the same csw to have sex with her again (protected) so when she was in the doggy position i saw two red bumps on her anus i freaked out and pulled out immediately.
Avatar n tn They also took some tests to see if i have a certain kind of staph infection that I cannot remember at the moment. Just tonight my left leg and foot both feel as cold as if the nerves are being pinched. What exactly is going on? and what else can I do about this? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Pimples on Buttocks</a>.
Avatar n tn Starting 5 days ago, I began experiencing fairly discomforting leg pain. This was in both started right above the knee and went up my thigh to around my hip. It felt like a pulled muscle or a charley tingling, no shooting pain, just a bit uncomfortable when walking, which is why I thought it was muscle-related. Is leg pain of this sort ever a symptom of herpes infection?
Avatar n tn About 4 weeks ago I noticed itchy red bumps on the left side of my groin, where the leg meets my pubic region. I tried using anti-fungal lotrimin, it was hard to tell if it was working. I additionally used a lot of baby powder trying to keep the area dry. The bumps seemed to fade (though I am unsure if its from what I was doing or just because time had gone by), though even now there is a slight pink spot where they were.
Avatar f tn If your brother-in-law has varicose veins and is on his feet all day, he could have developed a blood clot. In the absence of a wound causing infection and fever, that's my best guess. A blood clot can be just as dangerous as an infection because pieces can break off and go anywhere in the body like the brain, heart or lungs and result in a fast death. Your brother-in-law MUST see a doctor as soon as possible. I can't tell you how foolish it is for him to ignore this problem.
Avatar m tn No, prodrome symptoms usually involve the area from which an outbreak will occur perhaps some associated symptoms. This is also unlikely to occur with an initial outbreak following infection.
Avatar f tn For the last 6 months I have had this weird bump on my leg, it's red and it has gotten bigger. It has started to begin to hurt and the pain goes down my leg. I'm starting to worry any idea on what it could be?
Avatar f tn I feel predisone is absolutely the wrong medication. If there is an infection you have bought yourself big problems. Is there still an infection? It's hard to say. Leg infections are notoriously difficult to get rid of. You need an evaluation by a wound specialist. I would also get an echogram to rule out endocarditis.