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Avatar f tn The left RLN is thought to be more prone to injury because of the longer route. Rarely are both vocal cords affected simultaneously, producing bilateral vocal cord paralysis/paresis (BVCP). The most common cause of bilateral vocal cord paralysis is surgical injury during thyroid surgery and neoplasm.[1 and 2] Less common causes include congenital anomalies, infection, trauma, and neurologic disorders.
Avatar f tn The best way for evaluation is to see a speech pathologist who specializes in voice and who can perform a videostroboscopy which is a special camera to look at the movement of the vocal cords. The speech pathologist can recommend vocal strengthening exercises and works with an ENT who can prescribe the medication if needed. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn i was treated for vocal cord cancer 6 weeks rad and 6 weeks chemo back in aug..he didnt see anything in nov now it is a nodual appearence to the cord its self.there was marked edema the right arytenoid.. Hhe hsa moved up my pet scan a month so now im paniciking. i still smoke which i know i shouldnt.
Avatar m tn It feels like the mucus is made right in the vocal cords because my nose is clear front and back and no mucus is being produced in my chest. Lemon juice in hot water is the only thing that helps temporarily, but nothing has worked to solve the problem for good. As with everyone else it seems, my ENT first scripted steroids, then acid reflux pills(omeprazole). Neither helped solve the problem.
Avatar f tn How common is vocal hoarseness in MS? Does it go away? My voice has become very hoarse/low in the past few days, which is something I've only experienced once before (after surgery, because that tube was down my throat). Also, I'm having a hard time swallowing liquids, particularly water. No matter how hard I try to swallow correctly, some water feels like it's going down the wrong tube and I start coughing/choking on it.
Avatar m tn The best way for evaluation is to see a speech pathologist who specializes in voice and who can perform a videostroboscopy which is a special camera to look at the movement of the vocal cords. The speech pathologist can recommend vocal strengthening exercises and works with an ENT who can prescribe the medication. Regards.
294590 tn?1194814049 Tough problems with the paralyzed vocal chord. You really have to watch what you eat. I have bad acid reflux with it and choking and coughing. Can't lay down and sleep, which I hate. Thyroid levels are off right now. Will get them changed tomorrow. Looking forward to becoming me again. Hope that is soon. Thanks for the emails, I appreciate them.
Avatar n tn Clearing the excessive phlegm is part of the healing process and the phlegm will decrease until it goes away. Clearing your throat can irritate your throat and vocal cords. When you feel the need to clear your throat sip some water to clear the phlegm. Instead of clearing your throat, wait until the phlegm rises and then cough it out. The tea and the water that you are drinking will help with this by thinning the phlegm so that it moves easier.
Avatar m tn The sinus infection flares and ends up in the lung and a cycle of dfficulty breathing begins. Sinus infections are a bear to get rid of and treatment usually involves twice daily flushing of the sinus cavities with saline plus a long period of anti-biotics. There are alternatives not available in this country.
Avatar m tn Since then my normal chest voice got better and doesn't feel any wrong but I still cannot sing anything in falsetto nor head voice. I suppose my vocal chords are still swollen cause the only thing i can hear and feel is the air coming through my chords with no sound while singing in high pitches. Still is it normal to last over 2 weeks already? I am a little afraid I could do something wrong with my voice by drinking alcohol after intensive singing during concert.
Avatar n tn He said he saw no signs of acid damage (scaring, redness in my vocal cords), but all the symptoms I had explained to him were classic LPR. Essentially, it is heartburn that rather than stopping in your esophogus goes right up on into your throat and vocal box. I was prescribed Omeprazol and within about 2 weeks felt much better. I've been on it about a month and 1/2 and the lump feeling is barely there.
335728 tn?1331418012 and/or lower in volume. Changes in the way a dog barks can also be caused by tumors on or near the vocal cords. This is a symptom that absolutely requires a vet to examine her. Please get her to your vet as soon as possible and let us know what he says.
Avatar n tn (Gastro=stomach. Esophagus=food tube.) LPR= Laryngeal-Pharyngeal Reflux. (Larynx=voice box, containing the 2 vocal cords. Pharynx=throat, above the larynx. The larynx is above the trachea/windpipe.
Avatar n tn Since then he has had the feeling of having something lodged in his throat. His throat hurts when you press on his vocal cords. He has also had to stop eating raw carrots b/c they keep getting stuck in his throat. He has been feeling weak for about 1 yrs. No energy at all. He was so sick and had a bad headache about 2 yrs ago and I took him to the ED. They did a spinal tap and determined that he had white blood cells in his spinal fluid. He was treated as an inpatient for Hepatitis.
