Infection in lower jaw

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Avatar f tn My whole lower jaw swelled and my mouth was in so much pain. Needless to say I noticed my lower left side of my lip and jaw/cheek became numb, and has been numb since. The swelling finally went down, but I can still feel like a hard bump in my lower jaw bone. I am starting to get worried, that my lip and cheek is still numb...Is this normal?? Will the feeling ever come back? Should I be worried??
Avatar m tn my lower left jaw became swollen and numb after a tooth infection. three day ago.
Avatar m tn A doctor a year ago performed endodontic surgery in my lower jaw and removed infected tissue and bone in my lower four teeth. But infection again developed resulting in Jaw bone infection. I want to ask whether one year infection in bone can be cured with medicine and is clindamycin best for it or there is surgery required to remove the dead and infected bone. I will be thankful if any one guide me and God will help you in the time of need. Those who help humanity. God loves them.
Avatar n tn My lower jaw, throat, neck started hurt yesterday and increased so that no amount of aspirin or advil helped the pain. The day before I had 'squeezed a samll cyst on the left side of my chin. This morning my whole L lower jaw and lip are swollen and painful to the touch, inside and out. I want to find out what this is, have it treated and get something for the excruciating pain.
Avatar f tn I have problems with numbing tooth in lower jaw and am waiting for an extraction on the NHS under GA When I saw a consultant he said it was always possible to get numb with a local anasthetic but I am not imagining this, it is really painful. He has put me to the bottom of the list as he feels my dentist could have removed the tooth under a local. Is it because I have some complicated nerve pathway ?
Avatar f tn I suffer from chronic tension headache and since the jaw surgery they have become debilitating. Important to mention my lower jaw and upper broken abscess molar are both located on the left side. I have been extremely depressed as my best friend passed away and my ex boyfriend tried to kill me all in a month. Hence the broken jaw.
Avatar f tn i have had some terrible headachs in the past but now i am dealing with lower jaw pain that goes into my ear and my head. i thought the pain in my jaw was a toothach but i am not thinking thats what it is, so could you tell me if this is a ear infection or if it is just a sinus infection??
Avatar f tn Since late on Thursday night, I've been experiencing intermittent pain in my jaw around my upper molar area. The pain radiates from my ear to right above my upper molar. It, also, extends to my lower jaw on the same side. I have had an ongoing problem with sinus congestion, but as of late, it seems to have gotten much better. However, in the past couple of days, I've become congested, again. Could this have anything to do with what's going on?
Avatar f tn Then about 2 weeks after finishing the 2nd course of antibiotics, the pressure/pulling sensations in my lower jaw, ear and neck all came back. It got worse and then the pressure turned into intense pain and I finally went to Urgent Care - the dr. said it was probably an infection in the mandibular area that has never completely gone away from all the dental problems/abscess.
Avatar n tn While that area is healing the nerve can be irritated and thus giving you pain signals to other teeth in the lower jaw. You should have your surgeon/dentist check for any signs of delayed healing in the sockets and or infection.
Avatar n tn i have been on antibiotics for 5 days for a tooth infection. The lower part of my jaw and my neck in the last 2 days have become extremely swollen and i am having a hard time swallowing. I have an appt on thursday for surgery but it seems the infection is getting worse. Should I go to the hospital?
Avatar n tn but, the tooth is gone. I am on sithromax antibiotic and am still in pain. How long will it to clear up the infection in my jaw and cheek? This discussion is related to <a href=''>lasting pain after extraction months</a>.
Avatar n tn I was warned of the possibility of temporary or permanent numbness because of the nerve in lower jaw. I did had the apico. A large infection was discovered, the tooth roots were shortened and the infection was cleaned out. I was put on antibiotics again. It's been four weeks since the apico and the lower right half of my lip, my chin, and my gums are still numb. I have had check-ups with the perio every week.
Avatar n tn I have a swelling on left side on jaw, pain is serious had no proper sleep for 4 days now, pain is in jaw and now in my head and underneath my left earlobe is excruciating. I contacted emergency dental hospital yesterday and left message on answering machine yesterday for advise but no reply as yet. Please help me, why am I in such pain and what should I do next. DESPERATE. PAIN IS SERIOUS. Thank you.
Avatar m tn The procedure took about 45 mins and during the drilling phase, I started to get a build up of pain in my lower jaw, which I initailly attributed to the cold water that is used during the drilling process. 5 days after the filling was done, I was still getting a lot of pain from both the tooth and my lower jaw. The tooth that was filled is extremely sensitive to the cold air test and the dentist suspects that there may be an infection in the tooth and has put me on a course of amoxycilin.
3858215 tn?1348663355 how to care for a baby pitbull that the mother broke the lower part of the jaw the jaw is in line but it hangs kind of low no swelling she can lap milk and soft food will she be ok
Avatar m tn i am getting 3 wisdom teeth s right upper and lower left have erupted i can visibly see them and in lower right the gum has turned blackish in color and i can feel pain when i press the gum and there are no symptoms in upper left. i am really tensed about all these things the fear that is killing me is i might have got hiv from the sexual encouter i came across. i dint get fever,diarrhea,rash,sore throat as to the best of my knowledge .
Avatar f tn my lower jaw left side hurts constantly,pain is in my ear, leading to headache-all severe and never totally relenting. what do any of you think is the cause and what can i do to fight it for any relief ? i have no proper sufficient insurance for medical or dental issues. i think there is infection in my brain and i will die very soon.
Avatar m tn 3 month ago I felt another lump this time right below my ear on the jaw line, checked again and doctor said it was englarged lymph node Blood tests revealed no lymphoma About 2 months ago I felt a lump in my check near my lower jaw line.
Avatar n tn along with this, i got two swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my neck. one right behind my left jaw and one just in front of that one and under my jaw. i can feel it inside my ear when touching the swollen node behind my jaw. and i have had what i assumed were kidney stones about once per year for the past two or three years.
Avatar n tn Had an incidental left submandibular lympt node 1.5 cm (nodule) found under left jaw - after ultransound. ENT doctor syas its palpable though. I orignally saw ENT for a boil abscess on right mandible rear section of lower right jaw as it wasn't clearing - this ocurred after implant placement and where the novacaine was injected and like a leaky roof bacteria went back there - hurt until it started draining. Some implants didn't take and threfore were removed and more bone was put in.
Avatar n tn I have known about my impacted wisdom in my lower left side for some time now. It had not really bothered me but lately I have had horrible pain in my jaw and ear on that side. My teeth on that side of my mouth throb in general. It feels like tmj but I am not sure. I also have noticed that my spit gland located under my ear and in the area of where the jaw hinges is either swollen or has some sort of soft movable lump on it. I am getting headaches too.