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Avatar n tn My dog seems to be licking his paws excessively at night and somewhat during the day, does this mean somethings wrong?
Avatar f tn The cat could also have foreign material stuck in the paws like glass or something that is not allowing them to heal. There could also be a bacterial infection or resistant bacterial infection or yeast infection present. Basically, what should be done is a thorough visual exam of the feet to check for foreign material. If nothing is found, an impression smear of the discharge should be collected on a slide and looked at under the microscope.
Avatar n tn If your dog's paws are smelling, there may be an infection, which may commonly be seen in the nail beds. Also check the paw pads for any cuts or discoloration. If you can't see anything out of the ordinary, try bathing each paw with a salt solution (one teaspoon of salt in half a pint of tepid water). Soak each paw for a minute or two and repeat this twice a day for a few days to see if things improve.
1629404 tn?1299632441 My one yr old pitbull has previously had an ear infection. I took him to the vet about 6 mths agoe . The vet gave him a shot and some pills. he also gave him some Mometamax to drop in his ear. The infection had went away very quickly. about 3 mths agoe one ear starting swelling up and he started shaking his ear and scratching. I started giving the medications i had left over and it went away in as quick as 2 days. My dog ran away for 2 weeks and we found him.
1943347 tn?1324328791 Just had my 10 yr old male boxer (Buster) to the vets as he has a swollen neck to the right hand side, they think it could be cancer of the lymph nodes they have given him two injections to see if it takes down the swelling just in case in an infection, i have to take him back in morning to see if there is any change .He is a very fit and healthy boy just wondered if any one else as any advice as to this and what is the outcome ,he means the world to us and im petrified for tomorrow.x.
2186126 tn?1384961026 Prior to taking the meds, she was always happy and interested in a walk - granted always hungry, but vivacious, full of life. After taking trilostane, it's as if she shut done. I feel that in some dogs, the medicine stops their cortisol production and then somehow it triggers something else that causes them to shut down. I've read now that internal medicine veterinary specialists believe in not treating Cushing's and letting it run its course.
Avatar n tn There is a reddish pigment in the tears of many dogs called porphorin. The coloration exists in dogs with all color coats, but it just cannot be seen in darker coated dogs. Porphorin shows up as reddish "gubers" when the pigment becomes concentrated in light colored coats. This has no relationship to the anal glands or the nails. Nasal folds can become infected by a dark reddish brown or black yeast called malassezia pachydermatitis.
Avatar m tn My 9 yo 130lb male Great Prynees fell on the steps the other day - front paws separated and hind legs twisted. He is up there in years and has slowed down so I knew it hurt him. The next day he was walking sideways and we took him to the vet - they gave him Deramaxx and told us to wait and if he did not get better to go back for x-rays. We had the x-rays done yesterday and they showed deterioration of his hips and back (as expected for his age).
874521 tn?1424120397 Food allergies only account for 10 percent of allergy problems in dogs. Dogs often can not tolerate soy products, wheat, corn, beef, pork, chicken, milk, whey, eggs, fish, chemical preservatives, or artificial sugars in their food. Determining the food allergen can be time consuming. First, eliminate all the possible allergens from the diet, by using a home made diet consisting of a protein and a starch the dog has not eaten before.
82861 tn?1333457511 If you have one dog, multiple dogs, small dogs or large dogs, or are just thinking about bringing a dog into your life, this forum is the place for you. There is no such thing as a stupid question here, and there are many experienced and knowledgeable members ready to help and discuss doggy business of all kinds. All posts are welcome whether they are about veterinary care, diet, behavior, grief and loss, or a simple sharing of fun experiences with your dogs.
1963554 tn?1325451090 It is completely heart wrenching when their time comes to leave us, just as with human friends and family that we lose over time. In the end, all we can do is offer our dogs all the reassurance, love and attention they deserve and be as kind and humane as we possibly can. They need us to be strong and do the right thing ... regardless of how much it hurts us, it's one of the many responsibilities of being a good owner. My heart goes out to you. Give Shaggy an extra hug from me.
Avatar f tn Maybe because of the salt on the roads, or maybe she has an infection... but I think that probably would have shown in the blood work. I don't think the vet inspected her paws during her last appointments. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? We'd appreciate any insight at all. We're planning on taking her to the vet again soon. This is just a late-night anxiety post I guess. Want to go to the vet prepared.
5769293 tn?1373929611 The yeast infection could be due to an allergy. My dogs allergic to yeast and gets the infection. Does it have a foul odor? I would seek vet advice..
Avatar f tn Any shampoo or food can cause a reaction in dogs/people. I hope your baby feels better soon.
Avatar m tn Sorry to hear about what Kobe has been going through. Poor thing. They have no peace when they are constantly chewing or scratching. My dog used to chew on his paws and make them raw. It sounds like he has an allergy. My dog used tho chew, get eye infections, and ear infections. In January I started doing a lot of research on dog food and found out that dogs shouldn't be eating grains.