125112 tn?1217277462 The Doc had me also blow into a tube, to see the volume of my forced blow and I did fall within average. I was given a z-pack in case it was a touch of infection. However, it didn't work. I tend to spit this up (usually don't have a cough, only sometimes and it's mild and short lived) mostly in the morning. I do have post nasal drip and LPR.
Avatar f tn I went to 3 ENTS and i got my stroboscopy also done, my vocal cords are normal and things seems to be fine in that according to the doctor. My question is: 1) Can my breathing problem be due to endoscopy? As i got it only 30 hrs after endoscopy. If answer is yes then what should i do, which doctor should i visit and what test should i get done? Or what should i do in general to know the cause?
Avatar n tn Smoking is very hard on the vocal cords, especially in singers. Rock singers who actually scream during a number can damage the vocal cords over time. Both will cause a cracking voice. Allergies to milk products will cause this problem, and also Thyroid disorders may cause changes in voice, especially if the voice is getting deeper, cracking, or you are having problems with swallowing.
Avatar n tn Also I had been on Nebs for years, and he has me totally off them, 1-6 times a day can really mess up your vocal cords and cause more wheezing.
Avatar n tn While inhaling the vocal cords should open to let air into the lungs. With VCD the vocal cords close together during inhalation. This makes it difficult for air to get into the lungs. A lot of the same things that trigger asthma can trigger VCD including upper respiratory infections, fumes, odors, cigarette smoke, singing, emotional upset, post-nasal drip and exercise. Sometimes the trigger is not known. Testing needs to be done while your son is having symptoms.
5354378 tn?1366812087 These changes may last for upto two weeks. Any infection causes swelling of the vocal cords and changes their vibration.This results in an abnormal voice.Voice rest helps. If your voice does not return to normal within 2-4 weeks after a cold you may need medical evaluation by an ENT surgeon.Hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
192055 tn?1263559137 I've had this problem quite a few years back. A doctor explained that when phlegm builds up in my throat and does not go down, that fibers in my throat them push the phlegm upwards until I cough for re-swallow (a-hem). He prescribed a medicine (sorry, I don't recall the name) that causes the fibers in the throat to go numb, which forces the phlegm to only go down. I used this medicine for about a week and the problem was gone. This solution worked for me.
Avatar m tn Other thing I recommed there is use saline solution to rinse your nostril through throat frequently, I mean many times in a short time and reduce the infection in the back throat area. Eventually it will heal. I hope this will help and would like feedback from people who have tried.
Avatar f tn She scopes my throat and sees a white patch of something stuck on the left side of my ventricular folds, but says my vocal cords look okay. Assuming it's a yeast fungus she gives me a steroid and an anti fungal. These relieve the symptoms immensely but the feeling of "something in my throat" never quite goes away. After a few weeks and another scope she says I'm cured and the white patch is gone, but that "stuck" sensation is still there. At least I'm eating again.
Avatar f tn Yesterday we could barely hear him, like he has laryngitis. What's wrong with him? Could something be stuck in his throat? Could he have blown his vocal cords somehow? Please help us. We love him very much.
752681 tn?1233534558 Though I can speak very well now, I still have infection in the mid part of my vocal chords now. I sing for hobby and my singing throat is teribad now. My singing voice is extremely coarse and I am unable to control my voice at all. It has been more than 5 weeks now and no improvement. I am beginning to fear if this might become a permanent vocal impairment and I wont be able to sing at all. I dont have insurance yet and may be a month before I get one.
Avatar n tn I feel sometimes like I have a coating of mucus around my vocal cords and once in awhile a little mucus comes up and then it feels clear for a bit. I have always had a strong voice since I had stage training. My primary care first though it was nasal drip, then he thought it was GERD and now he wants me to go to a Ear Nose and Throat to be checked for Nodes. I am scared and I am afraid of what they will find.
Avatar n tn You may experience the postnasal drip as a feeling of phlegm coating your vocal cords. The fat content in dairy products can thicken phlegm. Generally eating dairy products with less fat content is helpful. As you know drinking plenty of water will help to thin the phlegm so that it moves more easily. As long as you are not on a fluid restriction you should be drinking 6 to 8 8-ounce glasses of non-caffeine non-alcoholic fluid daily.
Avatar n tn The vocal cords were fine also. He prescribed amoxicillin 500 mg 2 times daily. I took that for over two weeks and it didn't help at all. Now I am trying 40 mg of Pepcid at bedtime and 20 in the morning to reduce acid in my stomach which I hear may cause this condition. I do get occasional heartburn. Yesterday, the feeling disappeared for the day, but returned last night at my daughter's sports banquet dinner where we had fried chicken, BBQ potatoes and slaw.I had iced tea to drink.