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Avatar m tn Since three days ago, everytime i pee just as im stopping it feels like something is pulling up in my womb and its very painful. Also im bleeding but its not like a period. And i know its not an STI. What could it be?
Avatar n tn Hi, the past couple of days I have been getting bursts of contraction like pains in my womb area... they are so sore i cant sit proper and when I try go to the bathroom to pass urine it feels like something is pushing out, also wheile this was happeing last night i needed to pass wind and the pain was unreal. I was admitted to hospital with stomach pains but it took 4days of waiting before I got a scan the scan showed signs of burst cysts but it hasnt been confirmed.
Avatar f tn A person with an established hsv infection would have ample antibodies to protect the baby in the womb. It would be rare to pass it that way. Having an outbreak is a topical issue nothing to do with the baby.
559422 tn?1219953305 as most of you know ive had 3 mc in 7 months i went to the docs 2day as ive had a lot of abdo pain he said he thinks ive got a womb infection.
4920659 tn?1371061785 Got admitted at 11am its now 9:41pm in the uk... they thought i was in labour... i'm only 23weeks. Now they're saying its an infection in my womb & pumping me full of antibiotics & painkillers.
1150601 tn?1273503930 The two sacs were still there, so no m/c. My question is, do twins/multiples grow in length at a slower rate in the first trimester?
1570160 tn?1295613620 However I want to understand and know what can cause this in a infant and one in the womb. I did eberything the Dr. asked me to do during my pregnancy. I didn't smoke or drink. I exercised, and ate right. I know it has been 10 years, but time doesn"t heal the pain I have. I have since had 2 other children who are happy and healthy, and I love them more than anything in this world. I just want to know more about what happened to my Andrew. The Dr.
Avatar m tn Sorry for your loss I would say that its probably to early after the m/c to be feeling normal again anyway, your bound to have cramps of some kind!.... are u bleeding at all?.... Im not sure how far you was but it could also be the uterus shrinking again as it does when a pregnancy is over! thing to do is visit your doctor and have any worrys checked over with them just in case there is something that may need a little attention!!
Avatar m tn Over the last year or so, I have had agonising pain in the lower part of my womb (i think). It makes me double over with pain,, It always seems as though it is just where my fallopian tubes are. Sometimes it lasts for an hour ,,,,other times just a few minutes. I had it the other night,,,about 2am,,,and it lasted for about an hour. Im so used to getting these pains now that I try and just cope with them. My doctor didnt know what it was. Do you have any info for me?
Avatar f tn My dog is in season and this time she is bleeding more heavily, she won't eat and seems to be very constipated. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I'm not really sure. I think it would be good to give the doctors office a call and ask them about it because if it is an infection you'll want to get treated as soon as possible. Sorry I couldn't answer your question. I hope everything turns out okay.
Avatar m tn since this is not a new infection for you, it's not an issue until the time of delivery. did you and your obgyn discuss going on suppressive therapy in the pregnancy doses for the last month of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn m no sure if my womb is healthy to carry a baby or for me to get pregnant.The doctor sees something in my womb but is not sure what it is cause the test says negative and now my breasts hurt and my discharge is white and thick like porridge.
Avatar n tn I developed abdominal pain several days after and felt unwell.My GP said i had an infection in my womb and also a urine infection.I have had six courses of antibiotics and i still don't feel well and i still have abdominal pain.I had a scan at hospital and they said i had fluid in my womb is this normal and how can they clear it up,i now have thrush from taking so many antibiotics.
3169623 tn?1371168580 lol the baby does poop in the womb why the doctor tells you to drink A TON of water to clean out the amniotic fluid...
Avatar f tn I used it too no harm to the baby BUT there is a chance it will make the baby poop while in the womb and if he/she swallows it can cause a lung infection that reason alone is a reason not to take it
Avatar f tn My question is can my child get herpes while in the womb? Can she get herpes in the womb, be born, and not show signs of any herpes symptoms for years later after birth?
Avatar f tn t know anything about hormones changing the color of a womb, but another good question to ask your doctor is whether you could have an infection that is causing the inflammation on your cervix. An infection could affect your ability to have a baby.
Avatar f tn I put it down to the womb filling up with the blood lining and the womb being compressed in some way. Not sure as I never had it checked out but I have it and it comes and goes...
Avatar f tn If babies withdrawal in the womb, will they not withdrawal once born? I've been on hydro 7.5 for months for back problems and I know there's a risk for withdrawals. But I was just curious.
Avatar f tn m worried cause abt a couple of months back when me nd my husband have sex there was a bad smell, at first i thought it was my prevention tables then a few weeks later i started bleeding every time we had sex. now my womb is in constant pain, i went 2 see a doctor nd she said i had an infection nd she gave me antibiotics but the problem continues. i have 2 kids nd had them by c-section nd the doctors discovered that i have a growth but i didn't remove it.
11873380 tn?1424860072 Hey mommies! Do any of play music for your babies in the womb? I'm 17 weeks and decided to start playing music for my babies and I play smooth jazz. I notice that when I play jazz when my babies are active at night, they can down. And sometimes when I play it and rub my belly in a certain spot both babies gather at that one spot. It's so adorable. Do any of you play music for your babies and if so, what kind of music do you play?