168348 tn?1379360675 (just as I'm ready to go to the Vet she is fine) and $103 later we know she has a bacterial ear infection cause he swabbed/microscoped the ear and probably reflux that has been flared on by the ear infection. I have to give her Pepcid AC at night (5.0mg) and make sure she goes to sleep with a treat or two so as not to sleep on an empty stomach! I post a lot on the Ped GERD board .. but now my dog? Two of my 4 kids suffer from GERD .. now my DOG, too?
1560863 tn?1294867771 Our mastiff had, get this, a yeast-infection in her paw. She got a yeast-infection in her ear, scratched at it with her paw, it transfered into her pad, and festered there. She subsequently chewed her paw almost to the point of bleeding before we discovered it. Topical antibiotics cleared it right up, but it was a mystery until we got her to the vet for lab work. Our vet, at first, said that it could be allergies or just OCD, but it proved to be neither. Get your animal checked out.
931217 tn?1283484935 Goldman, Great attention has been and is properly paid to the safety of flight with respect to our own health and pilot proficiency, and our aircrafts airworthiness. For those of us who fly with our pets, dogs in most cases, I have seen little to no attention paid to the pet's safety. As pet health is my job, I would urge all of you to begin to consider how to change that fact.
612551 tn?1450025775 I kniw our Shelter, besides having dogs at the facility, also place Dogs in foster homes. Just food for thought and I am glad you are looking.
1500366 tn?1289229298 To complete the scenario, blood tests done to detect Lyme are not very accurate, particularly if a period of time has gone by since infection. The standard blood tests look for not the actual Lyme bacteria in the blood, but look for antibodies your immune system makes against the Lyme bacteria. Lyme has a trick of surrounding itself in a slimy curtain of goo inside the body, where the immune system can't see it, and what can't be seen cannot be identified and attacked by the immune system.
Avatar f tn I take phenergan myself for constant nausea, and discovered late in the game that dogs can also take phenergan. It didn't work quite as well as the reglan, but at that point we tried anything we could get our hands on. Over the counter Dramamine for motion sickness can be tried as it is metabolized in the liver - got that info from an ER vet nearby.
Avatar f tn This parasite is abundant in the environment, especially in standing water (the reason not to let dogs drink from puddles). It is responsive to antibiotic treatment but may need extended dosage. Another problem seen with increasing frequency (since it is a little better understood recently) is Clostridium Perfringens Enterotoxicosis. The anerobic (living without oxygen) bacteria that causes it resides in the stool of many dogs without causing symptoms.
Avatar n tn I instead before the babies were born was to have my dog with me while I was in there getting things situated. That way she was comfortable Dogs know that something's happening. They won't be the baby anymore, and you may notice some jealousy.
Avatar f tn It can be a bothersome experience for both you and your canine. Treatment for atopy in pets such as dogs can vary from topical therapies (shampoos and topical anti-itch solutions), anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, Biotin (a powerful B vitamin which can be found as a powder supplemental powder), anti-fungal drugs, the list goes on. Go to the internet and learn more about atopy remedies - and which treatment is good for your pooch.
Avatar n tn Frequent licking of the paws keeps them constantly wet, and that can develop into a yeast/ fungal infection that is very itchy and uncomfortable - just like athlete's foot in a human. Yeast infections are easily treated with preparations you can get from your vet, but you'll need to find a way to stop the licking so it doesn't return. If you aren't already walking at least once a day, it's time to start.
Avatar n tn He told me that they are common in older dogs and it doesn't need to be removed but to watch her because if she irritates is and it breaks open it could get infected. My problem is she is licking it to the point that it is red and has little teeth marks in it. What can I do to make her stop itching it.
Avatar f tn It's a staph infection - i had something that looked exactly like that and in the same spot. Initially suspected as MRSA, but the cultures indicated others - just regular staph. A ten-day course of oral antibiotics with a prescription cream took care of it. The only effective OTC cream that i've found for treating this is Curad's new silver antibiotic cream, but i doubt it would be very effective at eliminating yours, as it looks fairly deep.
460185 tn?1326081372 We took him to the vet who said there was no fungal infection but that the dog probably was allergic to or bothered by something outside - like grass. He gave us antibiotics and the dog no longer licks his back feet, just his front feet. I want to take him back to be looked at again. In the meantime, is it possible for a dog to have a "psychological" reason for licking his feet? He eats well, drinks well, is active, plays with the other dogs and has a really good temperament.
Avatar m tn The most common reason for swollen bumps on the paws and between the toes in dogs are allergies and secondary infection. Does she lick at the paws? Has your doctor given any antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medications that make the lesions go away temporarily, or do they seem to go away and come back randomly?